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The MTA will be cutting weekend service between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square for 22 weekends this year. The weekend service between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square will be down in March and will be cut on and off for the rest of the year (see schedule). On some of the weekends there will be no local service between Queensboro Plaza and 61st Street Woodside (see schedule).
Considering I work on Saturdays this will be awful and will easily add an extra an hour or more to my commute time. It’s bad enough having to wait for 2 or 3 trains to go by during rush hour before you can finally cram on.
What the MTA refuses to recognize is that plenty of people use the trains on the weekends to get to work. What the hell is going to happen when all the new residents from Hunters Point South start flooding in? And look at the shutdowns in May…2-5 and 16-18 there will be no service between Times Square *TO* 74th Street!!! When you can go to any rank third world hole and find a gleaming mass transit system that leaves ours in the dust, you know we’ve hit rock bottom.

We’ll all be in our graves (me definitely) or New York City will be populated only by wolves and tumbleweeds before the much-vaunted CBTC is ever on line and functional. If the workers did a little more work and a little less sitting around, the maintenance wouldn’t take so long. What I don’t understand is that the businesses say it hurts them when the train shuts down, but what percentage of the patrons of your businesses live outside the neighborhood?
After two years of planning and two public meetings, the final step toward expanding the Long Island City Business Improvement District to include a section of Hunters Point has begun. The team behind the popular watering hole LIC Bar opened their second Vernon Boulevard venture in February with Gantry LIC. A controversial plan to toll the free East River Bridges is under official consideration by State lawmakers.
Long Island City's best kept secret in skin care has recently moved to 51st Avenue from its previous Vernon Boulevard location.
Everyone involved in city government should be ashamed by our public infrastructure in this city. There are many a weekend evening I have walked down Vernon Blvd and restaurants are fairly empty.

If they’re doing work, don’t we have a right to know what sort of work is scheduled? I’ve been hearing that bullsh_t line from the MTA for the last dozen years when I actually had a full set of teeth. If people don’t want to take the shuttle then just hang out in the hood and patronize the places here. The problem is that too many people who have moved here since the high-rises have been built just look at LIC as a place to sleep. Instead of waiting for the shuttle, walk on over to the E train or G train (which by the way has been shut down on weekends too for repairs, but no one complains much since they don’t want to go to Brooklyn).
Since the subway system is a 24 hour system, there has to be times it gets shut down so work can be done. Maybe the MTA should operate like the Metro in DC and the subway system in Rome which shut down every evening.

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