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Add nostalgic charm to your collectible train display with this delightful train set accessory!
Featuring vintage artwork and motifs, each collector's scale train car in the collection is expertly crafted for heirloom quality and runs on any HO-gauge track. Plus, the flat cars feature removable sculpted models of historic Ford automobiles along with period photography.
Every "Big City" had one - the proud building that served as a hub for all the major comings and goings by rail. There are an amazing variety of train cars available to the avid collector, but this one is sure to blow you away. The Pennsylvania Switcher Locomotive and Tender, an heirloom-quality, N scale train that makes the perfect addition to your existing collection, available from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. The classic cribbed wooden grain elevators that were so vital to bringing grain to market from America's farms have become proud centerpieces of farming towns across the Midwest.
Just as stately towers add drama to a life-size railroad, miniature-scale towers can go a long way towards enhancing your train collection! The American farmer and Farmall tractors - for decades this winning combination worked the land side-by-side. Store, with FREE "Gus the Farmhand" and "Mom" figurines, and additional Farmall Holiday Village buildings, each a separate issue to follow.
When the hauling gets heavy or the incline gets high, this power booster train accessory can get the job done.
Just like a real town, your Hawthorne Village display requires plenty of power to keep its windows and lampposts brightly lit! Your value-priced village lighting accessory set comes complete with a 6' Extension Cord, 3' Grounded Power Cord, and 12 Bulb Light Set. The air is comfortably cool, and it's a wonderful time to walk through the trees and take in the glorious artwork as red, brown and golden leaves rustle in the wind.

For decades the Bangor & Aroostook box cars attracted attention as they traversed the railways in and out of Maine, their red, white and blue paint schemes flashing like bright flags along the rails. Superbly crafted, it boasts a full complement of realistic details, from the operating sliding doors on both sides to the incredibly intricate underframe.
Old West Trainstation takes both freight and passengers - small, but not missing amenities expected in an old west town. R2 version has an organized runtime, with separate props (pp2), character based models (cr2) and separate OBJ versions of the building. Tour miniature West Cork on foot in one hour and step back in time and experience life of the 1940s. Registered Office: fuchsia brand West Cork Regional Branding Initiative, West Cork Technology Park, Clonakilty, West Cork.
Greenwich Village and the West Village Map (click on the map for an ad-free printable version). Soon you will receive Issue Two, the Coal Tender, which includes a FREE 14-Piece Track Set, Power Pack and Speed Controller. Soon you'll receive Issue Two, Coal Tender and 14-Piece Track Set, which includes the FREE Power Pack & Speed Controller.
Recalling the classic look of a Pennsylvania steam locomotive and tender, this exciting collectible train accessory captures all the glory of the past in precise, quality N scale.
This first-ever illuminating collectible John Wayne Cuckoo Clock pays tribute to this American hero. Below, Duke stands in a saloon's swinging doors on the projecting illuminated porch.Celebrate Duke with this John Wayne wall clock, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. At the top of each hour, barn doors open and a sculptural Dollor appears to the sound of galloping hooves. Complete with a water tower, control tower, aircraft beacon and more, you'll enjoy flawlessly recreated details like "steel" supports crafted of real metal and the delightful garlands, wreaths and bows trimming each accessory.

Now you can preserve a piece of agricultural history from this bygone era with this first-ever Farmall Holiday Village Collection. It's sure to be a conversation starter with holiday guests, and will look great on a mantel, shelf or table. Now you can rely on the Hawthorne Village three-piece Electric Kit to maximize your village display options and deliver the power you need.
Now, you can enjoy the awakening beauty of the fall season in a set of handcrafted autumn trees. It's a train accessory that's sure to impress any train enthusiast, and strong demand is expected. Passengers can wait or sit on the passenger deck, or be seated inside, where spittons are thoughtfully provided. Old West National Bank is region neutral, so it looks right at home in Nevada, Arizona or other new territories where cowboys, outlaws, marshals, gamblers and other folk of the great west come to play.
This illuminated country grain elevator train accessory is sure to be the perfect addition to your model train layout. This station also contains the town telegraph service, through the main ticket service window inside. Each model contains an original, updated texture set, plus an alternative Yuma texture set for a grittier appearance.

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