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Japanese "bullet" trains, or Shinkansen, first used in 1964, can reach speeds over 186 mph.
Such trains would leave every hour and get you to your destination—even right to the airport—on time and faster than driving. Japan's high-speed trains, the world's first, have linked Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka since 1964. The answer is simple, says John Spychalski, professor of supply chain management in Penn State's Smeal College of Business. A lack of political support at the federal and state levels keeps Amtrak in an annual battle just to survive, ensuring that high-speed train service is not available in most of the country, says Spychalski.
This political vacuum has been consistent over many decades among both Republicans and Democrats, he notes, and has its roots in public attitudes.
Last year, President Bush proposed zero funding for Amtrak, but then signed Congress' final budget with $1.3 billion for rail service.

The benefits of high-speed train service, he explains, would include relieving pressure on the air traffic control system in crowded regions like New England, California and Chicago by getting passengers city-to-city faster than air flights. Environmentally, rail uses the least land to move the most people, and high-speed trains promise better air quality, he adds. Here in Pennsylvania, the state and Amtrak are working on a $100 million project to make train service between Harrisburg and Philadelphia faster, safer and more convenient. The many benefits of high-speed rail and these success stories keep Spychalski hopeful that someday U.S.
Eurostar trains run on the hour, speeding London passengers at up to 186 mph to Paris in about two and a half hours, for about $266 round trip.
The Shinkansen, or "bullet" trains, now reach speeds of more than 186 mph, shuttling riders from Tokyo to Osaka in two and a half hours, for about $120 each way.
He works on projects at the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, is working on a European freight rail research project, and serves as Chairman of the Board of the Centre Area Transportation Authority.

The Acela typically runs at speeds up to 120 to 130 mph and on one short stretch at 150 mph, speeds that make it the fastest train in America but are considered slow by global standards.
During these two decades, spending on rail dropped 1.9 percent annually as spending on every other transportation mode increased annually up to 10 percent, according to a recent report from the Mineta Transportation Institute. Amtrak officials say they need $1.6 billion to operate at the current level and can't afford to make any progress.
They include restoration of rail service between Boston and Portland, Maine, and both inter-city and commuter rail passenger services serving key areas within California.

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