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JPCL’s expertise in Traffic and Transportation include a wide range of projects, skills, and capabilities. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, covering New York City and the world of urban planning. A group of six leading landscape architects united for a day of brainstorming and collaborative synergy in early June to develop a bold vision for Midtown’s inaccessible East River waterfront, and three days later they presented the resulting concepts and images to a crowd of more than 200 interested New Yorkers.
By realigning and lowering the 42nd Street exit ramp off FDR Drive, the architects hit upon the concept of elevating the people, not the traffic, said Frank E.
The charrette was organized because Manhattan has a rare opportunity to open up public access to Midtown’s East River waterfront, create a new park and complete a greenway connecting the Battery to Harlem.
Elected officials who attended the unveiling included Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, state Senators Liz Krueger and Thomas Duane, state Assembly members Jonathan Bing, Brian Kavanaugh and Micah Kellner, and City Council Speaker Christine C. Those aerials underscore how ENORMOUS 225 West 57th is going to be, as it will rise at least 550 feet above One57.
With 15 Penn scrapped, the ESB may well become an island on its own, in between the 'new' skylines of 57th Street, the Hudson Yards, and the Grand Central rezoning. With that in mind, each of the above clusters on their own will compare to the tallest of Downtown.
And MSG will eventually be relocated, which will unlock 6 million square feet of office space. So there will eventually be some huge development around Penn Station, and ESB will eventually be overshadowed.
But I agree that 57th Street will be a tremendous new skyline, with 225 W57, the Solow tower site, 432 Park, and probably more to come. What's amazing is that right now, history is being made with One57 being the king of 57th Street. With other nearby towers on the horizon, One57 won't hold that title for very long, but will still be regarded as the one that started this redevelopment. This serves as a reminder of how the Chrysler building was once the tallest building in the city just months before the Empire State Building took the crown. Six months ago, the winds of superstorm Sandy sent a crane boom dangling precariously about 1,000 feet over a luxury construction site on West 57th Street, forcing an area evacuation for nearly a week. Now, the last visible signs of that incident are being removed as construction workers begin work on Friday to raise a replacement crane to the top of One57, one of New York's most expensive new condo buildings. Installing the new crane's 150-foot-long boom will cause fresh disruptions, including a street closing and a one-day evacuation of three nearby buildings. Under a carefully choreographed plan, trailer trucks are due to begin arriving on the site between Sixth and Seventh avenues, and disassembled pieces of the new crane will be hoisted into place by a temporary derrick bolted to the roof of One57.
By next Friday, the new boom is scheduled to arrive, to be assembled horizontally along 57th Street. The next day, the new boom will be pivoted above the three buildings and raised along guide wires until it is secured to the crane.
I guess just like the WTC1 it will be very weather dependent taking the jib, cab and apex pieces to the top. I would imagine that large service elevators provide transportation for building materials.

As soon as the new crane is installed I'm sure they'll be hoisting the rest of the glazing . Neighbors of a Midtown condo tower are blasting a city decision to evacuate some buildings while a crane damaged by Superstorm Sandy is replaced.
The city next week is shutting down three buildings near the One57 tower so that construction crews can rig a new crane boom to the high-rise.
Thanks to 'Top Foto of the United Kingdom' we see a great shot circa mid thirties of the intersection of 5th. Of note, of course, are the wonderful 'two man' open topped Yellow Model 'Z's' of the Fifth Avenue Coach Company and the fascinating autos of the era.
It may be of interest to note that this image was obtained very shortly after Comprehensive replaced Green Bus Lines on the M3 and several other crosstown routes.
Once in a while, I indulge myself by visiting my own home town of Kew Gardens in the Borough of Queens which is 'physically' part of Long Island, New York. In what appears to be an ad for Lincoln Town Cars we see fleet # 4226 - a 1985 GMC Model T8J-204 operating for New York's MTA Bus and making the turn from Austin Street to Lefferts Boulevard signed for the Q-10 line to JFK Airport via South Conduit Avenue. Ex GBL 228 looks pretty tired and very ready for a well earned retirement in this photo by Dominick Bermudez that had to have been taken sometime after the takeover of the company by the city in 2006. Believe me, I thought about it, but the risk of being caught by the driver would have gotten us in big trouble. This is an excellent example of why we used to refer to most service in the city as 'Banana Lines' because the buses always came in bunches!
Note that the DeSoto cabs of the time had already done away with the SkyView feature and that one of the first E.J.
The roof scoop in the back and the two rectangular roof blisters near the front leads me to believe that this is a Flxible Clipper. If you go to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, they have an actual front end of an RTS bus and you can sit in the driver's seat. I have attached a rare shot of a Carey Clipper roof and, while it isn't identical to the one in the 42nd. It's lunchtime on a beautiful spring day in 1953 Manhattan where we see no less than two 1950 Mack Model C-50-DT's of the 'Bingham Class' operating for the New York City Transit System and heading westward on 51st. The photo is a frame from a French film entitled 'L'ennemi No 1' or 'The Most Wanted Man' in English starring Continental comic actor Fernandel with Zsa Zsa Gabor as his foil and is basically a humorous French take on America's obsession with guns and violence. It would appear in the image below that the subject of the photographers lens is a curbside construction site with a fire hydrant left to run unabated but we know better because what catches our eye in the background is another one of those cute little early thirties 'CL' Mack buses that were so familiar around the city before the war. Mack, with main offices in the Empire State Building, had a dominating presence in New York City before the war and boasted Brooklyn Bus Corporation, Avenue B and East Broadway Transit, the East Side and Comprehensive Omnibus Corporations and Green Bus Lines as major customers. East Side and commonly owned Comprehensive folded their tents in 1948 and signaled the beginning in earnest of city owned bus services in Manhattan. Fleet # 162 is a 1941 Yellow Coach Model TD 4505 (suburban configuration) and one of six (160 to 165) operating under a Short Line franchise by Hudson Transit Lines of Mahwah, New Jersey. Of note is the New York State required mechanical ventilation system on the roof, drop sash windows (no transoms), high back seats, an unusually large quarter window at the rear passenger bench and raised ribs along the lower part of the body to strengthen the thinner steel panels used to replace aluminum elements during war time production. The depot in the hotel which opened in 1930 and handled as many as 350 buses a day in tourist season was used for nearly thirties years before it closed in 1957.

The terminal was the largest enclosed loading space of any bus facility in the city and occupied the main floor of the hotel. Its unique feature was a turntable with a diameter of thirty-five feet and was used much like at a locomotive round house to direct buses to and from docking spaces (see floor plane below). The terminal closed due to an inability to compete with the new Port Authority bus terminal at nearby 8th Avenue and 40th Street.
When I saw the turntable several years ago, I thought that the street ran eastbound, not westbound as shown in the picture. The intensive day-long design workshop, known as a charrette, was organized by the MAS, City Council member Dan Garodnick and Manhattan’s Community Board 6. The state is planning to rebuild the midtown section of FDR Drive, the former Con Ed power plant site is being redeveloped, and the city is planning to facilitate the expansion of the United Nations campus and create an adjacent waterfront esplanade. The final height may be slightly higher (or lower, honestly who knows), but it's going to become the undeniable centerpiece of Midtown--complimented by 432 Park and Torre Verre, both taller than One57. City officials attributed the dangling crane to an unusually powerful storm wind rather than human or mechanical error. That night, the Alwyn Court and Briarcliff apartment buildings and an office building next door will be evacuated. Hopefully someone will take pictures of the assembling of the crane at these heights, as it has never been done before. Alwyn Court, The Briarcliff on Seventh Avenue and a West 57th Street school are to be evacuated for one day next Friday.
Street in Manhattan where we see a line-up of Surface Transportation Mack C-45-DT's and GM TDH 4507's slowly making their way through the usual snarl. Street shot, it could still be Carey because they had three different generations of Clippers. It had entrances on 42nd Street and 43rd Street with the loading platforms and waiting room situated five feet below street level.
They proposed a grand urban terrace above the FDR overlooking the river from 38th Street to 42nd Street. The charrette explored how the projects could be planned together and result in an open waterfront from 34th Street to 63rd Street. Something big will either be built on the hotel site or on the Vornado-owned block to the north. They also proposed a forested hill; surrounding a existing ventilation shaft at 42nd Street and proposed creating a glowing six-story pylon which would anchor a ferry terminal, restaurant and vertical public space, and provide a means to descend to the river. Street (from its turnaround at Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan to its terminus at 125th.

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