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The cars in the list have not only the lowest selling prices, but also usually have the best fuel economy (except for possibly some more expensive hybrids), lowest maintenance cost, and lowest insurance cost. Many of these vehicles currently have special incentives in the form of discounted prices, rebates, low-interest (or 0% interest) loans, and lease deals. What would you say if we told you that you could get a late model car for an effective payment of as little as $99 a month, with no money down and in many cases even get money back.
You find someone (we’ll tell you how in a moment) that wants or needs to get out of their new-car lease. It’s better if they can find someone to simply take over the lease and avoid an expensive early termination altogether.
If a borrower stops making payments or is consistently late, the bank places the loan in repossession status and takes steps to recover, or repossess, their car. Basically, there are four kinds of cheap cars: cheap new cars, used cars, leased cars, and repairable cars. Just remember that if a car is cheap, when compared to other similar cars of its type and age, you should take extra caution to determine why it’s cheaper.
Meantime, we’ll give you some information and ideas that you can get you started on your quest for a car. Most people who are looking for cheap cars are really looking for the least expensive way, overall, to own and drive a car. Every car owner needs auto insurance because 1) it’s the law, and 2) it protects you from financial disaster in case of accidents.
Furthermore, the cost of insurance in all states is regulated by state government insurance agencies. On a personal level, car insurance rates typically depend on the individual insurance company. Certain cars such as small high-powered sports coupes are more expensive to insure — because they are wrecked more often by young drivers. Only a few years ago, the best way to get the good deals on new cars was to have good negotiation skills and to wait until the time was right — which meant waiting until the end of the model year, or the end of the month, or anytime when sales were slow.
In the new economy, those techniques are still valuable but you don’t have to work nearly as hard now to get a great deal on a new car. In a word, INCENTIVES — rebates, low interest rates, 0% interest, special lease deals, and secret factory-to-dealer cash — all of which come from car manufacturers to help dealers sell cars in a slow economy. Is it possible to get good deals on last year’s model leftover cars at dealer clearance sales? This means car buyers can pick up last year’s model for $3000 less than the new model, even though the two cars are essentially the same. Many of those people would be surprised at what they find — if they looked at buying last year’s leftover models.
If you are looking a good deal on a brand new car, why would you consider last year’s leftovers?
One section reports the reliability history of almost every vehicle model for the past 6 years. Auto loans are different from other types of loans in that the car itself is the collateral, which means the lender has the right to recover (repossess) the car if the borrower defaults on his payments. As of this writing there are numerous car manufacturers offering special cheap car lease deals. Most special car lease deals being offered by car manufacturers and dealers are genuinely good deals.
Another thing to know about cheap car leases is that the low monthly payment offer might be accompanied a down payment (cap cost reduction)  requirement to get that payment. Even though the deals are good and genuine, you might have to have some up-front cash to get it.
Someone leases a brand new car, makes a down payment, makes the first month’s payment, pays dealer doc fees, pays taxes, and pays a bank fee. For people who need a cheap car but do not have an established credit history, or have a poor credit score, this might seem like a dream come true. So, is buying from a buy-here, pay-here (BHPH) car dealer a good way to get into a cheap car?
Maybe —  if you understand what you’re getting into — and you have no other alternative. BHPH dealers sell inexpensive cars at high prices, without warranty or guarantees, and allow buyers to finance at high interest rates. If buying from a BHPH dealer is the ONLY way you can get a car, then you should consider it.
Car leases are very flexible in that you have the option, in most cases, to make no down payment — $0 down on your car lease. Of course, the monthly payment will be higher since you are not pre-paying some of the lease obligation. Although all leases are structured so that a down payment is optional, some special lease deals offered by car manufacturers in monthly promotions may require a down payment in order to get the deal. In short, various federal, state, and local government and law enforcement agencies regularly auction off surplus, unclaimed, and seized property, inclucing automobiles, equipment, and even real estate. Leasing a car can produce much lower monthly payments. But to lease successfully, you need to understand it.
Car leasing is a form of financing in which you pay for the natural depreciation of value that all cars experience, and you pay a finance charge just like with any other form of financing. Many people in the current economy have suffered the misfortunes of financial pressures, unemployment, and rising costs which have resulted in credit issues, late payments, bankruptcies, repossessions, or home foreclosures.
Even with all these problems, most people will need a car and are finding it difficult to impossible to find money or financial help to buy a car or get a car loan. Let’s take a look at some of the possible options for people this kind of difficult situation. Buy cheap – If you can scrape together some cash, possibly by selling things you have, getting a temporary job, or borrowing money from family or friends, buy the cheapest car you can afford with the cash you have.
If you are looking for the absolute cheapest and most inexpensive used cars, there are some things you need to know so that you’ll know what to expect when you start your search. Of course, the bottom is the limit in the sense that it is always possible to find a great car in great condition for $250 or $500. Many car owners look for ways to improve the performance of their vehicles, at the lowest possible cost. One of the best ways is to replace a car’s factory air filter with a cold air intake system. A factory air intake system restricts air flow due to having a large filter, inefficient filter housing, and complex piping.
Any vehicle’s power can be improved by replacing the factory air intake with a less complicated, less restricted system with a simple filter.

The best intake system will be one that is easy to install, relatively inexpensive, is guaranteed to produce the power increase promised, has a long-life warranty, and comes from a reputable company. The leases shown below typically expire at the end of the current month, unless noted otherwise.
The only option it did have was a radio and air conditioning which served me well during the hot summer months.
So if you’re in the market for a cheap and reliable car look no further than the Escort.
I once rented a two door Metro in the early 1990s and can tell you the car was a fuel miser. Though the engine was underpowered and rather noisy it delivered gas mileage like no other car I had driven before. If you’re in the market for one of these cars make sure to get it thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic. Even if you do end up paying 1000 dollars in repairs you can easily recover that money at the gas pump. With high gas prices these days you would think more people would be driving these compact cars.
The fourth generation model, as pictured on the right, has a 1.5 liter engine producing a whopping 82 hp. It might not have a lot of power but this car only weighs 2000 lbs making it feel nimble especially with a manual transmission. While the Tercel may not be the best looking car on the road it will certainly offer years of cheap and reliable transportation for you and your family. Here’s another Toyota that can deliver years of reliable transportation as well as deliver excellent gas mileage.
Though a late 80s to early 90s Corolla can be purchased for roughly a grand, don’t expect a cream puff for that price. If you’re in the market for this car look for one with a manual transmission to spice things up a bit.
A Corolla with manual transmission should provide plenty of pep since these cars weigh as much as a Mazda Miata. The thing I like about a compact car with manual transmission is that the transmission makes the car feel lively. The whine of the engine and the loud road noise makes it feel you’re going faster than you actually are. Finding one in decent condition shouldn’t be a problem as these cars are still plentiful in the used car market.
The highly sought-after VTEC model attracted a cult-like following among performance enthusiasts. Where other manufacturers used turbochargers to increase their engine’s output, Honda remain committed to using their trademark high-revving naturally aspirated engines. Though the Acura Integra was never a flop, it never enjoyed the same level of success as the Civic. You probably won’t find many for sale in your area so looking on eBay would be your best bet for finding one. These days a first generation Integra in decent condition should run anywhere from under a grand to 2500 dollars.
Keep in mind that though these cars were made by Honda and are generally reliable, many owners tend to modify and race them. If you can find an unmodified Integra in decent condition it certainly would be worth checking out for. The Mk1 Golf was made from 1974 to 1984 and is still one of the most popular models among VW enthusiasts.
The best thing about these cars is that they are fun to drive on twisty roads while getting excellent gas mileage. I once owned a 1990 Ford Taurus and the only good thing I can say about the car is that it had a comfortable ride on the highway. Power from the 6 cylinder engine was adequate and it got me from point A to point B somewhat reliably.
Fuel economy wasn’t the best for a 3.0L engine but parts and maintenance was on the affordable side. In the late 90s my father bought a 1991 Ford Taurus and the transmission busted only after a couple of years of ownership. The Dodge Neon won’t win any awards for styling or performance but it will give you many years of cheap transportation. If you’re in the market for a Dodge Neon I would opt for the manual transmission which makes the car a bit more fun to drive.
You may not be able to find a cream puff for under a thousand dollars but you may be able to find one in running condition. The clean body lines along with the unmistakable Mercedes Benz grill makes this car a collector’s item for any car enthusiast. But before you go out and start searching for your dream Mercedes be aware that a diesel engine needs proper maintenance just like a regular engine. True, these cars are virtually indestructible and can last a very long time but only if you maintain them properly. Chances are there aren’t many of these diesel classics in your neck of the woods so browsing on eBay would be your best bet for finding one.
Everybody knows that the Honda Accord can easily pass the 200K mile mark without breaking a sweat. But don’t expect an Accord with over 200K miles selling for under a grand to be a cream puff. Though it was a 4-cylinder with automatic transmission it felt quick and had a very sporty ride. I prefer the fourth generation (1990-1993) Accords compared to the later generations because of its simple and clean styling. Just like the Accord the Toyota Camry can easily pass the 200K mile mark without any major problems. I myself currently drive a 1998 Camry V6 and have to say it has a more comfortable ride than my previous 1998 Nissan Maxima SE.
You should be able to grab an early 90s Camry for a grand but don’t expect a cream puff. Like the Honda Accord, these cars were built like tanks and with proper maintenance you should be able to enjoy years of cheap transportation. You can buy a fourth generation (1988-1991) Honda Civic for under a grand these days, though it may not be as clean as the one pictured here. Powered by a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine the fourth generation Civic produces a whopping 92 hp and 83 ft-lbs of torque.

Though the performance numbers aren’t quite impressive the car is actually very nimble especially with a manual transmission. The interior of Hondas have always appealed to me with its large windshield and large speedometer and tachometer. I especially like the design of the 5-speed shift knob which I think Honda should have kept in their present day cars. While it’s not unusual to see these cars surpass the 300K mark on the original engine and transmission, you still have to maintain these cars properly just like any other car. I'm a part time blogger and a full time car enthusiast and found this site to help people find quality used cars for the lowest price.
The selected cars all have good quality, good gas mileage, are fun to drive,  and have other exceptional qualities that make them great buys for the money. In most cases these will be people who leased a car a year or so ago and have now found that they can no longer make the payments due to illness, job loss, divorce, or other personal circumstances. Sometimes those people lose their jobs, get into divorces, or otherwise find themselves in situations in which they can no longer keep up car payments. Every state has some kind of financial responsibility laws that require you to have the ability to pay for your liability in an auto accident that you cause. In fact, many new cars with manufacturers’ incentives are better and cheaper deals than many newer model used cars. You also needed to shop around and know about MSRP, dealer invoice prices, and holdbacks if you expected to get a price down anywhere close to a dealer’s cost.
In other words, car manufacturers are now offering better new-car deals than customers could make for themselves. For example, when 2015 models came out, many dealers still have unsold 2014 models sitting on their lots.
From this data they select the best used cars in a number of price ranges. These models earned the best reliability rating for their model years. If not, you can lease another model or style but you might not be able to get the same manufacturer-backed special deal. These are typcially for 36 month leases, 10K-12K per year mileage allowance, and usually require some money up front (cash due at lease inception) that includes a down payment and the first month’s payment. His monthly lease payments are probably very low compared to a conventional loan for the same car.
Instead of simply returning the car or letting it be repossessed, which can be very expensive and damaged to his credit, he chooses to put the car up for a lease assumption. They handle their own financing, do not check credit, do not report credit, and will generally approve any buyer who has a job and a means to pay regularly. Since they do not check credit, they charge the highest interest rates legally allowed in that state. In general, for a modestly priced vehicle, you can expect your lease payment to increase by about $40 for every $1000 you don’t make as a down payment.
You may have seen announcements and ads regarding these auctions, which are held all over the country almost every week of the year. You can always move up to a better car as your finances and your credit improve later. Use the ideas and suggestions found in other articles on this web site for where and how to find good cheap cars. The idea is to allow unrestricted cool air to enter the engine, which allows more oxygen to mix with the gas, which increases power, engine efficiency, and in most cases, improves gas mileage. Essentially, all add-on cold air intake systems consist of a simple filter, a short pipe to the intake manifold, and possibly a heat shield. You’ll pay anywhere from less than $100 to $300 or more, but make sure you look at more than just cost. It didn’t have the creature comforts that many cars have today such as power windows and power seats. Parts are readily available and it doesn’t take much money to repair or upgrade these cars.
The transmission on these cars seems to be the weakest link so make sure you get it checked out before buying one. But a well maintained Neon can definitely pass the 100K mile mark without any major problems.
In fact the paint will probably be faded (as old Hondas are known to be prone) and the interior all worn out. In some states the minimum requirements are quite low, which means that if you only choose  the minimum coverage, rates can vary widely between different states.
To make it even more complicated, auto insurance companies keep statistics that show accident and claim frequencies in each state, which means rates will be higher in those states with higher numbers of accidents. The deals are there for the asking, with no need for additional negotiations in most cases. Although dealers may do preliminary credit checks on customers, and handle the loan application process, they do not approve or provide car loans, although it might seem otherwise to those who don’t understand the way car loans work.
He avoids all the up-front payments, fees, and taxes associated with an original car lease.
Electronic devices installed on the car will disable the engine if a payment is late, and a GPS device will allow the dealer to find the car to repossess it. By using a heat shield and placing the intake  filter as close to the front of the engine compartment (and away from the hot engine), the more effective the system will be. As in all leases, the first month’s payment and official tax, tag, and registration fees are also due at the time the lease is signed. If you are interested in one of the deals, make sure you get the details before signing because there can be variations between dealers and different regions of the country. But I’m sure I could have gotten three more years out of the car without any major problems. But that doesn’t matter because this car can reliably get you from point A to point B. Your cousin in Tennessee could be paying a lot less than you for the same car, same coverage in California. In fact, manufacturers help dealers to an extent that it would impossible for dealers to independently make those same deals for customers. Furthermore, he gets the benefit of any low-payment special deals that the original lessee got.
You only pay for the natural depreciation in value that every car experiences — not the whole car.

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