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A riser card is a right angle expansion card that is used to extend a slot for card in computer to make room to plug it in.
Bus extenders are also riser cards however they do not always rotate a card so it is parallel with the motherboard. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy. PCI-Express 16x и PCI-Express 2.0 – наиболее используемые интерфейс для подключения дискретных видеокарт. PCI-Express реализован в различных версиях, отличающихся пропускной способностью: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x и 32х.
Plusliner, labelled as King of Highway Express has been cruising the major highways for more than 10 years. Plusliner is committed to provide safe, comfortable, reliable and value for money for all the bus services. Tickets are available for single, return or multiple journeys from the wide spread outlets and selected public kiosks like petrol station, cyber cafes and more .Online booking facility is also available. Plusliner, named as the king of Highway Express has been getting positive feedback and reviews from its customers.
Adding express buses wouldn't mean reducing the current number of buses; the express vehicles would be provided on top of the existing schedule and stop only at popular destinations. Right now, the TTC has 11 rush-hour express routes, six "rocket" buses to destinations like Pearson Airport and York University, and five downtown express routes that charge double fare for quick service. More buses cannot hurt in a system that, subways subways subways aside, is mostly bus-based. Cities like New York have a number of limited-stop routes; it's a perfectly valid transportation mode.
If the bus traffic is so heavy, should dedicated lanes be considered to favour transit over auto use?
Here's a novel idea: Instead of studying the idea, why not just give it a try and see if it works? With all the money and time the city spends on studies, they could whip up a pilot program and see how it works in the real world. If New York is to be considered a precedent (as one of the other top-three bus systems in North America along with LA and Toronto), let's take a closer look. Select bus - a kind-of BRT that is basically a regular bendy bus charging regular fare, but it only has off-vehicle payment and all-door boarding (to speed loading) and some reserved lanes (typically during rush hours).
This might provide some relief if the TTC implemented it as a supplement to the service that is already provided. Express buses (especially if they were articulated buses) are certainly an idea worth looking into, and in fact have been used by numerous cities who looked at the LRT option and decided it was too capital intensive for the speed of the service provided. Now, it should be also noted that each of the above also have LRT lines, not because of speed but because of ridership. Buses, streetcars, LRT, subways, commuter rail -- Toronto needs more of each, but in the right place. In order to make TTC service easier for users to understand, instead of the current mishmash there should be 4 daily #TTC daily networks (plus the Blue Night Network). It's frustrating to stop at Downsview on a crowded bus and NO ONE gets off and we continue on - because everyone is going to York!
I am not sure if anyone mentioned but some of these express busses have an extra fare of $2 like 142 bus running on Avenue road, which is not good option for me.

They are most commonly used in low-profile, 1U and 2U rackmount chassis or embedded systems. Plusliner has been travelling along all major highways connecting major towns and serving the customers.
It is possible to book tickets for up to 60 days in advance There is no peak surcharge for festive seasons and holidays. Becoming a member of Plusliner Xtream Rider provides special fares, services and discounts on tickets.
Once if you travel using Plusliner bus services you will understand the difference and become a loyal customer for life.
Josh Colle thinks TTC service could be improved with more express bus service on the Toronto's busiest routes, like the 29 Dufferin, 25 Don Mills, and the 39 Finch. Given the how slow infrastructure expansion has been in this city, improving service levels on buses could be a feasible way to make immediate improvements to the lives of commuters on what are some of the city's worst routes. Is more express service the solution to overcrowding while the city waits on new subways and light rail?
I feel for those attempting to get on a bus between Davenport and Dupont, because to be honest, they do not have a chance in hell most mornings.
Where ridership increased significantly, as in Seattle and Ottawa, the BRT was converted to LRT.
Quebec has left turners do their thing AFTER everyone else at the end of a traffic light cycle. Your suggestion will just increase the load on the local buses which are already overloaded & scarce. Riser cards cards plug into their respective bus (they are available for PCI, PCI-X, AGP, AGP Pro, PCI Express, ISA, or other busses) and rotate the peripheral cards, that are plugged into the riser card, so that they are parallel with the motherboard.
Plusliner bus staff is experienced and courteous and is always ready to help the customer in any possible way.
It is necessary to have your ticket when you are on-board for validation and also because all tickets come with insurance coverage for passenger and baggage. Plusliner provides bus services for conferences, corporate transportation, wedding guest transportation and more. Staff have decided to investigate the idea at this month's Toronto Transit Commission meeting. This morning I had to wait until the 3rd bus until I could squeeze on, and barely made it to work in time. The point though is that many cities have looked at that option and have decided that it simply isn't worth the pricetag given what it actually delivers. Maybe even use the time where everyone has a red signal for three seconds for transit priority, even if only three seconds. I am taking the regular bus on the same route, there 4-5 stops difference which does not justify the extra fare. I know that many LRT advocates don't like to hear this but several cities who DID look at LRT decided that it simply wasn't worth the additional costs. The bottom line is that the Transit City would leave a HUGE area of the city without rapid transit.
Riser cards are available in 1-slot passive risers all the way up to 3-slot passive riser cards for 2U rackmounts. Customers who have low profile applications such as 1U or 2U rackmount systems, embedded systems, or custom projects where their peripheral cards plugged into the onboard expansion slots are too tall for their application.

The well trained coach captains assure that you have safe, comfortable and enjoyable charter bus experience. While there certainly are ways of using LRT to provide rapid transit (and the hydro corridor that cuts across Scarborough would be a possibility -- surface, so no digging, and completely out of traffic), the LRT plans that have been proposed so far (with the exception of Eglinton) simply don't provide rapid transit service.
And it's must because Canadians have been paying too much in taxes and gas taxes for these past decades. This means the riders using the 35 will have to wait twice as long while seeing express buses run pass them.
The bottom line is also than many people did not and do not see it as addressing the REAL transit issues that Toronto is facing. For users that only have one PCI slot available on their motherboard but require more, active riser cards are available with PCI bridge chips on them to expand the PCI bus. Or if that particular application requires them to relocate their card to a different portion of their enclosure.
And no, I don't think the subway plan that has been proposed for Scarborough is a good plan.
Consolidate all express buses into the Rocket network (they are doing this with the 39 E becoming the 199 Finch East Rocket and the 35 E becoming the 195 Jane Rocket). This symptom usually gets worst since local buses are likely need to stop more often when they are late causing more delay. Again, the sad part of the transit debate in Toronto is that it has polarized around the subway-LRT option, and left unsaid the critical questions of how we expand rapid transit to all corners of the city in the most effective manner and how we make better use of existing transit infrastructure.
In the meantime, express buses aren't too prone to this cause they are schedule to stop at every express stop anyways.
This is why people waiting for local buses are likely to see a few express buses pass by before their local bus arrives fully packed. Articulated buses will not create any development and is viewed as poor people's transit appose to high quality rail transit. The customers have an option of selecting seats to their requirements depending on seat availability. 4) Redesign TTC route maps so these 3 networks are clearly marked in different colours, and also seen on their own separate maps (like we already do with the Blue Night Network). Dave Gunn (perhaps the most respected TTC GM of the last 50 years) did a review of TTC operations back in 2011 and said flatly, that the streetcar purchase (made under the previous administration) was wasted money and that articulated buses could have met those needs at a fraction of the costs and with greater flexibility.
Even if one can agree with all your points regarding the type of development different modes of transit help shape (which I don't), one can still say that it doesn't address real transit needs especially in Scarborough. Plusliner bus service provides entertainment options to its customers with pre-programmed movies and passenger interaction services. As for the Transit City plan, in addition to the cost and flexibility issues, he pointed out that the plan almost completely failed to address the cross town routes which were the real needs. You seem to be convinced that an LRT will attract more ridership than the existing bus routes, simply because it is less bumpy.
In fact, I think there was a way to use LRT in Scarborough (and elsewhere in the city) to create rapid transit more cheaply than subways.

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