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Here is Claude Akins along with Fred MacMurray seemingly promoting Trailways Bus over Greyhound Bus as the way to travel. Since 1958, this has been NOPL's corner, but this is how it looked over 40 years ago, after the old courthouse and jail were razed, before the Tulane University Medical Center rose across the street and before the Trailways Bus station closed its doors. Bus Memories contains over 1400 pictures of Buses, Bus Stations, Bus People, and other Bus related items.

Akins is the ringmaster in this circus and all the performers are greyhound dogs--one is jumping through the Trailways hoop, one is wearing an Evel Knievel costume (foreground with his back to you), one is balancing a ball on his nose, one is juggling, one is being ridden by a monkey! I have been employed as a Trailways Bus Driver by Colonial Trailways in Mobile Alabama since July 4 1969.All the pictures are spread out over eight web pages. And one (I hope you can see it from the photo) is next to the bus being driven by Fred MacMurray--not only next to it, he's peeing on it!

I guess the whole point of this advertising poster is that's what Trailways thinks of Greyhound!!!

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