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More detailsI have taken great pains to restore this car to its original condition.I have used genuine spare parts purchased from Sumana Motors in Panchikawatte.
This Opel Kapitan was about to undergo some serious beautification treatment and I was assured that spare parts were relatively easy to obtain.
That about wraps up our coverage of some of the cool cars you will find floating around Sri Lanka. James DavisonJames Davison started life at crankandpiston with a toy camera, and accidentally discovered he could take epic photographs.
Morris, Austin and even Wolseley models are in plentiful supply and mingle with regular traffic.

Interestingly, most seemed to be in semi original condition wearing their priceless patina proudly.
According to my mate Wikipedia, who knows a lot but gets stuff wrong in equal measure, this generation of Kapitan was the third most popular car in Germany in its day behind only the Volkswagen Beetle and Opel Rekord. Be sure to check out the gallery below featuring everything from Ford Escorts to Mazda 1500s to models I am not quite sure of and hesitant to name. Fuelled by caffeine and nicotine and an artistic background, as well as a love of old Japanese cars, he became a regular member of the team in late 2012. If this car is taken care of well, I have no doubt, it could be a trouble free car for a long period of time.

Curious to note that the low speed limit in the country has perhaps helped to keep these jalopies in daily use. The emphasis is on keeping them in mechanical running order and to keep these beautiful examples of bygone Britannia on the road.
I am aware that a collector would definitely purchase this oldtimer, which has been restored having done the tinkering, painting and mechanical work in an excellent manner.

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