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The recent uncovering of the new Nagash model got me thinking a bit about sculpting trends in Games Workshop throughout the editions. It's an entirely subjective thread for people to catalogue what they think are the best era of Warhammer miniatures. Who knows, maybe even some sculptor someday stumbles across a thread like this and finds useful feedback? Entry edition(s): This is bound to correlate with your favourite edition and your appointed golden edition(s). Favourite edition(s) all round (including background, price and White Dwarf stuff): Also bound to correlate with the rest. There are lots of good stuff with miniatures from editions both older and newer than 6th, and I could point to lots of masterclass works both older and younger that rivals or even beats most of the best of what 6th edition had to offer. Still, despite monkey-handed and often clumsy plastic kits (which did have lots of parts, though), 6th edition's WHFB ranges as a whole did the greatest impression on me. That's the best of 6th edition in a nutshell for me, and that's not even all of the best ones. Just a handful of honourable mentions from other editions would be the 7th edition Cold One Knights' mounts, pretty much any old Dwarf model, the 4th edition Chaos Dwarf characters, the 7th edition Empire archers kit, the 8th edition Terradon Riders and the 3rd ed. By far the best edition for mini's was in the very early 2000's (also known as 6th edition). The thread is currently a 6th edition celebration, let's have some diverging opinions now, eh? On a side note, what do people think are the Golden Ages for 40k and LotR and do they overlap with your idea of Fantasy's Golden Age? DA®nadan Wrote:On a side note, what do people think are the Golden Ages for 40k and LotR and do they overlap with your idea of Fantasy's Golden Age?

As for 40k I actually prefer Rogue Trader in many ways, even though I was newborn when it was released. I recognize good styles from, say, late 3rd edition 40k being carried over to today's miniatures, and overall the evolution of 40k have been much more coherent and continous in style than WHFB. On the topic of LotR-WH compatibility, for what it's worth, the RotK Witch King actually has a larger helmet than 6th ed Archaon as is, so just imagine how much more ridiculously oversized it would have been in 28mm scale! One exception from 4th ed would be the wood elves - I much preferred the 3rd ed ones - Mike McVeys Wood Elf Army - The 4 horse chariot they made for this 3rd ed wood elf range still has to be one of my favourite models. The thing about the 4th ed range was it was such a huge leap in quality in terms of cohesiveness and ranked up minis. Admiral Wrote:The thread is currently a 6th edition celebration, let's have some diverging opinions now, eh?
For 40k it's probably 3rd ed, but I am willing to concede that's maybe nostalgia and such speaking mostly. This has to do with nostalgica, I began to collect miniatures in 1986 (I presume) and I still love the unexcitedly style of the models. It looks like the artist might have sold this necklace, but you can follow the link right below the picture to see more of her designs. Nostalgia plays a part, but there's also the thing that certain editions' styles might have been part of what drew us into the hobby, simply because they suited our tastes. Not based so much on single outstanding models, but on the look of the edition's ranges as a whole. 6th not least for quality minis, background and WD stuff, 8th for gaming and also nice plastic kits. I very much like Warhammer models from every edition and is all for mixing editions into the same units.

The monsters and cavalry were OK on the whole, but the metal infantry, characters and to some degree also monstrous infantry was often gorgeous. Both have merits and flaws, and there are good reasons in both miniatures for people to like one or both of 'em. To my mind it would probably have been something of a cross-breed between the Lotr Necromancer and the best which 6th edition had to offer. Some of the best 40k models to my mind come from today, and then I don't even have White Dwarf worth the money to be accustomed to them nowadays!
3rd ed seemed to have super individuality and characterfullness, 4th edition was more consistent and the ranks & units and armies as a whole gelled better for it and looked incredible on the battlefield. The original Longbeards, Iron Breakers and Hammerers were all so much nicer and I still prefer them to this day. There was also a huge variety of models especially concerning dwarfs and greenskins and in addition the sculptors had humor!
But for Lotr I think the Rohan range, GW's own Dwarf range and GW's own Haradrim, Khand and Easterling ranges have some of the best miniatures ever produced by Games Workshop. Along with Rogue Trader, 3rd and 4th editions seem to be really good ones to me, but the styles of 40k miniatures also seem less sensitive to trends than WHFB ones do.
Also the painting style changed a lot more and evolved as the studio grew in popularity, the whole production value increased and photos were showcased well and battle reports in WD were great , stores were popping up EVERYWHERE like 1 or 2 a month, it was just an all round golden time that dragged it into the mainstream.
The current edition VC Zombies for example are pretty terrible, all their hands and heads are too big.

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