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Lets you create the classic wooden toy train tracks you find in the store, but customized for maximum fun! My son loves playing with his wooden railway and has quite a large collection of track, engines and accessories(from Brio, Thomas and Friends, Early Learning Centre and other compatibles). One of the issues I’ve had since getting my CNC router has been a lack of interesting material to cut. I have also just received 30 nylon chopping boards from an Ebay auction (approx 250mm x 350mm x10mm each). The following two pictures following show screenshots of the design in my Vectric Vcarve Pro software. For its first proper routing job I wanted to do something that was quick to design and cut.
PhotoVCarve wasn’t a real necessity, perhaps, but in a 3 part bundle it ended up being a relatively low cost addition to the other tools. Com Pins about Wooden Toys hand picked aside Pinner John the Divine Bragg See more about forest toys woodworking plans and wooden toys. VISIT United States astatine http and start building today Your friends and customers will love this classic Vintage 1955 Mrs. My son has amassed quite a few engines in the few short years he’s had his wooden train table.
Once I was satisfied with the prototype flat car, I wanted to make a whole mess of them at once — nine in fact. Click picture to see slideshow After my son got his wooden train set for Christmas his birthday, I started building track for him, but my interested waned during the spring and summer. In Misty Island Rescue, Thomas must cross the Shake Shake Bridge, a bridge that shakes violently when an engine crosses it. I wanted  to be able to store a lot of engines in a small space and make it part of the track rather than a separate case.
Of course the hardest part of the project was figuring out how to make the sliding track and how to make it thin enough so that it is compatible with the rest of the wooden track. The first step was to make enough track to cover the floor of the garage, the sliding track, and the ramps. I used some of the scrap track to make two sloping tracks in the front to adapt to the standard track height. To finish off the garage I milled a bumper to glue the back of the garage so the engines couldn’t roll out the back, then I glued to strips of maple to the sides to finish them and capture the sliding track.
I wanted to color the area below the sliding track black, but since it was a sliding dovetail, I couldn’t use any finish that would coat the wood or make it expand like a water based dye.

The nozzle on the left and the small hole on the right are from when I was trying to seal all the joints, I had a homemade water manometer measuring the pressure drop.
I use two filters, a coarse throwaway filter to catch all the bigger debris and a fine one so I’m not blowing dust out the blower. As much of this track has been kindly passed down to him from some of his older relatives, quite a few bits are missing or broken. These appeared to be relatively expensive to buy (?10 on Amazon for a pair matching the only one we already had).
These were seconds, with very minor cosmetic defects and the final cost was less than 85p per board (delivered).
For days my daughter had been asking what my new machine actually did, so I decided to  make something personalised to show her.
I didn’t have to worry about the software to actually parse the G-code and drive the router as I received a license for Mach 3 with my machine. The problem is that there just isn’t enough track to play with all of them, so they end up all over the table and floor.
In my quest to find new ways to present projects, I’ve imported a slideshow from Picasa Web Albums, soon to be Google Photos.
Rather than using a round house I decided to use a sliding track like the type used in front of the Sodor Steamworks. I cut the two outside strips with a bevel of about 10° on one side and two strips with a bevel on both sides, one for the middle stationary strip and one to cut up for the sliding dovetails.
After much thought, and after noticing how hard it was to sand sharpie markings out of wood, it hit me to try using a black marker. I thought it would be quite a good learning experience for me to build some new compatible accessories and perhaps fix some of the broken pieces with the help of my CNC router. I figured I could design a very cheap version of my own, using chopping boards that I had bought as a job lot on Ebay as the build material.
These will be very useful for making jigs, fixtures, mechanical parts, sacrificial cutting bases, etc.
The other two are finished with polymer clay inlay and several layers of polyurethane varnish.
All of my PC’s are Microsoft Windows based so I only considered Windows compatible software.
We are developing antiophthalmic factor new Jr serial publication of plans drawn especially for those new to the by-line of.
He has a garage that is attached to a round house, but that isn’t a very effective use of space since it can only hold five engines with out their coal tenders. This allowed me to pack 12 engines, with their coal tenders, in a space a little bigger than the round house garage.

Then I measured length of the longest engine and cut the track into 13 sections that were slightly longer, 12 for storing engines and one for the sliding track.
Once I had the material cut, I glued the strips into place using scraps from the sliding dovetails to properly space the stationary rails. At first it was slow going because I only had fine-tipped markers, but after a short trip to the store it went muck faster. I built this several years ago so the assembly pictures are from then and the assembled pictures were taken recently. I designed my version in Google Sketchup and was able to arrange the parts so that I could fit two complete bridge supports on a single chopping board outline. Com Fiddle Train Tractor Cab Vintage modeling Airplane Vintage Truck Walking Pig walk-to coney helicopter on a String Whistles Wooden Trains Wooden.
Plus by calling it the Steamworks, it serves multiple purposes when my son is playing with his trains. This was not my first choice of material to cut as it generates a very fine dust that is considered harmful. An old Futon sofa that was being scrapped, for instance, has provided me with more than 30 slats made of a thin plywood that looks like it would make excellent material to route. On plus side, however, it is particularly suitable to CNC routing processes due to its lack of grain and high density.
See more more or less trains play structures and Rockler Train Track Router Bits tin atomic number 4 victimized to make high school quality wooden toy train tracks. To make the garage a little more colorful I painted the top, columns, sides, and front with acrylic paint from the craft store.
I did all the cutting with the workshop well ventilated and used a good quality, valved face filter mask with integrated goggles.
Train Sets There are all types of wooden civilise sets Dylan Thomas invigoration Imaginarium Maxim Enterprise Tumble Tree wood and so on. This is the first time I’ve used acrylic paints and I was surprised at how easy they were to work with. Wood Train Wheels take from ampere wide natural selection of Cars Trucks Trains unlike types of Construction.

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