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Or instead of heating in a large mixture of water with ashes, the kernals can be coated with liitle water and more ashes. The hominy needs to washed of the ash residues, which in large amounts can be harmful if consumed. The dried half hulled hominy (pictured above) is then pounded using a mortar and pestle, causing the kernals to crack and the remaining hulls to loosen. After cracking the kernals and loosening the hulls, they are winnowed to get rid of the hulls.

One food item we process at home for our program use is storage meats or jerky (mainly of deer and buffalo).
Once the moisture begins to leave, the pulp sticks together which is fried into a patty form to be saved for later use. Although not catagorized as a food item, we collect willow bark for its historic use as a medicine. Another example of a medicine plant we usually harvest and keep for our use is yellow root.

Meat is dryed to store, and hydrated to consume, because this kind of jerky has almost no water content unlike manufactured jerkys, which means it is usually much to hard to eat dry.

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