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Ludo Wood is a very varied woodland, with multiple species and age classes, from newly coppiced Sweet Chestnut through to large mature Scots Pine. As you approach the woodland along the track, the first stand of trees is mature Scots Pine of around 35-40 years old. Further down the track you come to an area of Sweet Chestnut coppice, which can best be described as mid-rotation, mixed with a few naturally regenerated Silver Birch. Further down the track still, and after the second gate, is a small area of Sweet Chestnut coppice that was recently re-coppiced and is now regenerating.
This property is located in a delightfully quiet corner of rural Sussex, and would be a perfect bolt hole for someone seeking a retreat. Further down the road is a second gate (C on the plan) which you need to climb to get to the far end of the wood at point D on the plan. The southern boundary is indicated by boundary trees with double green bands and occasional wooden posts with green tops. The north eastern boundary is indicated by wooden posts with blue painted tops and boundary trees with blue marks. The north western boundary is the edge of the forest road, indicated by occasional green marks on boundary trees.
There is a right of way for the owner of Ludo Wood from the tarmac road at point A on the plan all the way to the woodland boundary at point B and then on to D. Woods4Sale Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold. An ancient broadleaf coppice woodland in a fantastic location, benefiting from a good access track. Upspring Coppice is situated less than five miles inland from the coast and the popular medieval town of Rye and is just a stone’s throw away from the rural hamlet of Udimore. Exiting Udimore road, there is a hard access track extending along the northern boundary of the wood leading to a useful turning point. A superbly located woodland with such good access, offers a wide spectrum of opportunities whether as a sustainable source of wood-fuel through coppicing, or as a great spot for camping and exploring the area. After approximately 4 miles, passing through the villages of Cock Marling and Udimore you will see the Kings Head on your left.
Continue along the track after 60 metres bear right at the turning (point B) and continue for approximately 170 metres, bearing left at the next junction (point C). The northern boundary is the northern edge of the track and marked by trees with purple paint.
A right of way marked CD, and a right to turn but not park at point D is reserved for the benefit of the adjacent woodlands.
All shared rights of way are covered by a maintenance clause, with liability according to use.
A most attractive stand of scattered mature conifers above a variety of hardwoods with commanding views less than half an hour from Glasgow city centre.
Cumnock Wood lies at the northeast corner of a larger gated wood situated approximately midway between Neilston and Newton Mearns, just west of Darnley Country Park. The upper part of the wood has moderate slopes with a north-easterly aspect which fan out to near-level ground lower down.
Mature Scots pine and larch of unusually good form with clean elegant stems are scattered across the wood.
Because of the diverse age range and variable spacing there are many glades from which to enjoy the rich canopy architecture within the wood, as well as longer views to the north over the lower Clyde Valley and to the southeast over Glanderston Loch. Apart from an area of bracken in the west corner, the ground flora is dominated by soft grasses, ferns, pockets of bluebells and patches of blueberry which combine to make for a woodland floor as diverse and interesting as the trees above. As you may discern we like this wood, which is of sufficient size and diversity to encompass most woodland interests from silviculture and conservation to quiet recreation. The quality of the mature conifers would tempt me to fell a few individuals and even consider some on-site milling. After 0.6 mile turn right at the next roundabout (second exit) onto Aurs Road and cross the motorway. After following Glanderston Road for ¾ mile take a left fork (to stay on Glanderston Road). Please park clear of the gates (we do not give out keys for viewing) and walk up the hill on the hard track for about 300 metres to the left-hand spur at its end (F on the plan). The southwest boundary (BFE) is a tumbled-down stone dyke marked periodically by red-topped posts (NB - the marker posts are offset to the south as they could not be fixed within the dyke itself). There are no public rights of way within the wood, but in line with Scottish legislation the public are entitled to access the woodland subject to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Mixed broadleaf & Scots Pine woodland in a quiet location in rural Sussex, near Heathfield.
Whiting Wood will give you the feel of being in a much larger forest without the cost of a bigger property. The forest floor is relatively clear and provides good ease of movement with a gentle slope to the west. After about 300 metres you will come to a wooden post on your right with a yellow and red painted top (point C on the plan below).
The south western boundary is indicated by boundary trees with double green bands and occasional wooden posts with green tops.
The north eastern boundary is indicated by wooden posts with red painted tops and boundary trees with red marks. The south eastern boundary is the roadside edge except in the southern tip where it is indicated by white marks on boundary trees or posts.
There is a right of way for the owner of Whiting Wood from the tarmac road at point A on the plan all the way to the woodland boundary at point C and then on to D.

Huddles Wood forms part of a larger ancient woodland, some three miles south of East Grinstead off the A22, the main road link to the south coast.
Occupying an area just under two and a half acres, Huddles Wood spans both East and West Sussex.
There is a Forestry Commission thinning licence in place for Huddles Wood, should a prospective owner wish to carry out some small-scale thinning works. This region of Sussex has extensive woodland cover, the well-known Ashurst Wood is just a few hundred metres east. Benefiting from good access there is an opportunity to carry out some moderate thinning works. Continue along the track for approximately 250 metres where you will come to a fork (point B).
There is a right of way at all times and for all purposes for Huddles Wood from the roadside gate up to the woodland boundary (marked ABC on the plan). A right of way is reserved over the routes marked CD and CE for the benefit of the woodlands beyond.
A stunningly beautiful mature broadleaf woodland in a very peaceful location within a much larger forest, near Heathfield in East Sussex. The ground is very gently sloping to the north and the soils are rich and fertile clay loams.
The access to the property is along a forest track that is usable by 4 x 4s or adventurous car drivers in dry weather. Once you have decided that you want to buy a woodland, you need to confirm this with us as soon as possible. Further down the slope the woodland changes into mature Douglas fir with lots of younger and semi-mature beech and oaks.
The whole forest which includes Wye Wood is classified as Ancient Woodland, indicating that it has had continuous tree cover since the year 1600. This woodland is held on a 999 year lease from 1952, so there are 941 years left to run, and the annual rent is 75p. From the last roundabout on the A40 at the northern side of Monmouth town drive north up the A40 for exactly 1.6 miles, where you will see a small lay-by on the side of the road. It is possible to continue on from here, especially if you are in a 4x4, but it is recommended that in the first instance you park here (without blocking the track) and walk the short distance to Wye Wood. If you continue around the sharp right hand bend, around the next sharp left hand bend, then along the track for a further 500 metres, you will come to our For Sale sign in a tree. The northern boundary is indicated by wooden posts with green painted tops or green paint marks on boundary trees. The western boundary is the edge of the track (BC), indicated by wooden posts with green painted tops.
The southern boundary follows a shallow ditch down the slope and is indicated by wooden posts with green painted tops or green paint marks on boundary trees.
The sporting rights have been reserved to a previous owner, but under the Ground Game Act the owner of Wye wood is entitled to shoot deer, rabbits, pigeons, squirrels and black game. The woodland owner will have a right of way from the A40, along the private forest road to Wye Wood, and then along the western boundary track, ABC on the plan below. An ancient woodland of mature mixed broadleaves surrounded by other woodland in a very quiet location near Horsham in West Sussex. Access to the property is excellent along a narrow country road and then a hard forest track suitable for two wheel drive cars at all times of the year.
12 miles (just north of Uckfield) turn left at a roundabout onto the A272 signed for Heathfield.
Just as you are leaving the village you will see on your left a sign for English Woodlands in front of a large stack of logs. You will soon come to a post on your right hand side with a red painted top (B on the plan). They have been carefully checked by us but we cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form a part of any contract.
This ancient woodland site lies in picturesque countryside, and forms part of the southeast High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Towering, iconic Scots pines grow along the track’s edge, above an understorey of hazel coppice. Beneath the powerline to the north, I would consider planting low growing fruit trees or shrubs. Shortly after is a track with an unlocked wooden gate on the right (point A on the plan below).
We do ask that you print these particulars and take them with you, mainly so you can correctly identify the boundaries and access points.
Junction 4 of the M77 is just 2 miles away giving easy access from Ayrshire, Glasgow and the Central Belt.
It also has public road frontage below thus presenting a range of options for timber extraction. Some of the denser regeneration would benefit from being respaced with an emphasis on removing young sycamore to favour native species.
After 250 metres take the first left onto Stewarton Road and follow for ¾ mile, then turn right onto Glanderston Road immediately before Caldcoats Farm (a conspicuous white house just above the road on the right). A further ½ mile on this road brings you to Glanderston Wood which will be on your left hand side after a sharp right-hand bend. There is a good volume of firewood available from thinning without making any detrimental effect to the woodland sustainability; indeed a thinning would greatly benefit the woodland. Access to the property is excellent, over a hard forest road suitable for two wheel drive cars all year round.

The seaside towns of Eastbourne and Brighton are around an hour’s drive, and Gatwick airport is some half an hour by car to the west. The county border is delineated by a stream that runs through the middle of the property, which is partly concealed by some engineered earthworks. A diverse range of tree species grow at Huddles Wood including a number of impressive mature oak and ash, as well as poplar, sweet chestnut, birch, hazel and some conifers including Douglas fir and Sitka spruce.
Fertile clay soils make for very good tree growth and due to the heavily wooded countryside, a large and frequently spotted deer population roam this woodland. I would consider under-planting with shade tolerant species in parts where the wide tree spacing would allow, ensuring adequate deer protection is in place. Mixed woodland of beech, birch, oak and Douglas fir, with good access and magnificent views, straddling the boundary between England and Wales. It is surrounded by other woodland and sits on the side of an east facing slope overlooking the Wye River and just north of the border town of Monmouth.
The western section at the top of the slope is much more gently sloping, with flatter areas, and has younger Birch trees growing underneath widely spaced beech and oak.
The woodland is high in conservation value, full of wildlife and is regularly used by a large local deer population, whose tracks criss-cross the area.
Please telephone our office on 01248 364362 for the padlock combination in advance of your visit.
Follow this track up the hill for about 600 metres until you get to the first very sharp right hand bend. Above these, and adjacent to the top road is a band of mature Scots Pine, mixed with mature Sweet Chestnut and occasional oaks. There is a good volume of firewood available from thinning or re-coppicing the more mature stools without making any detrimental effect to the woodland sustainability; indeed a thinning would greatly benefit the woodland. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves, and we will give as much help as possible with all information we have available. Beyond this are a number of broadleaf species including mature ash and sweet chestnut coppice stools. If I had energy left I would flail the bracken area near the west corner, to encourage the rich ground flora to expand its range.
At the end of the off-ramp go straight across the first roundabout and then take the third exit at the next roundabout signed B769 for Stewarton.
Continue along the woodland edge for 300 metres until you see double metal gates into the wood on your left. The trees growing here a mainly Sweet Chestnut coppice intermixed with mature Scots Pine, some Birch and occasional Ash. This is the southern boundary of Whiting Wood, which is now ahead of you on your right hand side. This property has the advantage of a recently upgraded stone track and a useful area of hardstanding, which would be advantageous to anyone wishing to harvest some firewood or carry out management works. The herb layer includes an assortment of ferns such as spleenwort and scaly-male fern and several primroses, which are an attractive ancient woodland indicator species. Continue onwards for approximately half a mile passing some bends in the road – you will see our for sale sign on the right hand side. The woodland is accessed from the A40 along a private forest road right up to and then along the western boundary.
Inside this area there is an open grassy glade, with vehicular access, that is ideal for picnics and family camping.
Fallow, roe and muntjac deer are frequent visitors to the woodland and wild boar have been seen on several occasions by the current owners. The forest floor is relatively clear amongst the mature trees and provides good ease of movement with a gentle slope to the west. Above this continues the band of mature Scots Pine mixed with Sweet Chestnut standards and occasional Oaks. The fertile ancient woodland soils host an assemblage of wildflowers, ferns and mycorrhizal fungi.
There is a fine line of mature beech trees on the southwest boundary, whilst elsewhere you will see mature birch, younger beech, alder, willow, sycamore and rowan plus a handful of lime and elm mixed in with a variety of woody shrubs. Weir Wood Reservoir Nature Reserve is a few miles to the west, a popular destination for wildlife spotting and activities such as sailing and canoeing. However, once you have written to us confirming that you want to buy a woodland, we will take the woodland off the market and we will not accept any other offer.
From this point you have magnificent views over the Wye Valley to the hills beyond (see photo above for view). Such a robust and vibrant mixture is to be welcomed in these uncertain times of pathogens and climate change.
Huddles Wood is a great location from which to explore the numerous attractions Sussex has to offer. You will come to a metal gate on the right, with a woodland managed by Red Rock Forestry sign (point A on the plan below).
Some area of the younger birch would benefit from a degree of thinning, which would not only benefit the remaining trees, but would improve access while producing a very useful supply of firewood. Please park in a suitable place and climb the gate, sorry we do not supply keys for viewings.

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