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I still think the zoo should have closed the elephant exhibit as the animal advocate groups (I forget their names) urged them to do.
There seems to be an easy solution: send the poor elephants to a sanctuary where they can live like elephants.
Even better, put the elephants in with the lions so we can experience nature at it’s finest.
It is so unfortunate that the Nocturnal House is finally closing; there was indeed a better solution to save money and make many people AND elephants happy by sending the eles to a better life in a sanctuary in Tennessee.
If all zoos everywhere decide to “free” their elephants will you guys be happy, or are you really just using the elephants as an excuse to get rid of all zoos and places of zoological research once and for all? You seem to be under the impression that WPZ and other zoos are conspiratorial organizations hell bent on making money and putting the animals second. I do realize that by saying anything in support of the zoo I am confirming Jack A’s paranoid suspicions but I do have links and research that do prove that zoos are not heartless money machines bent on animal abuse. First, those like JackA, Kara, Louise, & Claudine need to get on board with KEEPING OUR ELEPHANTS HERE. When people are coming from a completely exploitative mindset, no good decisions for the elephants are going to happen.
I do know that the groups tried at first to get the zoo to increase the elephants’ space. Sigh… I love watching conversations devolve this fast into angry mud slinging sessions, but in all honesty I agree with OTB the most in this argument. And I hate to break it to all of you, but regardless of whether or not the elephants are in a zoo or in a sanctuary they are still in captivity and given that most of the animals in zoos around the country were raised in captivity, they would most likely not survive in the actual wild.
So, in conclusion, in the big picture your arguments are pointless (on both sides) because human beings have expanded to every corner of the globe and drastically effect every other organism around them as they do so.
Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants, one of the most active groups working for the release of the elephants has never called for closing WPZ.
I just love how the zoo folks use the threats to elephants in the wild as an excuse to keep them in zoos. As the largest land mammal, elephants do horribly in confinement in both zoos and circuses. Alyne Fortgang seems to be the only person I have seen who is on that side of the argument who understands that the WPZ staff is not evil and seems to have actually talked to people there in an attempt to understand their point of view.
Unlike some people who just troll the articles here looking for a fight and calling anyone who has a dissenting opinion an idiot. Also, using the elephants as a foundation for the real motive, which is the dissolution of all zoos, is rather self-serving in it’s own right.
I also pointed out that the zoo, wanting to save money, could have saved far more by closing the elephant exhibit instead of the Nocturnal House.
I don’t know if I have ever anyone on here a fringe extremist, if It did I apologize, that would be too harsh.
My purpose, if you haven’t been reading, is to drive home the fact that you need to actually back up what you are saying. BTW, your taxes only go towards the ownership of the land that the zoo sits on and the maintaining of the parks around the campus and it’s parking lots (which are all pay now, thanks to the city). I won’t visit the zoo until all the animals are put on a non-expoloitative, vegetarian diet.
Take the issue of the nocturnal house closure into a debate about WPZ elephants is a real stretch… but OK. If you approach zoo officials without having a chip on your shoulder, have a REAL plan, backed up with re$ource$, make an appointment, that’s not a publicity stunt, I know they’ll talk and listen.
How can you watch Watoto limping with arthritis and then lock her up in the shower room at 4pm knowing she’s going to be in there for the next 17-20 hours standing on a hard floor in her own urine and feces and think that’s okay?
2.Jack A, that is exactly the one-sided, myopic, overly hostile viewpoint I expected you to spew forth based on your previous comments.
I only hope that time humbles you and teaches you that things can always be worse than they are and the current plight of all the animals at the zoo is better than what it could be and would be if the zoo were still run like it was back in its heyday. Now go to the zoo and watch those poor elephants rocking back and forth that you enjoy watching so much. No, mostly in I just think that you are going overboard about something that, as far as evil goes, is not really that big of an immediate concern.
The guy who decided it would be fun to start burning down buildings at random in the Greenwood area for example, way more evil than anyone who works for the zoo. Your behavior leaves me to believe that you are either someone very young, possibly in high school or just graduated, or maybe just an adult who never went to college and thus never learned how to actually make a reasoned argument. Considering that you did not realize that that whole post was a joke and that I was being sarcastic in order to illustrate just how ridiculous this argument has become, then yes you are childish.
PhinneyWood is part of the Next Door Media™ neighborhood network, a Ballard startup that won a national Online Journalism Award. But there’s more to these tours than ghostly goings-on: they’re a fun, accessible introduction to Seattle’s past – with a few spooks and stories for good measure.
With Puget Sound on one side of the city and Lake Washington on the other, Seattleites spend most of their lives in, on or aside the water. It’s all rather romantic – with a candle-lit supper, a bottle of bubbly, and a night-time tour of the lake or harbour.
For well over 100 years, The Sorrento Hotel has hosted playwrights, poets and performers – they flock to the Fireside Room (its swanky members-club-style bar) to swap stories, sing songs and tinkle the ivories of the resident baby-grand piano.
With its battered leather armchairs and stupendously well-stocked bar, Fireside makes a great jazz venue, with a line-up of local legends and international names. By the light of a full moon, paddle through the dark waters of Lake Washington – tracing the water trails of the Washington Arboretum through a Duwamish burial ground. The folks at Agua Verde Paddle Club have been kayaking these waters for decades, so you’ll be in expert hands on their Full Moon tour. For over 30 years, Woodland Park Zoo has hosted Zoo Tunes – a summer season of outdoor concerts by top performers. Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, but the city’s independent coffee shops are far more colourful and charismatic than big-brand businesses. Drawn to places that most people dismiss, I love digging out juicy stories in off-beat locations – whether that's poking around the furthermost corners of Europe, travelling overland in East Africa, or venturing beyond the malls and beaches of Dubai.
Our Lowest Airfare Guarantee is more than a marketing promise; it’s a promise to you our valued customer. If we are able to confirm that the airfare is still available to be booked in the same cabin as per the competitor's quoted itinerary, we’ll beat the airfare.
With the all new Banyan Wilds tiger and sloth bear exhibits now complete, and butterflies returning later this year, the time is right to shine a light, so to speak, on nocturnal animals once again.
In 2018, we plan to re-open a renovated Night Exhibit showcasing nocturnal animals in the dark. Our night vision will come together over the next two years as we design, renovate and open the exhibit thanks to a public-private partnership, using funds available for major repairs from the city of Seattle Park District, along with private philanthropy. Artist’s rendering depicts exhibit entry where daytime visitors adjust their eyes as they transition into darkness. To make the building more efficient and the exhibit more engaging, we anticipate the cost of the renovations to total $3-4 million.
The zoo’s sloths were relocated to the Adaptations Building after the Night Exhibit closure in 2010. When the Night Exhibit closed six years ago, some animals were moved to other zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and others remained on exhibit elsewhere at the zoo. We heard from so many of you that in addition to the fascinating animals, a big appeal of the Night Exhibit is the sensory experience of being plunged into darkness. A great grandmother and the bedrock of our gorilla groups, Nina passed away today at the age of 47. The elderly gorilla had received such tender, specialized care from her keepers in her final geriatric years, but old age caught up with her today.

After a normal morning of eating and resting, Nina was not visible in any of her favorite spots in the exhibit later in the morning.
Earlier this year many of you joined us for a special celebration in honor of Nina, her silverback mate Pete, as well as orangutan twins, Towan and Chinta, all of whom celebrated their 47th birthdays this winter. In Nina’s lifetime, Woodland Park Zoo opened its first immersive exhibits and transformed the homes of its animals. How many smiles she must have earned from children tickled by her signature, outthrust tongue. How many minds she must have opened of those who found a bit of themselves reflected in her wise eyes. The calf is nursing the way he should be and the mother is passing her antibodies on to her newborn as expected, according to Dr. In the wild, the bonding helps the mother and baby recognize each other by smell in a large herd.. The mother and child could be available to view as early as this weekend, but it’s up to the animals whether they exit into the public viewing area or stay in the hidden enclosures.
The calf does not yet have a name, and the zoo has not determined whether the public, a donor or a zookeeper will name it. The zoo has welcomed the birth of numerous babies in the past six months, including a lion, a jaguar, a sloth bear and otter cubs, and one North American porcupine. Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse. The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times. About The Today FileThe Today File is a general news blog featuring real-time coverage of Seattle and the Northwest.
Take a minute to subscribe and continue to enjoy The Seattle Times for as little as 99 cents a week.
February 20, 2016 By Cheryl Leave a Comment This Woodland Park Zoo post is courtesy of our contributor Cheryl of Kids On A Plane…Seattle, Washington is one of my family’s favourite cities to visit. Located in the Phinney Ridge neighbourhood just north of downtown Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo is home to over 1000 animals from almost 300 different species. Woodland Park Zoo has received multiple Best National Exhibit awards from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums – ranking second to the Bronx Zoo in New York. In addition to all the unique animals they have and the awards they’ve won, here are 6 reasons families should visit Woodland Park Zoo.
Great for rainy days (it is Seattle afterall!), Zoomazium is an indoor nature-themed area geared to children up to 8 years of age with several different play areas including a stage for shows and demonstrations, a rope bridge and a 20-foot tree for brave climbers.
The Habitat Discovery Loop is an outdoor play space featuring caves, slides and statues where younger kids can burn off some energy. Parents with young children should be aware that food vendors do not supply lids or straws for drinks so it’s a good idea to bring your own water bottle or sippy cup to transfer drinks for your kids. Guests taking the bus to the zoo can save $2 off regular admission by presenting a valid Metro bus transfer as proof of ridership. Discounts are also available on select rainy days which save families 50% on regular admission rates. There are five different parking lots around the zoo and two separate entrances so if there is a must-see or must-do on your itinerary, make sure you know which entrance to go to.
Another recommendation for parents who want to get the lay of the land before their family’s visit is to download the free Woodland Park Zoo app. The zoo should do the right thing and let go of their elephants who are now in a small jail, way too small for them! Despite the fact, and I do mean FACT, that modern zoos in this country do do more good for the protection of endangered species and scientific study than any protest group has ever done. But WPZ has been totally non-profit since 2004 when the city yielded control and the zoo privatized.
All of which would go totally ignored by Jack and his supporters (those of which are not actually Jacks alternate screen names, no offense but they seem to be that type of person).
They have a good home and those who feel they do not need to get involved by helping they zoo accomplish a WPZ elephant exhibit that will make everybody happy. This article is about the closing of the night house, not about the elephants and their plight. Their survival is still dependent upon humans and a gilded cage is still a cage no matter the size.
They still have a barn that they herd the elephants into every night and still have to feed them on a regular basis. There is very little that anyone can do on a world wide scale that would make any really positive difference, short of committing atrocities against their own species and being just as cruel towards the human population as they are to every other living thing.
Have I sufficiently depressed everyone into not using these articles as a sounding board for their own political and moral agendas? I am not saying that what they say isn’t true or important, but the way that they go about making there statements completely vilifies zoos in general and ignores the good that they do, especially the WPZ.
Granted they also are apparently on here representing Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants as a group, but they do it well, actually pointing out positives and taking the time weigh both sides equally in order to make her case. The only thing that people like Jack and Kara seem to communicate is that they hate zoos in general and would still be up in arms against them even if the elephants were released into a sanctuary. Tahomajim is right in their statements that the zoo staff know more about the elephants than you do and to believe that they are evil when they spend all of their time caring for them is a bit ignorant. I am sure that things will only get better and that time is all that is needed for current injustices left behind by previous administrations to be corrected. Human beings do way worse things to each other than they have ever done to those animals, even within the boarders of this city and this neighborhood. Of all the atrocities that go on in the world, abroad and even here in Seattle committed against both humans and animals and you choose to completely lose your head over the local zoo keeping elephants in their version of a pachyderm studio apartment? You treat everyone who doesn’t share your exact viewpoint as an enemy and see them as ignorant or stupid for even thinking anything different than what you believe. You seem almost allergic to doing the work and research required by anyone who has ever had to prove a thesis or make a proper point. In fact I would say that we are the only side of this argument who has provided facts to support out differing opinion.
We (the authors of this book) believed this was one of the best nocturnal exhibits in the nation. From zoo festivals to full-moon kayak tours, we reveal the city’s best night-time spots in this cosmopolitan city. If you fancy leaving land behind for the evening, Cedar Wave’s private picnic cruise is for you: head to one of the (many) waterfront restaurants, order a take-away dinner, and then hop on board your very own yacht. It all sounds rather spooky, but worry not: this wild spot is lively with marine life and nocturnal mammals.
Drink, dance and boogie the night away in the company of the resident lions, tigers and bears.
The zoo also runs overnight camps from March to November, for adults and kids alike – giving you unrivalled access to the animals and behind-the-scenes antics.
Rest those weary legs on a bench at Louisa Boren Park, the city’s best spot to watch the sun rise. Grab a brew at Volunteer Park Cafe, just a few blocks away from the park, to toast your night-time adventures. I've travelled all over the world on assignment, but still haven't mastered the art of packing lightly.
0333 calls are included within inclusive minutes package on mobiles, otherwise standard rates apply. While a formal fundraising campaign has yet to begin, we have received a substantial early gift from The Nysether Family Foundation, which in the past has helped build several capital projects at Woodland Park Zoo, including most recently Banyan Wilds and the Historic Carousel Pavilion. As planning begins, we’ll look at our options for which nocturnal species will call the new exhibit home, such as fruit bats, sloths or small, arboreal primates.

You walk a little slower, you breathe a little more deeply, you listen a little more closely and when you finally spot a critter on the move, the heightened moment makes your heart quicken. When the keepers became concerned and started looking for her, she was spotted, not moving, under a large tree. Our veterinary science advanced in leaps and bounds, which allowed us to provide such extraordinary lifelong care for Nina. This year, the father, Chioke, died of a stomach defect acquired early in life, and Ramirez said there has been some desire to name the baby in his honor. It is reported by the news staff of The Seattle Times and includes stories from The Associated Press and McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Known for outdoor activities, a great food scene and of course coffee, Seattle is a very kid-friendly destination for families looking for somewhere to visit that isn’t too hot or too cold. It was our first time there and we had a ton of fun – we kind of wish we had done this sooner.
From red pandas, komodo dragons, to flamingos, penguins and my family’s favourite – sloths, the zoo is popular with tourists and locals.
Depending on season, visitors can feed the giraffes, meet a tortoise, learn what it’s like to be a penguin keeper or feed free-flying Australian parrots. Both our children enjoyed taking a break from walking from exhibit to exhibit and playing here. Families looking to grab a bite during their visit will be surprised by the variety of food choices.
Woodland Park Zoo is 1 of 5 participating attractions on the Seattle CityPASS so families can not only save at the zoo but other popular tourist attractions too. Woodland Park Zoo is located in a residential area and if you plan your visit early enough (especially on weekends) you might be able to find street parking which can save a few dollars.
Read more about Cheryl’s travel tips on her blog Kids on A Plane as well as her Facebook page. All of the proceeds from admissions, gift shop sales, weddings, concerts and other special events goes towards feeding the animals, upgrading and maintaining the enclosures and paying for the staff that tend to the animals needs and conduct research that can help animals world wide. I am sure that I have been fully identified as an enemy due to the fact that I disagree with their tactics. It would be nice if everyone could realize that and not turn every article about the zoo into a call to arms about the elephants, because we all know that you are just using them as an excuse to attack Zoos in general.
Even in a national wild life preserve there are still walls and borders established by humans, so it really makes very little difference. And considering that a lot of those elephants now live on protected land, the measure of freedom is even less than true freedom.
In short it is in our nature to expand and survive and that leads inevitable changes to the environment. I don’t like people who use animals as a political tool in order to achieve their ultimate goals. As far as the parking structure, I’m sure that the city and neighborhood of Phinney Ridge has worked out a massively lucrative deal with the zoo. I would point out again that you might find more peace in your life if you calmed down and realized that the world is not quite as black and white as you seem to believe but I already know that such advice would go unheeded. Screaming about it will not make these things go any faster so you had better get used to it. I am sure that the over all well-being of the elephants is a major concern for those who work at the zoo and that part of their decision in not moving them to a sanctuary type facility is that the elephants are a huge draw for the zoo and that if they moved them now it would end up effecting the zoo’s revenue as a whole in the immediate future. You have a short fuse and seem to throw tantrums whenever someone asks you to back up your statements with facts. From now on our EVIL plans will no longer involve conspiring with zoo officials to make the elephants stand in a giant linen closet. Spend a few nights here before embarking on a Rocky Mountaineer train Journey over the border to Canada.
The team at Seattle Ghost know everything there is to know about the city’s surprisingly hair-raising history – especially the blood-curdling antics in and around Pike Place Market and the city’s first mortuary. To the east, Lake Washington glitters under the dawn sun – and the pricey real estate of Bellevue certainly lives up to its French name (‘beautiful view’).
You can contribute during this early phase by selecting the "Night Exhibit" from the Area of Designation in our online donation cart.
Nina was taken to our veterinary hospital where animal care and veterinary staff made the humane decision to euthanize her. Previous visits had us visiting popular attractions in downtown Seattle and never leaving the city centre. On top of the standard burgers and pizza fare, guests can try clam chowder, organic beef burgers and wild caught seafood. A stroller that can handle rugged terrain (many of the trails are either rocky or muddy) will come in handy for parents with young children as well as rubber boots or water proof shoes. They also sell items and do fund raising for over 30 different conservation programs like the Snow Leopard Trust which helps prevent poaching by tracking the wild populations and creating a trade based economy for the people of the Himalayas so they won’t have to hunt the leopards or kill them when they attack farm animals.
As human beings spread across the globe, developing more land and pushing animals out of their natural environments, those that cannot adapt often die out. We are the scorpion trying to cross the river and the world and everything in it is the frog whose back we constantly sting as it tries to help us along. Most of what I have said is not in disagreement of your message but rather of your message. Smarten up, this the same basic stuff they teach you in college when you are trying to back up a thesis or prove a point in anything that you publish.
The city is the one who maintains the parking lots and collects the money from the automated parking meters after all, not the zoo itself. If you weren’t, I weep for the lack of oxygen your brain has obviously had to endure all these years.
In other words, we have all heard your arguments a thousand times before and really don’t need to be privy to another episode of wasting time with Jack A and his Amazing Technicolor Paranoia.
I am also tired of giving the same responses because people don’t attention spans long enough to read through one or more paragraphs of information. We will instead turn our attention to figuring out how to make either a better soup mix or the worlds greatest floor and window cleaner out of the contents found inside Jack’s head. And it is up to Zoos and Sanctuaries alike to save what animals they can before they all get wiped out.
The zoo having more parking means that more people will be able to come to the zoo, which means the city will collect more money from their meters and the zoo will have more money from the added people to pay for the upkeep of it’s exhibits.
Not to worry, he was only using them to make asinine comments and childish ineffective arguments on the internet so we won’t actually be hurting anyone, but in order to make it seem more EVIL we will also give him both a purple nurple and a wet willy. This guarantee is based on UK registered ABTA bonded or ATOL licensed businesses and websites for travel departing from the UK. The main problem of course being that while they can save the animals, many of them will never be truly wild again as they must rely on human intervention in order to stay alive.
Not to mention that the building of the new gate was paid for by a private contributor before the penguin exhibit even opened.
Price beat must relate to the exact same fare and flight number and must be presented to us prior to booking. You were my most favorite and when I looked into your eyes, you had that warm and soft glow to them. I am going to miss you with all my heart and I send my dearest thoughts and prayers to the WPZ staff.
And then there were the painful attempts to reintroduce her second born (Wanto) to the troop.

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