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The Mission of the Woodland Police Department is to preserve a feeling of safety and security for our citizens by protecting life and property, conducting professional investigations, promoting innovative crime prevention strategies, and providing excellent service. The FlashAlert® system gives you access to emergency messages, such as breaking news or weather closure information, and news releases from participating organizations.
The Woodland Police Department currently has a staff of 10 full-time officers (the Chief of Police, 2 Police Sergeants, and 7 Police Officers) as well as one full-time Police Clerk and one full-time Evidence Clerk. We also have a cadre' of volunteers which includes Police Reserve Officers, Community Service Officers, and clerical help.
Many people don't think of a KTM LC4 640 or a BMW 650 X-Challenge as your normal long distance road bike, but Katy is not your average person and besides its what we got. The next stop was in Pasco at the home of Matt, whom was the guy that put this fine ride together. After enjoying the good food and swapping stories, we head to Prosser to try to get a good nights sleep. I can't sleep in even if I try so I am up early Saturday morning anyway so I take a quick stroll near our motel.
That way, we could slow down some during the night and still not run out of time and have a little extra time for problems.
Our firsrt required stop was in Woodland WA (near Vancouver) via Bickleton, Goldendale and the Columbia River Gourge Highway. Our firswt required stop was in Woodland (north of Vancouver) which is a little over 200 miles from Processor, but it was our second gas stop since my X-Challenge does not have the range to go that far without having to use the extra fuel I carry.
The bike started right up after putting in the gas, but I still didn't have enough to make it safely to Ellensburg, so it meant a not so qucik gas stop in Naches. The next required gas stop was in Tonsaket, via the highway between Leavneworth and Wenatchee and along the Columbia River. We took a much needed several rest break and ended up meeting a young couple riding a scooter two up that were interested in learning about our ride. After getting the last required gas receipt, we rode the two blocks to the shop where Matt was waiting to help us check in and also provided us with a very welcome breakfast.
Way to go Alan and Katy, I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the Hells Canyon ride.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A big thank you to Dan for letting us use his business for our ride and to Matt for putting this ride together.

We knew we needed to make as much distance as possible during the daylight hours in case we had problems later on.
500 miles in 10 hours is only an average of 50 mph, which should be easy enough, but you have to factor in traffic, the extra time it takes to travel through all the small towns and stops for gas and food. The forcast changed over the last few days, but called for a good chance of rain for a least part of the ride.
Katy managed to take a few shots while riding down the Washington side of the Columbia River. It is nearly as fast to stop for fuel as it is to get the extra gas put in the bike, so our plan was to only use the extra gas if needed.
To make it with just one extra stop, I would have to streach the first tank a long as possible. One of the Ironbutt rules is that you need receipts for gas at various places to prove you actually were there.
Leaving Tonasket, things slowed down a bit as we rode highway 20 over Wauconda Summit and then over Sherman Pass. We were doing okay for time, the skies look clear and we were less than 200 miles from the end. Check points are done be getting dated and time stamped receipts for gas at the various check point locations. To allow us to keep track on how we were doing, I make a schedule ahead of time of where we wanted to be a various times. We knew we may be cutting it close, so we tried to not waste any time at first so we didn't stop to take any pictures. I didn't think we had done anything wrong and it turned out he was just asking if we were riding the 1000 mile ride as he had taked to one of the ridrs earlier in the night. We were not too tired and although we had time for a short reat, we decided to push on and try to finish by 7 am.
However, in the morning light was could see the skies towards the west didn't look so friendly. You are required to get your first receipt in Prosser as you leave town and at the various chek points towns listed on our map. That way, as we went along, we would know if we were making good time or if we needed to speed up. I knew Packwood was about 20 miles further, and I had enough gas to make it that diatance, so I figured it would be a perfect place to fuel up.

Sounds easy enough, but for some reason, we had trouble in several places with varous pumps not taking any of the credit and debit cards we carry.
There was lots of places we would of like to take pictures, but not knowing what problems we may encounter, we felt we didn't want to use any unnecessary time. We then rode on to Spokane and then out to Liberty Lake near the Idaho border for a required receipt. The only card it would take was my card for Katys account, but would not take her card for the same account.
It was near 3 am when we made it to Spokane, but finding a gas station that would take any card in Liberty Lake and Katy needing to put on dry socks took a little time so we were a little behind schedule when we left for Colfax.
It was raining so hard, we could not hardly see to ride and the ruts in the pavement were full of water making riding all the more difficult.
Little did I know, but there was a flea market in Packwood and the normally small town of maybe 1000 had at least 10,000 or more people in it.
She finally had to go inside and prepay with cash and then go back in to get a receipt after pumping the gas. It took nearly a half hour to get through the town and there was no way we were going to be able to get gas there in any reasonable time frame. It was looking like the rain was over and I was thinking we could pickup up the pace a gain back some time. It was 7 am and by then all we wanted to do was finish since we were so close so we pressed on. I knew there was a station at the top of White Pass, if I only have enough gas to make it there.
This fog was not just making it a little hard to see, it was coating everything with a mist that would not wipe off.
Our glasses and face shields got covered and we stopped several times to wipe then off and it would just come back again.

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