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Sean Astin talks with actors while waiting for a scene on the set of "Woodlawn" in Birmingham, Ala., Monday, December 15, 2014. Related Articles Most Popular 80 Muslim Refugees Baptized Into Christianity Despite Attacks by Islamic Radicals in German Camps Lauren Daigle: Evolution of the Millennial Christian From 'American Idol' Days to Billboard No.
L Station, a short walk from Bessie Coleman Library, a currency exchange, and area businesses. Land, if you had your life to live over and you couldn't be a minister, what would you be?"I thought about it for a few moments because I had never been asked that question before.
Residents were able walk down 63rd St., past where the crew was taking shots of the CTA bus in between takes.
I told them that in the early 1960s I went to a matinee at the Santa Rosa movie theater on the Old Spanish Trail in Houston, Texas, and when I left the theater almost 3 hours later, I was a different person than when I entered the theater.

I had just seen the multi-Oscar-winning movie Judgment at Nuremberg, and it permanently enhanced my awareness of the incalculable value of each and every human life.I learned that day that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth a hundred thousand words. I am sure many of you can think of moments in a movie theater that expanded your perspective, altered your opinion, or broke your heart.A wonderful example of the power of film is the current movie "Woodlawn," which has been in movie theaters for nearly three weeks now.
When the brothers were small boys and wanted a bedtime story, their father would enthrall them with the story of how a team's commitment to Jesus helped transform a team and ultimately helped heal a racially divided city haunted by a dark, violent, racist past. In the wake of Ferguson and Charleston, the flashpoints of racial violence and animosity across the nation, "Woodlawn" serves as a powerful and instructive reminder that Dr.
King's dream of a society in which you are judged not by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character is not dead and is still achievable through the reconciliation made a reality in Jesus Christ.My wife and I have seen "Woodlawn" twice, and we are ready to see it again.
16-17) which ranked ninth in box office receipts for movies that weekend and received top scores from "CinemaScore," a service composed completely of audiences who had actually attended the move.

If you do like football, as I do, then that's an added bonus.In this culture the way that people make selections about what kind of movies are going to be produced is that the more people vote with their pocketbooks and their feet to go see a movie, the more movies like this will be made. Now is the time to maximize your influence by taking your family, your friends, and your acquaintances to see "Woodlawn."Dr.

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