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The Yoga In Schools program offers professional development and wellness training for teachers in the Woodland Hills School District by teaching yoga and mindfulness tools for teachers to use on their own, and with children in the classroom. After starting out a bit reluctant and skeptical about yoga at the beginning of their Yoga In Schools teacher training, a group of K-12 Physical Education teachers from Woodland Hills School District soon came to appreciate the benefits of yoga for themselves and their students. This is Patrick Donley’s fifth year teaching at Woodland Hills.  For most of his career, he taught in the Jr. This video is a demonstration using Jill Miller's Yoga Tune-up Balls with teen girls at the Rankin Promise Program. YIS received a generous $100,000 grant from the Heinz Foundation for this progressive program, and is currently entering the ninth month in a two-year program with the district. Essential oils and aromatherapy can help support our emotional health and processing emotions.
Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. The primary focus is on teacher wellness, and on helping to change the behavioral climate of the district.When first presented with the idea of yoga training, many PE teachers were understandably skeptical.

Come experience essential oil blends formulated specifically with emotional health in mind. The image of yoga being “exotic” or only for extremely athletic types who can shape themselves into pretzels is one that has unfortunately been promoted by many ads and magazines in this country. We will explore the connection between our olfactory receptors and our limbic brain or emotional memory center. However, when I walked into the teacher training for WHSD teachers last August as a new assistant to the program, I got a very different impression indeed.Teachers and behavioral specialists of all ages, men and women, at varying levels of fitness, were smiling and laughing as they joined together in learning simple and fun relaxation and breath exercises to be used for their own wellness, as well as that of their students. This workshop will also include mindfulness and meditative practices to raise awareness of our emotional state and promote greater self-acceptance. Exercises ranged from teachers working in small groups to practice teaching each other simple poses pictured on colorful "Yoga Pretzel Cards" to working as teams building sculptures with words affixed to yoga blocks that showed a growing understanding of and appreciation for what yoga could bring to their students and classrooms. Each participant will get to take home an aromatherapy inhaler with the emotional aromatherapy blend of their choice. Class fee: $15 You can prepay at Epic Yoga NW, or here via EventBrite, or select to RSVP and pay the night of the workshop.

There were other kids who would never have spoken to their partners, but they worked together, and worked well. Spence's friendly and direct approach and warm Australian accent seem to put people at ease right away.
Her mission and talents seem to be rescuing yoga from the realm of an elusive practice and bringing it back down to earth to be used by everyday men, women, and children in everyday settings and situations. She is able to strip away the "mystique" surrounding yoga and break the practice down to its most basic and vital elements: honoring the body and connecting movement with the breath.
Spence's prior experience as a social worker and her current work using yoga for healing in schools, hospitals, and detention centers as well as at her private yoga studio all contribute to her ease and skill in working with diverse groups of students, teachers, and professionals.Yoga In Schools’ mission is to empower students and teachers with yoga-inspired exercises to promote lifetime wellness. Their vision is to make yoga available in all schools so that students and teachers develop body-mind awareness and the ability to nurture their own well-being.

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