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Duck, who was suspicious of Diesels due to his own experience, nevertheless took quickly to BoCo when the Diesel took trucks to Tidmouth and found out that he was good friends with Edward. When Edward had trouble pulling an enthusiasts' train, BoCo helped Duck to shut the big engines up, who said Edward should be preserved.
BoCo tried to cheer Gordon up when he got into trouble for spraying ashes onto a wedding party and later helped Gordon to Barrow-in-Furness when his firebars collapsed. When the first eight engines went to the mainland, BoCo was part of a group of engines designated to take over the major jobs of the railway. Eventually, BoCo lost his buffer in keeping the twins in line and the Fat Controller decided to bring in a new Diesel, Derek. BoCo was not immune to the mechanical failures of his real-life model, according to the Awdrys, however, the Fat Controller eventually found a fix to prevent this malfunction.
They decided to play a trick on him, playing on their identical looks to make the Diesel think that one engine was disappearing and reappearing around him.Edward was nearby to sort out the confusion, and Bill and Ben soon came to respect BoCo. The two started talking in the shed, but were interrupted when James arrived and called BoCo a "buzzbox".
BoCo later filled in on the branch line while Edward was at the Works. Donald and Douglas were the last engines to accept him.

BoCo also helped Edward to the Works when his bogie wheel snapped off, and ran the branchline while Edward was undergoing an overhaul. The two began fighting after an incident with the turntable and soon began to give each other the silent treatment. Upon his arrival, he was unfortunate enough to be set upon by the mischievous Bill and Ben, when, thinking he had intentionally stolen their trucks, they pretended to be one engine and nearly made his eyes pop out. In another annual, BoCo claimed to have a twin called "CoBo" in order to play a trick on Bill and Ben.
However, in Main Line Engines, he was first depicted with a yellow end from below his mouth to half-way up his nose. Morbidly, the real engine possessing this number was "retired" in 1968 and scrapped the following year. Ironically, James was attacked by a swarm of bees the next day, and so BoCo had to take the Express. Gordon was furious that a mere branch line Diesel got to pull a mainline train. Edward thought this attitude was counterproductive, so BoCo came up with a plan: convincing the Fat Controller to let him take a special, BoCo's own heavy goods train was left behind, with only Bill and Ben to pull - neither would be strong enough to pull the train himself, so the two had to compromise to finish the job. BoCo is now wise to the tank engine twins' pranks and is also good friends with Edward and Duck.

This is evident in the fourth and sixth illustrations of "The Diseasel" as well as the last illustration of "Edward's Exploit". Bill and Ben were quick to tease Gordon, and jokingly threatened to haul him away as scrap.
When BoCo arrived with some trucks, he sent Bill and Ben to work, and the relieved Gordon felt he owed his life to BoCo. Even Gordon soon thought of him in high regards when he "saved" him from Bill and Ben's antics. BoCo upholds a more respectable, likable image for Diesel engines everywhere, being happy to show the more pompous engines that Diesels have their uses. BoCo helps bring good order across Edward's branch line, even occasionally pulling main line trains, as the Fat Controller recognises how versatile he is.

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