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This is a crippling arthropathy characterised by pain, swelling, stiffness leading to deformity. A few couples with unexplained infertility and some with known pathology are now having children due to very effective Siddha treatment. In Type II Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, herbal decoctions are used to provide effective control of blood-sugar.
In Chronic Renal Failure, the herbal preparation used by Dr.Thas remarkably lowers the serum urea and creatinine. Friends of Siddha Medicine (FSM) is doing the yeoman service of dissipating the knowledge of Siddha Medicine for the benefit of the whole human race .
Dr.Thas has been Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Post-Graduate Studies and Research Centre, Govt. Siddha System of Medicine along with Ayurveda constitutes what is known as Indian Medicine. Herbal treatment both external and internal provided by Dr.Thas offers freedom from these conditions without any side effect.
It is characterised by well-circumscribed erythematous, dry elevated leisions of various sizes, covered with mica like scales.
Glucocorticoids and immunosuppresive drugs like azathioprine, methotrexate and cyclophosphomide are the main stay to keep the disease under control. Diabetes is the leading cause of non traumatic lower extremity amputation in developed countries .It is mentioned by specialists that 20 out of 100 diabetic Indians undergo lower limb amputation. For this purpose it is conducting National and International conferences on Siddha Medicine .
Siddha System is a Dravidian version of Indian Medicine developed by ancient Tamil sages known as Siddhars.

The treatment given normalises abnormal renal and liver functions obsvered in some of the patients with this condition.
Victims of this disease suffer either from the complications of the disease or drugs used to treat.
In February 24 and 25 ,2001 FSM organised a National conference at Tirunelveli on Siddha Medicine For All Ages . Thas for the research monograph entitled "Introduction to the scientific basis of Anupana in Indian Medicaine".
He has published several research papers and participated in many National and International conferences in Medicine and Indian Medicine. Fundamental principles and treatment modalities of Siddha are more or less similar to Ayurveda.
In this conference 325 delegates from allover India participated and 135 Research papers were presented . Currently FSM is organising an International Conference on Siddha Medicine to be held in the year 2002 .
They are 'Hari Om Ashram Trust Gold Medals' awarded by Gujarat Ayurved University, Jam Nagar for the years 1978, 1979 and 1980(twice).He is a registered practitioner of Modern Medicine.
FSM is creating awareness among the public about the effectiveness of Siddha herbal drugs . He is also Siddha medicine practitioner enlisted by Government of Tamilnadu.As a person associated with teaching and research in a Post-Graduate Studies and Research Centre of a Government Siddha Medical College as well as from his traditional back-ground of hereditary practitioner he is able to treat a few conditions hither to thought to be beyond remedy. This may result in psoriatic arthritis resembling rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic nails, leading to deformity of the joints and nails. Combination of his Allopathic degree and traditional background helps in proper diagnosis and application of native treatment.

It has highlighted the effectiveness of herbal drugs in the prevention and treatment of Leptospirosis . Piththa Vedippu, Namattu chori, chenthil uthir noi , yannai chori , kalanja padai , varal thirambi etc. Before undergoing Siddha treatment from the author the patient was under allopathic treatment for about three months with out any relief After yellow corrosive gauze was used the ulcer began to heal.
The treatment is further individualised according to the body constitution and condition of the patient. With full allopathic treatment including insulin and higher antibiotics the ulcer did not heal for many months. President, Friends of Siddha Medicine, the topmost organisation in India to protect and promote Siddha Medicine2. With in a week the ulcer became clean and under aseptic condition it was closed with silk sutures.
Siddha Expert Member ,General Body National Institute of Siddha Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. Member Scientific Advisory Committee, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedha and Siddha, Ministry of Health and family welfare Govt. The patient was not aware that he had several worms eating his flesh.On examination the authorFurrows in maggot induced diabetic ulcerfound and removed 30 maggots from his big toe.

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