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A splenid combination of different Ayurveda techniques to cure the body ailments and diseases.
Follow the path advised by ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to a rebirth into healthy and pure life.
Along with removing excessive fat,it makes skin healthy and glowing, improves bloood circulation and lot more. Through the understanding of intricacies of human body from a five thousand year old knowledge and practice, Krishnendu has unique programs to relieve you of those old age pains through the Swanthanam treatment methodology.
Your attempt to being healthy in todaya€™s world is a dream seldom achieved with the pollution in the food we eat,the water we drink and food we consume. Share this page with your friends and family and spread the news around with the click of a button. Prohibited under British occupation and reappeared under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi, Ayurvedic medicine aims to maintain health, curing diseases and self-realization.
Diagnosis requires a visual and tactile observation of the body, taking the pulse by applying three fingers on the radial artery of the wrist and an investigation of the alimentary and behavioral practices of the patient. Used in combination with massages, enemas, a specific diet and meditation, the ayurvedic medicines are mixtures of minerals, vitamins, herbs, proteins and metals.
Among the pharmacopoeia of Ayurvedic plants, we will find the guggul gum, the turmeric, the fenugreek, the Boswellia or the Gymnema.
It seems that recent clinical studies have not demonstrated significant efficacy in relation to this practice.

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Ayurveda Treatment of Anal Fistula The patients of fistula are usually advised surgery for their problem. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This concept of holistic health supports the idea that if a single angam(body organ) is damaged, the effect ripples on to the whole body and not just that part. Different combinations of rejuvenation modules relieves you from the stress and strain of mind and body through Abhyangam, Shashtika Pinda Swedam, Sneha Dhara and lot of other techniques strictly following the guidelines of ayurveda texts.
It is an intelligent combination of Abhyangam(Therapeutic and focus Massages), different types of dhara,kizhi etc. Mukthi is designed to help you achieve freedom from all toxic and negative elements accumulated in our body through administration of internal medicines, Herbal bath and Panchakarma- the five fold cleaning technique.
It involves different types of massages, Dhara,Pizhichil,Shashtika Pinda Swedam and other rejuvenation therapies which improve the blood circulation and tone up the weak muscles. Often less expensive than Western medicine it is used particularly by the poorest segments of the population.
They have demonstrated their effectiveness in the treatment of various ailments such as arthritis, high cholesterol, skin diseases, cough, immune system deficiencies, etc.
More damaging, traces of heavy metals and toxic herbs have been found in some preparations.

With the help of physical therapy and occupational therapy they can be brought back to normal life and in extreme cases the quality of life can be improved. It does not recognize the existence of the diseases but is intended to correct a disorder of the doshas, the three fundamental energies (or moods) whose balance ensures the health and defines personality. Also a lot of complications can occur due to surgery like urinary retention, bleeding, thrombosed hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, incontinence of stool, anal stenosis because of fibrosis, delayed wound healing.
Invariably patients come to a Ayurveda after many years of suffering and sometimes after going through multiple surgeries. In Ayurveda the medicines will first work to control the infection in the area thereby preventing attacks of the abscess formation.
When the process of redeposit is complete the opening closes down and the fistula is cured permanently.
This is a prolonged process and the time required varies from person to person, depending on the length and depth of the tract. I choose the best suited remedies for a particular patient by analyzing the case diligently.

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