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For those of us who suffer from the occasional stye, we know just how uncomfortable, irritating, and painful they can be. And since a stye can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, I have always been on the lookout for any type of home remedy to help ease the pain and make them go away faster. Fortunately, just as there are easy home remedies for getting rid of canker sores, there are quite a few simple ways to quickly (and cheaply) get rid of painful styes. A stye is an uncomfortable, irritated bacterial infection that can occur on the lids surrounding the eye. These pimple-like bumps can extremely painful, and can sometimes cause burning, swelling, or sensitivity to light.
It might sound (and look) bizarre, but putting tomatoes on your styes can do wonders for easing pain and irritation. Placing a bag of green tea on your stye is great for fighting bacteria and bringing down swelling. They recommend grating a potato into a cheesecloth, and placing it on the stye for five to 10 minutes. While makeup can be expensive, you never want to risk using makeup that may be contaminated. While turmeric is usually used as a cooking spice, it can also help to clear up styes quickly.
Keeping your eyes clean and bacteria-free is not always easy, particularly with soaps that burn or sting. Similar to makeup, you don’t want anything near your eye that may become contaminated. According to Healthline, “If you wear contact lenses, stick with glasses until your stye heals. And forming right on the lid of the eye, they really couldn’t occur in a worse location.
I will definitely be trying each of these out — I’m so glad that I won’t be at the mercy of irritating styes anymore!
There are actually quite a few steps you can take right at home to ease stye pain and make them go away faster. Choose a tear-free baby shampoo, mix it with a bit of warm water, and gently wipe off your eyelids using a cotton swab or clean washcloth.

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