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The symptoms of viral meningitis are similar to those for bacterial meningitis, which can be fatal. A deadly digestive disease that peaks in the spring is infecting more and more people and is potentially fatal. If you are in a hospital or other healthcare facility, wash your hands often to avoid letting the bacteria enter your body. Overview If you have bacterial gastroenteritis, bacteria have caused an infection in your gut.
The most common and worrisome cause of this is an infection within the cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid enclosed by the meninges) from a virus or bacteria.
In newborns and infants, the classic symptoms (fever, headache, and neck stiffness) may be absent or difficult to notice. Now, as a result of the protection offered by current childhood vaccines, bacterial meningitis is more commonly diagnosed among pre-teens and young adults. As a result, college students living in dormitories, military personnel and children in childcare facilities are at an increased risk. Dairy farmers, ranchers, and other people who work with domestic animals are at an increased risk of contracting listeriosis.
Enteroviruses can also be spread through respiratory secretions (saliva, sputum, or nasal mucus) of an infected person. If meningitis is suspected, samples of blood or cerebrospinal fluid are collected using a simple lumbar puncture, and sent to the laboratory for testing. Growing the bacteria in the laboratory is important for confirming the presence of bacteria and for identifying the specific type of bacteria that is causing the infection. Antibiotics do not help viral infections, so they are not useful in the treatment of viral meningitis.
Our own medical system has encouraged this epidemic … but you can reverse the risk with a few simple precautions.
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This usually results in your stomach and intestines becoming inflamed, and youll probably experience unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea.
The symptom varies with the extent and intensity, how fast it grows on the body and how far is resistant to antibiotics. Even a normal course of penicillin is enough to control the growth of this bacterial infection, but many people are taking over dose of antibiotics and become resistant to certain antibiotics.

Whenever you have some cuts or wounds on the skin, wash it with soapy water and keep them clean and dry. Instead the infant may appear to be slow or inactive, irritable, vomiting or feeding poorly.
Sometimes the bacteria that cause meningitis have spread to other people who have had close or prolonged contact with a patient with meningitis caused by N. Other viruses, such as mumps and varicella-zoster virus, may also be spread through direct or indirect contact with saliva, sputum, or mucus of an infected person.
It is important to know the specific cause of meningitis because the severity of illness and the treatment will differ depending on the cause. If bacterial meningitis is suspected, initial treatment with ceftriaxone and vancomycin is recommended. The length of treatment depends on the status of the immune system and the type of fungus that caused the infection. The infection is possible when you have small cut or wound in the foot or other body parts. Do not share towels and soaps with others since you can get infected easily by sharing them. Bacterial meningitis can be fulminant, meaning, the infection can escalate within a few hours to rapidly become life threatening. In young children, doctors also look at the child’s reflexes, which can also be a sign of meningitis. Contact with an infected person may increase your chance of becoming infected with the virus that made them sick; however you will have a small chance of developing meningitis as a complication of the illness. People with certain medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, or HIV are at higher risk of fungal meningitis.
In the case of bacterial meningitis, for example, antibiotics can help prevent severe illness and reduce the spread of infection from person to person. Appropriate antibiotic treatment of the most common types of bacterial meningitis should reduce the risk of dying from meningitis to below 15%, although the risk is higher among the elderly. A hospital stay may be necessary in more severe cases or for people with weak immune systems. For people with immune systems that do not function well because of other conditions, like AIDS, diabetes, or cancer, longer treatment is needed.
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Swelling, red scaly patches on the skin and redness are some of the signs of staph infection. You may also get fungal meningitis after taking medications that suppress your immune system. It’s a troublesome bacteria that causes digestive pain, diarrhea, dehydration and possibly death, and is tough to eradicate. There are chronic forms of meningeal infection that are not as immediately dangerous but that still require evaluation and treatment.
Examples of these medications include steroids (such as prednisone), medications given after organ transplantation, or anti-TNF medications, which are sometimes given for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune conditions.
A study at the University of Austin shows that more than 2 million people have developed this infection during the past 15 years.
Much of the epidemic is linked to mainstream medicine and passing out antibiotics as soon as anyone sneezes or thinks they’re developing a cold or flu – even though these are viral illnesses that can’t even be treated with antibiotics, they’re only effective against bacteria.
Those who are elderly or very young are more vulnerable to the effects of gastroenteritis and may occasionally experience serious complications. This fondness for antibiotics has wiped out much of the friendly bacteria in our guts and allowed the bad guys like C. Outbreaks of bacterial gastroenteritis tend to occur in association with restaurants or at social events where the same food is served to many people. Fecal transplants, where you take fecal matter from a healthy person and transplant it into someone with C. If food is undercooked, stored at room temperature for too long, or insufficiently reheated, bacteria in it will survive and may even multiply more quickly. And these toxins carry on after the reheating process even when the bacteria themselves do not.
Likewise, if a baby of less than three months experiences either diarrhea or vomiting, you should call your doctor.

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