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Pink eye (commonly known as red eye in Singapore), medically termed as conjunctivitis, refers to an inflammation of the conjunctiva - the mucous membrane that covers the whites (sclera) of the eye and the underside of the eyelids. This tissue is vulnerable to infection by bacteria and viruses just as our ears and throats may be infected.When infected, the blood vessels in the conjunctiva becomes inflamed also. That is why your eyes appear reddish or pink because the blood vessels become more visible.Conjunctivitis is a very common type of eye infection. This includes those related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).This type of pink eye often develops quickly and can be recognized by yellow to green discharge that contains pus and sticky. Children And Bacterial ConjunctivitisThis type of pink eye is especially common in children probably due to the less than adequate hand-washing and other hygienic practices. Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually not serious and will go away within 10 days even without treatment.If you are diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis, your doctor will typically give you topical antibiotic eye drops or eye ointments.
These eye drops can be useful as it can reduce the time it takes to full recovery.Hot compress (very warm water on washcloth) will be helpful also specifically if your eyelids are sticking together in the morning. These diseases are both bacterial in nature and can infect the newborna€™s eye if the treatment of the mother isn't complete prior to giving birth.In such cases, antibiotic ointment is administered to the infantsa€™ eyes just after birth to negate any bacteria that may have passed to the newborn. Viral ConjunctivitisViral conjunctivitis is the leading cause of conjunctivitis among adults and is associated with upper respiratory infections such as flu, measles or the common cold. Viral conjunctivitis looks a little different from the bacterial type as the discharge from eyes is usually more watery and less sticky.The infected eye also looks more pink than red and your vision is usually normal or close to normal.
Papillary conjunctivitis is more commonly caused by the constant presence of a soft contact lens. Is it true that if you have a chest or head cold, and the mucus turns yellow or green, this is a sign of a bacterial infection and requires antibiotics?
Surely in this age of resistant bugs, it is better to let mild infections run their natural course even if they are bacterial? Hannah -   In which case, can the colour of your snot signify whether you have a bacterial infection? Information presented on this website is the opinion of the individual contributors and does not reflect the general views of the administrators, editors, moderators, sponsors, Cambridge University or the public at large. A productive cough is a cough where mucus is produced and is either coughed up into mouth or can be heard in the airways.
The respiratory passages are lined with a mucus-producing lining known as the respiratory mucosa or epithelium. Tiny hair-like projections known as cilia push these small amounts of mucus towards the throat. Excessive mucus in the respiratory tracts are mainly a consequence of inflammation of the respiratory  lining.
As with the small amounts of mucus produced normally, this excessive mucus can pass out through the nose, mouth or be swallowed.
With certain conditions where there is ongoing inflammation of the respiratory tract, these receptors are constantly triggered. The most common causes of a productive cough are infections, particularly viral infections that last for just a short period of time. There may be various other symptoms such as fever, malaise (generalized feeling of being unwell), sore throat, headache, changes in appetite and weight loss which are also present. Ask a Doctor Online Now!A productive cough needs to be assessed in conjunction with all other signs and symptom as well a patient’s medical history to reach a differential diagnosis. Sputum cytology where the specimen is examined under a microscope and cells and microbes within it are identified. Sputum culture where microbes are grown on specific media for conclusive identification and testing of drug sensitivity.
Yellow to light brown mucus is more likely to be due to an acute bacterial infection of the airways or lung.
Green sputum is an indication of a long standing infection (chronic) like some cases of pneumonia, chronic bronchitis with acute infections and lung abscess. Dark brown to black mucus is usually this color due to the presence of certain dusts like coal or blood that has degraded. Pink, red or rusty colored mucus is most likely an indication of blood in the mucus but some microbes like pneumococci can cause a rusty red color even without the presence of blood. Antiviral drugs for viral infections although most are self limiting and resolve on its own without treatment. Bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids for chronic inflammatory diseases of the airways and asthma. Antitussives to depress the cough reflex and protussives to stimulate a cough in conditions like cystic fibrosis. Expectorants to help make the mucus less thick thereby assisting with its expulsion from the respiratory tract with coughing. Ask a Doctor Online Now!Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis. It's that time of year when colds and flu are prevalent and everyone is hacking and sneezing, bemoaning their stuffed up and runny noses.
When you're sick your body produces more mucus to fight off potential infection, and often the consistency changes in response to viral or bacterial invaders.

Mucus also helps in the digestive system, where it protects our digestive tract tissues from being scratched or abraded by food, and helps move food smoothly along. Mucus is also helpful for reproductive purposes, keeping sensitive reproductive tissues moist and preventing damage from friction during reproduction. Oysters- (and all sorts of clams and mussels) use mucus on their gills to help remove detritus, to move plankton to their mouth, and to remove pseudofeces. Frogs and Salamanders-have a mucus coating that keeps them moist and helps them with oxygen diffusion across their skin. Moon snails- (a type of aquatic snail) make a mucous mixture that is extruded with their eggs, which then is released in a wavy looking collar.
Earthworms and other worms-are often covered in mucus that helps them move through the soil, and also helps with oxygen diffusion.
Corals-Corals of all types secrete a layer of mucus around each tiny animal that makes up the coral. African lung fish- This fish, with lungs and gills, aestivates (the reverse of hibernation, but during hot weather) in a slime cocoon.
Australian water-holding frog-burrows deep into mud, makes a slime cocoon filled with water, and then can aestivate (hiding out from hot weather and drought) for years! These are just a few examples of the many animals that use mucus, or slime, to help them move, protect their tissues, for digestion, cleaning, and for their immune system. Even if you don't appreciate all the mucus when you have a cold, your world wold be very dry without it, and you'd also be much sicker all the time. I am currently the Education Program Coordinator at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. My name is Karen McDonald and I am a naturalist and outdoor educator, in the field and classroom for over 15 years.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How rid sunburn blisters top 10 home remedies, Here are the top 10 ways to get rid of sunburn blisters. How rid sunburn blisters: treatment , These harmful rays penetrate deep bottom skin layers damage production skin cells. They just like to touch their eyes so much.Infants can also be affected by this form of conjunctivitis due to an incompletely opened tear duct.
And yes, you will feel pain.In this case, antibiotics will not be effective but applying a warm washcloth to the eyes several times a day can relieve symptoms. This conjunctivitis causes itchiness, heavy discharge, excessive tearing and red bumps (called papillae) forming underside of the eyelid.
The mucus serves to keep the nose from drying out and to trap contaminants before they reach the lungs. This can be in the upper passages like the nose and throat or the lower passages like the trachea (windpipe), bronchi, bronchioles or lungs. Mucus is produced constantly to keep the linings moist since the moving air can quickly dry it out.
Here it is swallowed and travels down the esophagus (gullet) and passes down into the stomach.
However, it often lingers in the passages where it causes significant discomfort, affects the movement of air in and out of the lungs and irritates the lining thereby causing coughing.
Tiny pulmonary irritant receptors, commonly known as cough receptors, react to any irritant – either mechanical or chemical.
However, allergies, cancer and other diseases that causes excessive mucus in the respiratory tract may also be responsible. Specific tests for the suspected caused may then be conducted to confirm or exclude the disease.
It may be seen with chronic infections including tuberculosis (TB), coal worker’s pneumoconiosis (CWP), lung cancer and pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung). Pink to red mucus should always be taken serious as it is seen with the more severe causes like serious and life threatening infections or lung cancer. These secretions consist of water, epithelial (surface membrane) cells, polysaccharides (simple sugars), inorganic salts, and dead white blood cells. It's a myth that green or yellow snot means you have an infection (though the two sometimes occur together). It's what keeps your body from drying out and keeps thing moving, like the oil in an engine.
If too much is produced, and it can't clear out of the narrow passage-ways of your sinuses then you can get back-up, sinus pressure, and sometimes sinus infections. If you have a sinus infection you can distribute the infection into farther parts of your sinuses by the passage of the salt water. In pregnant women there is a mucus plug that protects the cervical opening and uterus from bacteria.
It is one of nature's most important organic materials that helps the natural world move around and stay moist. I have also been a curriculum developer for the Smithsonian Science Education Center and a contract curriculum writer for the Discovery Channel.

At that time when you were talking with great confidence suddenly some Mucus clogged in the path of your throat and obviously there was problem in talking. This means that mucus is either coughed up or can be heard in the airway and lungs when coughing. This is in contrast to a non-productive cough where no mucus is present and is therefore referred to as a dry cough or sometimes even a barking cough. Phlegm is the broader term that is used to refer to respiratory mucus in the airways or coughed up into mouth. We never know that this process is occurring because of the very small amounts of mucus involved. It can be seen with asthma, infections, may be pulmonary edema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Yes, it's gross and one of those things people don't talk about, but everyone deals with it. This one, from Michigan Technological University is focused on making polymers (the reaction that happens when you add borax to glue), or when you make slime with cornstarch. Thus, your presenting behavior is long gone after you were choking because of the dreadful mucus. It may also clear up quickly as a result of the treatments already being used for systemic viral condition. A wet cough is a common occurrence in life, often following a cold or the flu, but usually clears up within a few days or one to two weeks at most. Sputum specifically refers to the mucus that is coughed up into the mouth and can be passed out of the mouth by spitting. Most of time this mucus production is a result of inflammation of the respiratory passages and often due to an infection.
It is also the lubricant that keeps the natural world from seizing and the animals sliding and gliding. The color comes from a compiling of a type of white blood cells, called neutrophils, which are helping your immune system fight off possible infection. It traps and removes potentially harmful invaders ranging from dust and dirt to viruses or bacteria. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the diseases that may be linked to a wet cough as some of these conditions can be very serious.
When the cough receptors are triggered, impulses are sent to the medulla of the brain and initiates the process of coughing. An average human adult can produce up to 100 billion of these little immune helpers in bone marrow every day. They are also stored in the bone marrow ready to be called up like the body's National Guard of immune response. You can have greenish-yellow mucus if you have a bacterial or viral infection, or sometimes no color at all even if you do have an infection (It's best to check with a doctor regardless).
Whenever you are facing fever, cold, viral fu or other cold related diseases, after passing some days you will notice that you are having mucus in your throat. In case of bad conditioned cold or other serious cold related diseases you will notice that you mucus is very heavy in texture and will be in yellowish green color. If the mucus or phlegm condition increases you will notice that the condition of your throat is getting deteriorating and you need to see the doctor as soon as possible.So much of all the talking’s. People use many more techniques to get rid of problem either they follow their own remedies or they follow the prescribed words of the doctors. This should be tried out first because people sometimes find it difficult to cough out the mucus and if the mucus or phlegm is too thick then it becomes stubborn to come out of the throat or nostrils.
Steaming makes it easy for a person to loosen up the mucus and easily can cough it out.Boil 1 liter of water which is supposedly 1 big mug and boil it till the water boils very coarsely and then add with it some menthol. Of course you need to cover your head with a big towel so as that the steam doesn’t fade away easily. Now, take a deep shaped metal table spoon then pour in it some mustard oil and half of a medium sized lemon. It is a natural ingredient which is used for many more skin related or cold related troubles.
Take equal amount of honey and lemon in a bowl and then from that mixture take 2 tsp of the honey mixture.
Herbal tea will pacify your irritation of the throat and it will help to loosen up the mucus.
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