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It's great for handling minor symptoms before a cold fully kicks in and your stuck in bed.Congestion ReliefCongestion relief for the lungs and throat. I use Aleve or Advil for other pains.Cough SuppressionI always use this product for when I have a cough to deal with. I didn't like the taste, but paired with hot cider I could take it and it helped to soothe my throat and lessen my cold symptoms and it was so easy to take compared to liquid meds that make you gag or pills that are hard to swallow.Congestion ReliefThe steam from the hot drink helped some.
Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges are convenient and they can be taken by anyone age six or older. Thus I always use Tylenol Sore Throat whenever I feel a cold may be oncoming to prevent myself from coughing as much as possible. I often use Chloraseptic sore throat spray when I need a sudden jolt of relief, due to stubborn, nagging sore throat pain.
Besides curl up and try to stay warm, most of us at least turn to over the counter medicines to relieve some of the symptoms and among them, a product that has made a name for itself as a reliever of flu symptoms is Theraflu.
And one of its many good options is Theraflu Flu and Sore Throat Natural Apple Cinnamon.Theraflu Flu and Sore Throat Natural Apple Cinnamon is a multi- symptom relief product that helps relieve pain, sore throats, congestion, runny nose, and just about anything else associated with the flu. They have a nice flavor and they help to coat and soothe pain in the throat and in the mouth.
The product emphasizes its use as a sore throat medication and, along with the other symptoms it relieves, it makes it a useful product for colds and other illnesses.
Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges are good for treating a mild case of sore throat pain, but they are only so- so when the pain is really bad. When I have a sore throat even though this does taste bad, I know it is one of the medicines that I can take that will help it feel better within a couple of days.
Theraflu Flu and Sore Throat Natural Apple Cinnamon has an interesting taste and, combined with the hot water used to mix a serving, has a nice effect on the healing process. Probably the most undesirable feature, however, is the fact that the lozenges are good for only two hours of relief.
Assuming your condition hasn’t reached the point where you cannot taste anything, the pleasant flavor and warm liquid are very soothing on your tired, sick body. Depending on the ability of your body to finally heal itself, you may be popping a half- dozen or more of these lozenges just to get through the day. It goes down really thick and kind of slowly so that it coats your throat, I think that this is what helps to kill the pain because the Tylenol that is in it starts to absorb in that area and make it feel better almost instantly. Taste and warmth are nice extras, but what really makes the difference with this or any other medicine is the ability to help control the symptoms and Theraflu works very well in this area.
It doesn't really help me with anything other than a sore throat, it never helps me with congestion or any other problems that I have, but it does do a very good job at making my throat feel better relatively quickly.

It helps with the cough that I usually get with a sore throat which I think makes my throat feel better faster because I am not coughing all of the time irritating it a lot more.
I received some relief and I was able to eat and drink without having too much discomfort swallowing.
I eventually did get a cold later down the road and I tried taking these lozenges, but they had very little affect on my sore throat. I had never tried a cold medicine that was not in a pill form, so I wasn't sure how this would work. The only use I found for these lozenges is to use during and after long singing, speaking, and screaming engagements. It didn't totally knock me out like the NyQuil type medications, but it did definately make me sleepy.
I feel like these Chlorseptic Throat Lozenges are far more effective and useful then the regular Chloraseptic Spray. It is amazing at numbing severe sore throat pain and has better lasting power then the regular throat spray.
I feel like these throat lozenges work for almost two hours as the spray feels like it barely lasts for thirty minutes.They completely take away that gross dry hoarse dry heaving feeling in my throat.
The only downside is that these still have the terrible cherry taste that the throat spray has, but I can bear the flavor because the relief these give sore throats is short of a miracle.
They also have a warming lemon honey flavor, and a mint flavor as well if you can't bear the cherry flavor.I would use these over any cough drop any day!
The type I buy is for: Sore throat, body ache, headache, nasal congestion, fever, runny nose. I don't feel myself having to cough a lot when I use these, and my keep my throat numb for hours on end. I am very picky so this is about the only one I will buy when I need something so I keep it on hand just in case.
At that time, I was not able to eat at all, but I felt that I needed some medication to make me feel better.
I asked my friend to get a cold medicine for me and then she brought me Theraful Natural Apple Cinnamon.
Within two doses, the vice like congestion in my chest loosened, and I was able to finally sleep throughout the night without being awakened by a coughing fit.
By helping you to rest better, this medicine gives you a better overall feeling of health.Chest Congestion ReliefAgain, the utter horrible taste was worth it. Within seconds of putting in your mouth, the lozenge goes to work to help relieve a sore throat.
However, it does not last very long and you may have to take numerous lozenges to find relief.

Helpful with strep throat or allergies, when throat may be extremely uncomfortable or painful.Cough SuppressionDefinitely helps with cough suppression. It has an okay cherry scent and it doesn't taste terrible like other cough and throat medicines.It totally gets rid of any sinus congestion I have. So I had sent my husband to the store, to go buy me another antiseptic medicine for my throat. Imagine my disappointment when I saw my husband come back with the Chloraseptic sore throat lozenges. It also helps with chest congestion, and takes away any tightness or pressure that I have in my chest. It helps me sleep all throughout the night.Chest Congestion ReliefIt definitely helps a lot with my chest congestion and fast too.
I had tried the cherry flavor Chloraseptic spray and I did not like the after taste it gave me.
It makes it easier to breathe, and gets rid of that tightness in my chest that I have when I'm sick.
If you need something for muscle or back relief I wouldn't recommend this.Cough SuppressionThis is very fast acting when it comes to cough suppression. Drugs such as Advil, help a minimal amount, and NyQuil is awesome, but it impairs my ability to function.
Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges are a good compromise between the two.Having been disappointed by Chloraseptic sore throat spray, I decided to give the company another chance.
I had a bad cold this past week and I seen this Tylenol cold sore throat medicine and it worked. Imagine the throat numbing effects of the spray, combined with effects that last three times longer.My main problem with the spray was the fact it only lasted twenty or thirty minutes. Since you can only use either product every two hours, the lozenges only leave you in pain for thirty minutes before you can take the next dose. Not only do they work while you are dissolving them in your mouth, but they work for a great deal of time afterwards. Chloraspetic lozenges will knock out all but the worst of sore throats.Cough SuppressionMild to moderate coughs can be conquered by this product.
I tried this recently because as I type this, my throat would feel like someone poured battery acid down it if I hadn't just taken some of this.

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