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A lack of good legging hygiene can also throw off the balance of bacteria and lead to an overgrowth of infection-causing bacteria.
Pulling on a pair of leggings without first moisturizing can lead to quite the itchy situation. We will use your email address to send you the newsletter each week, and we may also send you occasional special offers from Reader's Digest. Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane.
When wearing leggings or other tight clothing, you have to worry about the friction this causes on your skin, explains Joshua Zeichner, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Other things that can contribute to BV include new sex partners or having multiple sex partners, douching, and a natural lack of lack of lactobacilli bacteria, according to the Mayo Clinic. But your favorite pair of leggings or yoga pants could contribute to these unexpected health issues. Chafing contributes to cracks on the outer layer of skin, a lack of hydration of the skin, and inflammation. False: jock itch, a fungal infection that occurs in sweaty, moist environments, can strike women too.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis—fishy vaginal odor, itching, and maybe unusual discharge—can be mistaken for yeast infection symptoms, so it’s a good idea to see a doctor before you self treat. If you notice vaginal itching or white and curd-like discharge, you likely have a yeast infection (or, as noted, possibly BV or another infection).
Overly dry skin can cause dermatitis, a red and tender rash caused by damage to your protective skin layer. However, if you notice that the hair follicles look more infected, Mayo Clinic recommends consulting with a doctor and applying antibiotic cream or antifungal cream.
This infection presents as a red, scaly, and sometimes itchy rash on the skin or in the groin.
The key to preventing a yeast infection: Don’t walk around all day in your sweaty yoga pants! Moisturize daily, shower after working out, and change your leggings if they become too sweaty. To get rid of ringworm, Zeichner suggest an over-the-counter antifungal cream or seeing your doctor for a prescription if your case is more severe.

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