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Any vaginal discharge which is in excess and is accompanied by other symptoms like itching, spotting, inflammation can be an indication of a serious problem. Sometimes it is noticed that the endometrial cells during the time of menstruation are not completely expelled. If some woman faces the problem of late or irregular periods then there are chances of the endometrial cells to turn brown in color instead of red. The only symptom is the delay in the regular menstrual cycle and this also is not faced by all women. But not always brown discharge is related to the menstrual cycle and can actually be something serious which will require immediate examination of the doctor.
As a matter of fact, even the conditions like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can aggravate a brown vaginal discharge and also genital warts in some of the cases. If one of these reasons is responsible for brown Leucorrhea then this will be accompanied by some other symptoms like vomiting (Chlamydia), mouth lesions, burning sensation or vulvovaginitis, gonorrhea or pelvic pain, rash, appetite loss, infertility, etc.

Depending on the different conditions which vary drastically from one patient to another the doctor can determine the main reason of the problem and can suggest effective Leucorrhea treatment.The absence of any of the above mentioned symptoms is an indication that everything is normal. Leucorrhea or excessive white vaginal discharge can signify a medical indication which needs to be controlled by effective Leucorrhea Treatment.
They are left in the uterus and these are expelled after sometime or with the flow of the next monthly period.
This is due to the delay caused in the discharge of the endometrial cells and thus there occurs the change in color. This problem subsides on its own after some time by following a healthy lifestyle and taking proper diet. Only a well qualified medical practitioner will be able to determine the underlying problem and can recommend Leucorrhea treatment.
Even the women facing this deadly disease experience the problem of brown vaginal discharge.

Sometimes you will notice that the color of the vaginal discharge is not white and is brown in color. In most of the cases this is the reason of brown vaginal discharge and this is perfectly normal. Eating nutritious foods, minerals, vitamins and taking adequate rest can prove to be very beneficial in normalizing the menstrual cycle and getting rid of brown Leucorrhea. It is to be noted that any other health related issue will be accompanied by some other symptoms also. It is important to differentiate normal discharge from the dangerous one which can be due to some disease.

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