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Are you one of the many women who suffered from fishy vaginal odor due to bacterial vaginosis (BV)? Do you want to get rid of bacterial vaginosis and its symptoms naturally without the ongoing use of drugs? Yogurt: Yogurt is full of good bacteria particularly Lactobacillusacidophilus that humans needs. Femanol: If all remedies fail, try taking Femanol, a popular herbal remedies taken orally to help get rid of vaginal odor and bacterial vaginosis. Women who think they have bacterial vaginosis, especially for the first time, should always consult a doctor.
Remember that while bacterial vaginosis is a mild infection, it can lead to more serious conditions such as increase a woman’s susceptibility to other STDs such as HIV, herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea as well as infections like pelvic inflammatory disease if left untreated. For women who are suffering from recurring BV, these home remedies for bacterial vaginosis just may be the help and cure you need. Medical researcher Elena Peterson reveals how she cure her own chronic bacterial vaginosis infections naturally and safely without any expensive or side-effect-laden prescription drugs.
When I first caught this infection, I was wondering why my groin smells so bad despite frequent washing and cleaning. I had BV several times years ago while I was married and haven’t had a problem with it for at least ten years.

I seem to get this odor around the time of my period, it is a white creamy substance and I really need to get rid of it!! Common vaginal infections are bacterial vaginosis (BV), vaginal yeast infections, and sexually transmitted infections STIs. With symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection listed above, do you have any of these conditions? Women suffering from BV should think about eating plain yogurt daily as a natural remedy for BV. A hot bath, with a tablespoon of salt and a few drops of cedar oil, is a great home remedy for bacterial vaginosis.
It contains many antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral herbs and vitamins (such as deodorized garlic, Beta glucans, neem bark extract, vitamin B, biotin, zinc and selenium) that helps eliminate vaginal odor by destroying the odor and BV causing bacteria, making Femanol a potent natural supplement. Alternatively, one can get more information from the Division of STD Prevention (DSTDP) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Include foods, such as yogurt, that have live cultures of a€?lactobacillus acidophilus.a€? Or, take an OTC product that has this. By increasing the amount of garlic they ingest, women can help re-balance vaginal bacteria. Alternatively, dipping a tampon or cotton plugs into plain yogurt and then inserting them into the vagina for a couple of hours helps too.

The cool teabag should be placed at the vaginal opening to provide relief to the vaginal itching. The cedar oil helps with itches while the salts helps to decrease the number of bad bacteria. The good bacteria in the plain yogurt helps fight the fugal infections and will help correct the imbalance. I do douche two times a month and i don’t itch or burn it is just the discharge and slight smell concern me but not in any kind of pain or itchiness. The strange thing is when I have sex with my longtime boyfriend, there is just the normal after sex smell but when I have sex with my new partner, the next day I’ll have a fishy smell which reminds me of BV. Also, a peeled garlic clove, wrapped in gauze and inserted into the vagina, can be used at a bacterial vaginosis treatment. For best results women should boil this paste in a cup of water, strain it, and then use it as a vaginal douche.

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