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Michigan State University Extension is now offering a summer term of the non-credit pre-recorded online course on greenhouse and horticultural lighting. Between April 20 and May 30 this year, the 17th International Vegetable Science and Technology Expo is held in Shouguang, China.
The use of hands-on course sessions in the greenhouses has proven to be a useful tool when teaching in plants and environment. Les Paysans de Rougeline�s Director, Gilles Bertrandias, proudly opened their 4 hectare eco-greenhouse on the 20th May in Lapouyade (Haute Gironde). Philips Lighting recently teamed up with Elmira�s Own Produce in Elmira, Ontario, Canada for the installation of Philips GreenPower LED interlighting. Nevada County residents don�t need to build a separate structure for their indoor medical marijuana grows.
Very little is known about data on energy use in organic greenhouse production, and there is little consistency in public and private organic horticulture regulations.
Agrotech Didam announces signing a new contract for a 5.5 hectare greenhouse in the Krasnodar region of Russia.
The Durtch have launched a pilot project on the cultivation, processing and distribution of greenhouse grown duckweed. Since March this year, CombiVliet has been sending out regular construction updates on its 4th greenhouse in the Netherlands. Australian firm Klau Geomatics is now producing PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) GNSS positioning systems for drones and light manned aerial mapping systems.
The Spring is almost here, and with the unfolding of unfolding of exotic flower petals (my favorite things to give & get!) comes a panoply of seasonal allergies.
Always use distilled or well-boiled water that is cooled to a very warm – but not hot- temperature. Always use proper fine sea salt made for neti pots– don’t do this with table salt please!!! At the worst part of allergy season (here in LA, its when the crazy-hot Santa Ana winds are blowing) I do the net pot twice a day and feel about 80% better minus pharmaceutical pills.

Adding Essential Oils (*** test all oils on your wrist for a day before doing this to be sure you have no bad reactions! And, of course, all of the natural cold remedies I’ve posted about (they are super-easy to keep on hand) help to strengthen the immune system, which makes a huge difference when the pollen count goes up!
And, as always, if you have more tips or tricks for conventional-drug-free allergy cures, please leave them below…!
Please Note Disclaimer: I am not a doctor of any sort, that all references to healing are anecdotal, no claims are made to diagnose, treat or cure diseases or anything of the like.
I’ve been using mangosteen for years and I can agree that it is surprisingly effective! I don’t do the neti pot as often as I should but I use saline nasal spray at least twice a day. A few weeks ago, when you first posted about 5 natural allergy remedies, I was currently in the South of China, suffering from very strong allergies.
It is the second course in the College of Knowledge Online series offered on the eXtension campus, the national Extension website. The company has posted a blog about five of its greenhouses in action, ranging from greenhouses that withstand fierce winter weather, to companies that use their greenhouses to sell their products. Danish students and teachers find inspiration and improved abilities in these living class rooms.Twelve students are standing in a circle in the middle of a greenhouse aisle. The greenhouse is for vine tomato production, and will run off biogas (from the Veolia rubbish dump).
More than half of these are floriculture companies but there are also vegetable, fruit and tree nurseries among them. With respect to energy use, organic greenhouse production faces challenges that are similar or worse than conventional production. Jeroen Zwinkels of Delphy discussed the principles of this Improvement Centre trial last week. The system provides accurate camera locations for mapping from UAVs, which reduces the need for surveyed ground control to produce accurate DTMs and orthophotos from photogrammetry.

Sneezing, sniffling, and low-grade fever… or full-fledged flu-like symptoms including total body aches, sore throat and inflamed sinuses can make the beauty of the season feel like a curse. I am always on the look-out for fresh ideas, and I’m sure we can all benefit from your wisdom!
At the beginning it was a bit shock for me to find out alternative ways of allergy treatment are helpful, but now I know they really are a great deal of help. It used to be in the winter only because of dryness (then I found out it helps prevent colds!) but now that allergy season is wreaking havoc (since March) I am still using it and find it helps at least clear some junk out, so if people are afraid of the neti pot, go buy some Ocean or Ayr saline nasal spray.
My boyfriend Parker (whom I think has contacted you via Facebook) sent me your post in an email (since I couldn’t read your blog while in China), while I was really dizzy through the streets of ShenZhen. Hay van Soest (advisor) and Sascha van den Hurk (entrepreneur) make up the foundation's management. Also, many changes in your place where you live or work can make living with allergies much easier.
I was afraid that, not speaking Mandarin, I wouldn’t be successful in getting any of the remedies. At Screen4Seasons they�ve noticed that there are advantages to removing the old cloth in the spring. But just around the next corner, I found a street fruit stand with plenty of mangosteens!!! Super-packed with antioxidants, mangosteen is a great way to get extra vitamin protection while shielding yourself from the elevated pollen counts.
From what I’ve read, the mangosteen is safe for kids (they need less than an adult) and the results are super-great, but again I’m not a doctor so the doctor is always the best place to start! I use it very sparingly, per my own doctor and holistic specialist recommendation, as if used incorrectly it can create more issues than it solves!

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