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You will likely see mucus coming from your cat's eyes and nose as a result of the upper respiratory infection.
It's also important that you get your cat to continue to drink while he is suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Cat flu is another name for an upper respiratory tract infection often caused by Feline Herpes Virus or Feline Calicivirus. There are multiple causes of a cough in cats, including upper respiratory infection, allergies, a hairball or a bacterial infection. Parents always want to protect their children from harm, whether physically from a cold, or emotionally.
If you or someone in your house is sick with a cold, chances are, your baby is going to catch it.
Along with touch, viruses can also be spread through the air when someone coughs or sneezes.
While an adult can catch two to five colds a year, babies, on the other hand, average between six and ten per year. The fall and winter months make people more suseptible to disease, and you may notice your baby gets more colds during these seasons. Since viruses can last on surfaces for a long time, it is best to use a disinfectant wipe or spray on the surfaces you and your family commonly touch. Your cat may even have many of the same symptoms you have when you have a cold, including runny eyes and nose, sneezing and loss of appetite. However, you can give your cat Afrin Children's Strength nose drops while he is battling an upper respiratory infection. Many pets prefer to drink running water, so adding a small electric water fountain might be a good idea if you notice he isn't drinking as much as he should.

We all know how awful having the common cold can be, and since there is no cure, we all know how unbearable it can be. Usually, you would have to be sitting or standing very close to someone in order to catch a cold this way. Most colds take time to develop, and you can actually spread a virus days before you show any symptoms. In families that have children in daycare or school, children can get up to twelve colds per year. You should also wash your hands before preparing and eating food, after using the bathroom and after changing your baby’s diaper.
Also, do not share food, cups or utensils with your baby or other members of your household.
You should also put petroleum jelly outside their nose to avoid irritation, and use a humidifier to keep the air from getting too dry. If you or someone in your house is sick, wash your hands thoroughly and avoid sharing utensils and cups with your child. In order to encourage your cat to continue eating while she is suffering from an upper respiratory infection, offer her especially smelly foods like canned tuna fish or salmon. Catching a cold does not only depend on the type of virus, but it also depends on the person.
This is because their immune system is not fully developed, therefore they are more vulnerable to catching a cold. If your child does get sick, rest assured it will not last forever, and make sure they have plenty of fluids and sleep. You can treat your cat's upper respiratory infection at home as long as the infection responds to home treatment within seven days, and as long as symptoms do not become worse.

You can also purchase ophthalmic ointment from your veterinarian to apply to her eyes if they become too inflamed.
Putting her regular canned food in the microwave for a few minutes may help to release some of its odor and make her more likely to eat. Not only will this get more fluids into his body, it will offer some extra nutrition while he is ill. Your age, gender and lifestyle also play a role on your body’s ability to fight off the virus.
As baby’s grow, they touch (and sometimes lick) everything, so it is very easy for them to catch a virus.
While this is okay for small bursts of time, it is not recommended to allow your child to sleep this way overnight. The cold symptoms you experience can be from the virus itself or from your body’s reaction to it. Unfortunately, there are not any medications available to cure the common cold, but you can keep them from becoming worse with plenty of sleep and fluids.
If her nose becomes dried and cracked during the cold, you can put a bit of petroleum jelly on the tip of it to ease the irritation.
Once your body realizes the virus should not be in your body, it releases substances that helps it fight off the virus, but also cause fever, aches and fatigue.

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