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Download the app, choose the SUPP SIMPLE recipes that you want to make for dinner for that night or really break out and plan dinner for a few nights. You save money~you eat real food~ you learn to actually cook food that doesn’t taste like a cardboard box and pretty soon you’re the biggest winner on the block.
All recipes are 6 ingredients or less, they require very little prep time and few pots and pans. The recipes serve 2 people so if you are cooking for yourself then you have lunch for tomorrow. This is the one snack that is so delicate, that would actually torn with fillings all inside out if you try handle it roughly – by roughly I was referring to an act of lifting it off the plate or wrapping box unskillfully.
It is a lot of work, and I don’t think anybody would attempt this, unless they are especially craving for this savory treat and live a long way from South East Asia. This dumplings are filled and steamed, with skin made from scratch – real work of art, I think. Remove the cooked sweet potatoes from the steamer and place them on kitchen counter and start mashing them together using whatever means necessary.
When it is all mashed up nicely without any nasty lump – this is important, no lumps! Combine the cooked dough back to the first batch and work on it slowly as the wet dough would be very hot. Add the starch to the mashed sweet potatoes and work through it till they resemble yellow dough.

Jun, you might want using a baking method for sweet potatoes as they are easier to be peeled off.
Supp is here to help you get out of the rut and to provide you with easy college dinner recipes for less money and time than you can pound a 1000 calorie burrito bomb!  Supp is an app to help you cook GREAT food, on a dime and in no time! Each week we send you some great recipes to look at, put them in your menu or you can search by category or ingredient. If only yellow colored sweet potatoes are available, it is totally fine. Steam the sweet potatoes in a steamer till soft. I am sure there are other more effective means of mashing the sweet potatoes, but this is the only way I have ever done it. When they are fully cooked and ready to be used, the dough will float to the surface of the boiling water. Adding the cooked dough into the uncooked dough will result in pliable skin that is easier to handle.
Using your thumb, fold a small part of the skin (about 1cm) inwards and press harder so the skin will stick together. The filling reminds me so much of Choi Pan but the skin of Chai Pao is definitely worth trying. I have been itching to make dumplings again soon but its really hard to pull my boyfriend away from his moms recipe.
The dumplings look so pretty and super delicious, I love the flavour of sweet potato and imagine it would add a lovely element to these… so good!!

Yours is even tastes better than my grandma’s Chai pao is a very famous snack for us indonesian chinese,especially for hokkianese who live in medan city.
The grocery list is the best part, you swipe things off your phone as you stroll the aisles of the store looking like a pro. When done right, the skin should be very thin and soft, with delicious and juicy vegetable fillings. There is something that I love about dried shrimp that probably not many people would get, especially those who are not from this region, but I love appetizers and snacks with dried shrimps in it.
Actually this is the first time I see sweet potato being used for the wrappers just like the angku kueh. My grandma’s recipe is almost the same as yours, the only difference is she boils the sweet potato instead of steam it. Sold in almost every Chinese market across town for very little money really made it not worthwhile doing it myself, but I really had fun.

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