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An infection occurs when a disease causing organism enters the body obtaining nourishment and reproducing and causing harm. This list by no means includes all infections, just a selection of the most common ones seen in cats. Abscess: Another common type of infection in cats is a bite wound abscess, usually caused by cats fighting. Urinary tract infections are a leading cause of litter tray problems (going to the toilet in inappropriate places). Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections, they can not treat viral infections however.
The majority of viral infections are treated by giving the cat supportive care while it fights off the infection.
The common strains of bacteria that are responsible for causing bacterial arthritis include staphylococcus, streptococcus, and haemophilus influenza. One of the bacterial arthritis symptoms is that a patient cannot move the affected limb. This is because the elasticity and mobility of the joint is affected due to the infection due to which the movement of the limb is restricted. The infected joint tends to pain severely and this pain intensifies if the patient moves around.
The affected joint tends to become swollen because there is an accumulation of fluid in the joint.

If there is an infection in the lungs, it leads to chest congestion and accumulation of fluids in the lungs. If you see any of these bacterial arthritis symptoms or all of them, you should not waste time and immediately consult a doctor.
But usually the symptoms your cat is displaying can give your veterinarian a clue as to possible causes.
Due to the nature of a cat's teeth, which are sharp, bacteria are injected under the skin, causing bacteria to form an abscess. In some cases, your veterinarian will perform a bacterial culture to determine the exact type of bacteria involved, and then prescribe the appropriate antibiotic to treat that particular strain. In this ailment, there is typically an inflammation of joints that is brought on due to a bacterial infection. This kind of arthritis can be caused by infection that spreads from other areas of the body, like from an open wound or after a surgical procedure. Fevers normally come up in most cases of infection as a fever is usually one of the body’s responses to an infection. This kind of accumulation of fluids can be seen in infections of other parts of the body, as well. This is because when there is an infection in the joint the blood tends to flow more towards that joint.

This is because like any other infection, bacterial arthritis can cause serious trouble if not treated on time. Un-desexed cats are especially prone to developing bite wound abscesses due to the fact they are more likely to roam and get involved in fights with other cats. Usually this kind of arthritis affects any single large joint in the body, like the hip or knee joint, but it can also affect more than one joints if the infection spreads fast. For instance, when there is an infection of the sinuses, large amounts of mucus accumulates in the sinuses. Other common causes of infection between cats and human include: ringworm, toxoplasmosis (which is extremely dangerous if a woman becomes infected during pregnancy) and cat scratch disease. Let us look at the bacterial arthritis symptoms in order to diagnose the disease quickly and take necessary medical treatment. This increased and faster blood flow in the joint causes the temperature of the joint to be slightly higher than the rest of the body.

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