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A sore throat, a dry throat, enlarged tonsils, coughing up yellow mucous, a stuffy nose, chronic congestion in your chest and sinuses: these are all symptoms of sinusitis, an infection caused by bacteria or a fungus.
Why is it when you go to a restaurant during the flu or hayfever season, you always end up next to that guy who wants to blow his nose like a goddarned trombone?
The best way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to avoid tobacco and cigarette smoke no matter what. I know from personal experience that cigarette smoke will damage the lining of your sinuses and cause swelling in your sinus membranes, the chief cause of acute or chronic sinusitis.
The most common way to get rid of a stuffy nose is to use an over-the-counter (OTC) decongestant combined with an anti-inflammatory analgesic (pain reliever) like Ibuprofen. Some people think that a decongestant is supposed to dry up all the fluid in your nose and make you better.
There are 2 kinds of sinusitis that require medical treatment: acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis (a sinus infection that lasts for more than 3 weeks) is often caused by a fungal infection, but not always.
Saline sinus irrigation (or saltwater nasal wash) is a perfectly natural home remedy for a stuffy nose. A moist heat compress applied to your face 3-5 times a day for 10 minutes each time may help relieve some of the symptoms of a stuffy nose. Eucalyptus Oil is commonly recommended to help alleviate a chest cold by expectorating with its effervescence.
Well, now more than ever before medical professionals tasked with helping patients manage their pain have been prescription happy in the worst way possible. As a result, addiction rates and overdose deaths around the nation have skyrocketed, decimating entire communities and leaving wakes of mourning families. There’s something you can do in your home and everyday life to help lessen the proliferation of dangerous prescription medications and that doesn’t just mean opiates.
We’re not saying it’s wrong to take prescription opiates when you’re in severe need, but what we are saying is there are other alternatives to opiates which may be more effective, and exceedingly less dangerous. If you have old prescriptions laying around from your surgery four months ago, get rid of them! The truth behind the hangover myth is that red wine can in fact leave you with more of a hangover than vodka. If you think you are drinking to get rid of stress or fall asleep easily you have thought wrong.
This entry was posted in Hangover Myths and tagged aspirin, beer before liquor, hair of the dog, Hangover Myths, ibuprofen, vodka, wine by Hangover Admin. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. Rather, call it a nose infection, a sinus infection, the sniffles, mucus; but whatever you choose to call it, a stuffy nose can be caused by any number of illnesses. Indeed, sinusitis is often the result of a secondary infection caused by a cold or the flu(influenza).
If you’re dealing with an allergy to pollen, a summer-long antihistamine regiment works fine. I’ve noticed that since the colder air moved in and all of the humidity went away, my sinuses are flaring up. Drugs like Oxymetazoline can cause damage to the lining of the sinuses and chronic sinus blockage if used for more than 3 days in succession. Bacteria are usually the cause of acute sinusitis, an infection that is often a secondary infection caused by the common cold or flu, which can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks.
Fungal infections and chronic sinusitis are both handled with corticosteroids, but instead of using an antibiotic, the doctor will usually prescribe an antifungal medication.
There are plenty of OTC saline nasal drops available at your local drug store, but you might also want to try just gargling with saltwater (saline). Moisture is always a good thing, and heat helps to dilate the blood vessels and capillaries in your sinuses, which helps your body fight infection. By the same token, if added to the water of a humidifier or rubbed on ones chest at night or boiled in water and inhaled, it can help to break up some of the mucous in your sinuses, allowing them to drain properly without the use of decongestant drugs.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in four American teenagers have abused prescription medications, and 44 people die every day as a direct result from prescription painkiller overdose.
Doctors are getting a lot of flack for prescribing a surplus of potent opiate pain medications, when they may not be necessary at all.
Not to mention, those same people who become addicted to a medication their doctors prescribe them turn to heroin to fuel their addiction once they run out of prescriptions.
By following simple safety precautions you can help keep your loved ones safe by responsibly managing your prescriptions and your medicine cabinet. Opiates aren’t the go-to drugs the medical field would have us believe; in fact, studies show combinations of ibuprofen and acetaminophen are more effective than their opiate counterparts.
Many curious teens have a way of finding their ways into unfamiliar bottles, much like the way infants put everything in their mouths!
Counties have safe prescription disposals available for use, because they understand the dire necessity of eliminating potentially addictive opiates from homes and communities and you should too! That may seem like a pain, but you may not realize if one or two pills go missing and you definitely don’t want to wait until five or six do. Preventing substance abuse and addiction really can be as simple as spreading what you know, and teaching your loved ones about the potential for abuse for prescription medications.

Aspirin increases acid in your hurting stomach and does absolutely nothing to get rid of the alcohol in your body. The truth behind this hangover myth though is that nothing about the chemistry of drinks interacting with each other makes you sick the next day. Drinking water the morning after definitely will help with your hangover the next day but it is actually much more important and helpful if you’re drinking water with your alcoholic beverages.
If the amount of alcohol in your blood is high the brain won’t ever go into REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, which is the actual relaxed state. The truth is if you just get some rest, drink some Gatorade, eat some healthy food, and relax you are going to be fine. If you enjoy the outdoors, be careful of ticks -- they can attach as you brush past grass and plants. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. When drainage of fluids is hampered by swollen sinus membranes, fungus and bacteria can grow more rapidly, causing a secondary infection, and an even stuffier nose. What a decongestant does is taper down the inflammation in your sinuses, allowing the fluid to drain out of your sinuses like it would naturally. If you’re dealing with an allergy to pet dander, it might be time to get rid of cats. Antibiotics and corticosteroid nasal sprays are the most common treatments for acute sinusitis.
Doctors have a medley of other options to prescribe patients, but heavily rely on opiates like Vicodin, Oxycodone, OxyContin, Oxymorphone, Opana, and Methadone. Also, stretching, and certain physical therapy exercises can help manage pain naturally, and may allow patients with mild to moderate pain skip opiates all together. That “save it for the winter” mentality could come back to bite you in the bum if your furry friends (which can be immediately deadly to them), or loved ones somehow get ahold of powerful medications. Some potent pain medications and other prescriptions establish physical dependency quickly. And you don’t have to stop there, continue the conversation about the disease of addiction as it relates to commonly found household items and illicit substances. How this came about is probably a story about someone whose reluctance to drink the harder stuff disappeared after drinking a few beers.
If you don’t drink water while drinking alcohol your body will use the water where it’s needed due to the alcohol dehydrating you and you won’t ever really get hydrated to the point of feeling better. All drinking more alcohol will do is delay the hangover; it won’t get rid of it all together. Ultimately, you sleep all night and often all day to beat your headache without giving your mind and body the actual rest you really needed and wanted. Don’t listen to the hype of the hangover myths, usually they are just quick, very unhealthy, thoughtless ways to put off a hangover or make it worse. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. What this article will attempt to do is teach you how to get rid of a stuffy nose (sinusitis) by presenting to you your options for treatment at home, medically, and naturally.
Putting excessive force into your nose blowing can tear at your sinuses and increase the pressure put on your sinus membranes, helping you to achieve the opposite of what blowing your nose is supposed to do, while helping everyone around you lose their appetites at the same time. Coupled with an NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug) like Ibuprofen, a stuffy nose caused by a cold or the flu can be alleviated. Allergy sufferers are often times the sufferers of chronic sinusitis if the sinuses are left untreated. Make sure to get a steam vaporizing humidifier to avoid dispersing fungal spores and mold into the air.
More recently, inhaled antibiotic nasal sprays are gaining popularity among physicians due to a perceived increased effectiveness during treatment, which may be something worth looking into.
The best way to get rid of acute or chronic sinusitis is to keep the lines of communication open with your physician or their nurse. Not only does this secure your immediate family, but it can also protect visiting friends and guests.
It’s not just opiates that are addictive, a number of people become physically and mentally dependent on depressants and stimulants including Xanax and Adderall. So here are the top hangover myths that you most likely have heard of to take care of your morning after blues. Aspirin actually increases the blood alcohol levels by about 25% if you take it before drinking. Ibuprofen is also not recommended as a hangover cure because it can cause damage to your liver when it’s mixed with copious amounts of alcoholic beverages. Tick BitesOnce a tick latches onto skin, it often moves to the warm, moist armpits and groin -- feeding on blood and passing on any disease it carries. Infected ticks usually don't spread the disease until they've been attached for at least 36 hours.
Untreated Lyme disease may spread to other parts of the body, including the muscles, joints, heart, and nervous system.

Black Widow Spiders: Venomous!Wood piles and tree stumps -- that's where venomous female black widows hide.
She is long-legged and glossy black, with a distinctive orange, red, or yellow "hourglass" shape on her underside. Black Widow Spider BitesBlack widow spider bites may cause stabbing pain in the bite area, but they can also be painless. Severe muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, seizure, and a rise in blood pressure may follow soon after. Brown Recluse Spiders Can Have a Nasty BiteHiding in attics and closets -- in Midwestern and Southern states -- that's where you'll find brown recluse spiders.
Brown Recluse Spider BitesWhen the brown recluse bites, it is often painless -- then skin may redden, turn white, blister, and becomes painful. If you have lice, you likely got it from sharing a hat, brush, or other item with a person who has lice. Head Lice RemediesTo kill lice and their eggs (called nits), use lotions, creams, or shampoos from the drug store or prescribed by your doctor which are designed specifically for lice. Wash clothing, bedding, and brushes in hot water and dry in a hot dryer of dry clean to prevent the spread of lice.
Flea BitesSome people are very sensitive to flea bites -- but scratching can cause a wound or infection. Bee, Wasp, Hornet, Yellow JacketWhen certain types of bees sting, they lose their stinger and die. But a wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket can inflict multiple stings because it does not lose the stinger. Bee, Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jacket StingsIf you don't have an allergic reaction, simply remove the stinger, clean the sting site, apply ice, take oral antihistamine for itching, and take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief. If you have a severe anaphylactic reaction, use an epinephrine auto-injector if you have one. During an attack, the fire ant latches onto the skin with its jaw, then stings from its abdomen. Specifically, chiggers are the juvenile (or larval) form of a family of mites called Trombiculidae. Chigger BitesAfter a few days of being attached to the skin, chiggers fall off -- leaving itchy red welts.
Scabies: Stealthy PestsWhen scabies mites get into the skin, they can cause a big skin problem. The mites spread through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person -- or by sharing towels, bed linens, and other objects.
Treating ScabiesIntense itching and skin sores don't appear until several weeks after mites get into skin. The rash typically is seen on the sides and webs of the fingers, the wrist, elbows, genitals, and buttock. Bedbugs: Hitching a RideTheir name tells the tale, as these tiny insects tend to hide in bedding. They are often found in hotels, shelters, and apartment complexes -- and can hitch a ride into your home aboard luggage, pets, and boxes. More of a nuisance than a health hazard, it is possible to develop an infection from scratching. If you have an allergic skin reaction, use creams with corticosteroids and take oral antihistamines -- and see your doctor.
Puss Caterpillar StingsWhen a puss caterpillar stings, you may get waves of intense pain, rash, fever, vomiting, and muscle cramps.
Remove the broken-off spines by using cellophane tape or a commercial facial peel -- and call your doctor. Symptoms of a sting include pain, swelling, itching, vomiting, increased sweating, and vision problems. Some types of deerflies spread Tularemia, an infectious bacterial disease that requires medical attention.
To protect yourself from mosquitoes, apply insect repellent and cover up when you go outdoors.
Houseflies: Dirty, Hairy!A housefly is a dirty insect -- carrying more than 1 million bacteria on its body. To control flies, keep food and garbage in closed containers and use window screens on your home. It helps to use pesticides (or an exterminator), keep a clean kitchen, and repair cracks and holes in floors and walls.

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