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Can you use ranitidine for bladder infection or urinary tract infections for a 10 year old girl? Urinary tract infections require immediate medical attention and  can only be treated with antibiotics. Ranitidine, which is used for treating pathological hypersecretory conditions, is to be used as prescribed by your doctor. MetronidazoleImportant: The information below refers to medicines available in the United States that contain metronidazole.
Disclaimer: The indications, uses and warnings for individual medications outside the USA are determined by local regulatory bodies in each country or region. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.
It works by blocking histamine H2 receptors that are found on the cells in the stomach lining.

There are some medicines that  can help with the pain, but they do no…t treat the infection.
This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. A natural body chemical called histamine normally binds to these receptors, causing the cells to produce stomach acid. Topical  hydrocortisone (0.5%-1%) can be put around the urethral opening to  stop inflammation. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on this page is accurate, up-to-date and complete, but no guarantee is made to that effect.
The ranitidine can prevent  inflammation, and as sometimes the inflammation causes UTIs, it can  help prevent UTIs in some people.
The information on this page is not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgment of healthcare practitioners.

The absence of a warning for a given drug or drug combination in no way should be construed to indicate that a drug or drug combination is safe, effective or appropriate for any given patient. Children may be advised not to  take ranitidine, and you should talk to a medical professional  first. The information contained herein is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, warnings, drug interactions, allergic reactions, or adverse effects.

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