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The way it works is very simple; near infra-red laser light is passed over and through your nail to kill the fungus, while there is no damage at all to any of your nails, or your skin.
While there is not much that needs to be done before you come in for your laser treatment, there are two things to keep in mind to maximize the potential of the procedure.
This initial exam will be charged to your insurance as would any office visit, and should you not have insurance or not wish to use it, the cost will be $100. If you are coming from a long distance and would like to have the procedure performed on the same day as your initial evaluation, please let the receptionist know so they can schedule accordingly.
Follow-up appointments are treated the same as any follow-up would be, is a charge of $50, and may be billed to your insurance.  Should you desire to have laser therapy again after your initial treatment, it will cost you $100. For more information regarding the laser we use here at Agoura Los Robles Podiatry Centers, please check out the Cutera Genesis-Plus at the website here. Wear slippers in public showers and changing rooms to avoid picking up toe fungus from public floors.. You might also like {{displayTitle}} READ It’s wintertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy—for our hair, skin, and nails, that is. A 20-minute long, boiling-hot shower might feel great on a cold day, but stick to warm or lukewarm water for 5 minutes or less. When heading into the great outdoors, dress for the weather with a hat, scarf, and gloves to avoid windburn and prolonged exposure to cold air. At the grocery store, fill up a cart with foods full of healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, nuts, olive oil, flax, sardines, and avocados. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water during winter, but there is actually no scientific proof that guzzling water can rehydrate scaly skin.Water, hydration, and health. While at the market, load up on vitamin C-rich produce, such as citrus fruit and dark, leafy greens. Sometimes a winter cold and the tissues that come with it can make the nose raw and chapped too. To prevent breakage or other damage, avoid blow-drying and brushing hair when wet because those locks are most delicate when waterlogged. Moisturize feet, especially the heels, every day with thick cream—lotions containing lactic acid are especially effective—and wear cotton socks to bed.
It’s bad enough to have freezing digits, but cracked and painful skin on the hands is the icing on the cake. Wearing rubber gloves while washing dishes can prevent hands from getting dried out due to excess contact with hot water too. Keeping a tube of lip balm in an easily accessible pocket is a good first step, but winter winds can take chapped lips to a whole new level. If spending all day with animal product freaks you out, apply some Crisco (aka vegetable shortening). Dry air saps the moisture right out of nails and leaves them delicate and susceptible to breaks and tears.
Tea tree oil is also a popular treatment for fungal and bacterial infections like dandruff or athlete’s foot.
The only thing worse than winter hat hair is fly-aways that won’t stay in a hat to begin with. The skin over high-pressure joints like elbows, knees, and heels is thicker to cushion the essential bones underneath. Combine a scoop of sugar, a few glugs of olive oil, and a drizzle of lemon juice to make a quick scrub.
If fingers and toes are still cold despite wooly socks and gloves, it’s time for a different strategy.
It’s unfortunate (but unavoidable) that the body’s most sensitive skin is always exposed to the elements. Some people, who do not have proper hygiene sense or have to work with water, sometimes suffer from fingernail fungus. Fenugreek itself has an anti fungal property and it can destroy any type of fungal infection. Tea tree oil also has antibacterial and antifungal property and regular application of tea tree oil cure the fingernail fungus very effectively. Henna is excellent natural product that cures fingernail fungus effectively within few days. If you decide laser treatment is right for you, the charge is $400 for up to five nails and $600 when all 10 are done. Each laser treatment usually gets the nails incrementally more healthy looking.  Regular re-treatment usually results in a better outcome.

When under treatment don't forget to shake some antifungal powder or spray into your shoes to avoid picking the fungus back up. These can be topical nail paints like Penlac, creams, or ointments like Tea Tree oil which can take up to a year to clear. Vitamin C can help boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that maintains skin and other connective tissues. Mix a few drops of olive or grape seed oil in bathwater and hop in, or apply a thin layer of oil to the body after showering (and maybe wear some old PJs to bed).
Slathering on lotion within three minutes of stepping out of the bath or shower is most effective for trapping in moisture. If strands are really parched, comb hair with a few drops of olive oil and a wide-tooth comb after showering.
To prevent hands from drying out, apply moisturizer after hand washing and at least several times throughout the day. To really rehab the skin on hands, use very thick hand cream right before bed and then slip on white cotton gloves—the enclosed space will help the moisturizer absorb into the skin. If lips are flaky, take a clean toothbrush and very gently exfoliate the skin to remove excess skin.
To treat them, apply olive oil or lotion containing lanolin to nails before bed and sleep with gloves on to help aid absorption. If you think this may be the case, rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar to clear out the gunk and then wash normally with shampoo.
Sporting sunnies on a sub-zero day might look weird, but the lenses can protect eyes from glare and wind. Brushes with natural bristles help redistribute oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair and also conduct less static than plastic brushes and combs. It’s great to have some extra padding, but ashy, scaly elbows are uncomfortable and unattractive. Protect sensitive skin by layering on thick face cream with a high SPF—the only thing worse than windburn is winter sunburn.
To encourage blood flow all the way to the hands and feet, keep the core toasty warm with plenty of layers. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Some people get nails so clear and clean after the initial treatment that re-treatment is unnecessary. Cold air outside and central heat indoors can strip moisture from strands and pores, making hair rough and skin itchy and dry.
As weird as it may sound, adding a few cups of whole milk to bathwater can moisturize skin. After coming indoors the blood vessels dilate quickly, causing a rush of blood (and bright-red color).
Apply a thin layer of moisturizing ointment or lotion to the sensitive area throughout the day. Everyone's hair is different—if washing once or twice a week is normal for you, consider adding some time between shampoos to take dry winter conditions into account. Scrub calluses with a pumice stone in the shower once per week to slough off rough, dead skin. Warmer feet means sweatier feet (ick), and moisturizers are most effective when applied to warm, damp skin. Slather on beeswax or a lip balm with lanolin (a natural oily wax extracted from sheep’s wool!) and keep reapplying throughout the day. For seriously dry lips, apply honey or Vaseline for 15 minutes and then remove with a cotton swab dipped in hot water. Step one in preventing dandruff is to take cooler, quicker showers to reduce the scalp’s exposure to drying hot water. Keep a bottle of non-medicated saline tears or eye drops on hand and use it to refresh eye moisture when needed.
Don’t skimp on conditioner, and simulate natural scalp oils by combing a bit of vitamin E oil through the hair before bed to replenish moisture. The key to keeping elbows (and other rough spots) soft is to exfoliate once or twice per week and moisturize every day. If red windburn patches don’t go away, apply a thin layer of one-percent hydrocortisone cream on irritated spots as needed. Avoid tight garments or jewelry at joints (hands, ankles, and wrists) that could constrict blood flow.

First things first: During winter, avoid any face products with alcohol, and switch to a milder face wash and a thicker moisturizer. The symptoms of fingernail fungus are spots appear on nails and gradually it spreads all over the nails.
But there are some excellent home remedies that can cure fingernail fungus effectively and permanently. Soak your nails in the vinegar for 10-15 minutes.Then remove it from the vinegar and wipe it dry. While the second Laser Treatment is included in this cost, not included, is a regular office visit fee of $45.
But endure cracked hands no more: Items hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboard could just be the answer. To bring the nose back to a normal hue, apply a warm—but not hot—compress to the skin for several minutes after coming indoors. And don’t skip the conditioner—skipping the ‘poo and opting for a quick rinse and conditioning treatment works just fine to keep hair clean and moisturized. On the down side, wearing super toasty wool footwear can raise the overall body temperature, sometimes making it difficult to stay asleep all night long. If hands are very dry, use cream instead of lotion because the former has a higher oil-to-water ratio.
Lanolin is a natural moisturizer that softens skin and reduces evaporation, keeping the skin hydrated. Run a bit of lotion through strands or run an unscented dryer sheet (really) over the hair before heading out the door. This medicated cream contains steroids that reduce inflammation and stop itching in its tracks. Studies have shown that rosemary and gingko biloba can naturally improve blood circulation too.Effect of Rosemarinus officinalis L. For a moisturizing face mask, take a look in the kitchen before heading down the beauty aisle: Bananas, avocado, egg yolk, and milk can all make great moisturizing face treatments.
We even expect that some patients will require one or two re-treatments a year to maintain healthy looking nails. During the winter, stick to cotton hats (which conduct much less static electricity than acrylic and wool). If the dryness situation is really dire, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the area before bed. We have priced re-treatments to a new affordable price of $100 a session for any number of nails plus the office visit and debridement fee.
Whole grains and aromatic veggies contain selenium, a compound that gives skin the elasticity to make silly faces. Both turmeric and neem has antifungal properties and they cure fingernail fungus effectively within few days.You can also apply the turmeric, neem and mustard oil mixture on your nails before cooking to get the same effect. Within a few days you will get the result.But tea tree oil should be applied on clean nails to get the maximum benefit.
Mustard oil has immunity property which helps to cure the fungal infection increasing the immunity power of the skin. Wash your nails with lavender oil mixed water again and again to get rid of fingernail fungal infections. To get a quick remedy from fingernail fungus you have to follow these tips sincerely according to the instruction.Apart from that follow a good diet which will make your body strong and will helps to heal quickly. Maintain hygiene and stay away from wet and humid products for the time being if you want a quick remedy. Cracked, flaky, irritated, or inflamed skin is normal during winter, though it’s not exactly fun. If red, scaly, itchy skin lingers or is causing serious discomfort, be sure to visit a doctor; it might be a more serious dermatological condition, such as dermatitis, eczema, or athlete’s foot. Of course the laser treatment for toenail fungus cost will vary depending on a lot of factors.

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