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Sewer smell is not only offensive, but it can also asphyxiate the people living in the house.
After an extended vacation, I noticed the odor of sewage coming from a bathtub drain in an upstairs bathroom.
Taking a bath can be a relaxing past time, but what happens when there is a bathtub drain odor? Placing a few small bowls of baking soda throughout the rooms that are affected reduces the odor.
Normally, water stays in the P-shaped trap that is a part of your The bathtub drain had been draining slowly and smelled sour. Weird Smells Around Your House and How to Get Rid of ThemIs something dying in your sink?Chances are that a lot of food is going to end up as partially disintegrated gunk in your sink or disposal over time. I searched the forums and no other thread regarding sewer gas smell in bathrooms fit In my bathroom, the smell comes from the sink !!!

The source of the odor Rising up from the bathtub drain, the spores infuse the bathtub, tiles and shower curtain with a musty mildew odor.
If the burnt smell is coming from the microwave, citrus fruit freshens both the appliance and the air.
A simple remedy to remove the odor from your sink just takes baking soda and boiling water.
It never did help and I'm This is the place to discuss plumbing problems and projects. One-half cup of whole cloves in a heavy saucepan with two cups of water does the trick as it is warmed on a low flame for 15 to 30 minutes. Some types of mold, such as those on rotten foods, have the typical foul odor of rotten eggs.
Other mold, like black mold, smells very musty, similar to a basement that is not properly aired.

If you have a disposal, toss some citrus peels in after the water to really freshen things up!Do bathroom smells linger?We all know that the bathroom air can be filled with odors all day long, and using commercial deoderizers and candles isn’t always desired. The only smell is strictly from the tub The odor I get is only when we take a bath and drain the tub. Then everyone will release a fresh scent each time they visit!Does your front-load washing machine smell moldy?That front-load washing machine sure is efficient and easy to load, but it definitely comes with its own special smells as you own it.
To keep the mold smells away, keep the door open after each wash to air it out, and wipe the interior rubber seal with bleach every few weeks to keep bacteria and mold at bay. She's a lifelong Californian who enjoys the outdoors with her preschool daughter, husband of 7 years, and their Bernese Mountain Dog.

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