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I’d like to point out that I am not claiming that all H pylori infections can be cured by the foods listed in this article. I’d also like to mention that parts of this article are excerpts taken straight from from my book, The H Pylori Diet.
As you may have read in some of our other articles, Triple Therapy antibiotics that are used in standard H pylori treatment are declining in their efficacy.
Whereas treatments used to yield 80-90% success rates, some studies published in the journal Helicobacter have revealed cure rates of only 50-70%.
In 2007, a group of researchers in Israel reported that cranberry juice may enhance the ability of antibiotics to clear H pylori from infected patients.
Sulphorafane is also contained in cabbage, turnips, Brussels sprouts, radish and several other foods.
Olive oil can be used as the base for salad dressings but I recommend against cooking with it too much because it is not very stable at high temperatures.
A recent study conducted by researchers from the Spanish Institute de la Grasa showed that chemicals called polyphenols contained within olive oil exhibited antibacterial activity against eight strains of H pylori. Although garlic has been shown to exhibit antimicrobial properties, its use against H pylori remains controversial.
A recent study showed that certain components in green tea have been shown to inhibit H pylori and H felis in vitro. In the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, Cheney conducted extensive research on the ability of cabbage juice to heal stomach ulcers.
The ingredient that is believed to be responsible for this healing effect is called vitamin U (it is called a vitamin, but is not actually considered a true vitamin by the scientific community). Despite its effectiveness, it may not be that cabbage juice actually kills H pylori bacteria but, instead, simply has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that allow the gastric mucosa to regenerate. If you read a study, or some information on the Internet, stating that a food inhibits H pylori this does not necessarily mean that the food is capable of eradicating it. An additional problem when reading studies is that many of them report the effects of foods in vitro.
A third problem is that although certain foods have been shown to inhibit or kill H pylori both in vitro and in vivo, we still do not know how much of each food needs to be eaten, how often it needs to be eaten, or for how long we need to eat it! The reason I wrote The H Pylori Diet was very simple: to give you an easy-to-follow programme, presented in a step-by step manner, to help you ensure that any H pylori treatment you take works more effectively. Perhaps even more important is the fact that many common foods actually cause the same or similar symptoms as H pylori in many people. For example, gluten, cow’s milk, soy, sugar and even the nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc) have the ability to cause an enormous amount of irritation to the lining of your stomach and intestines, so in the book, I teach you how to avoid these foods as well as how to replace them with tasty and convenient alternatives. You CAN fight H pylori foods but you have to be […]Helicobacter pylori treatment – how effective is standard triple therapy for H pylori (latest research) Have you ever wondered why your H pylori treatment might not have worked even though you followed it to the letter? My Hpylori recently came back and i tried getting rid of it with 2-3k of antibiotics and it failed. Helo, j have been on treatment against ulcers with different medications but no great improvement has been realised. Until you know what is causing your ulcers, you don’t know what to do in order to heal them. Would you please give me your opinion about Apple cider and Oregano for treatment of H-Pylori? But mastic gum, bismuth, garlic, berberine and Matula Herbal Formula are much more effective against H. Apple cider vinegar is typically used as a weaker version of betaine HCL capsules to support stomach acid levels and the break down of food in the stomach. However, if your stomach tissue is relatively healthy, 1-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar taken after 5-10 mouthfuls of food at mealtimes might actually improve your symptoms as it will help you digest food more effectively. When you take triple therapy treatment for H pylori, the proton pump inhibitor (PPI) shuts down acid production. My doctor recently diagnosed me with the bacteria and I am so scared I don’t know what to expect but after reading thi H pylori diet I now have an idea of what to eat and not to eat. Start Here: Grab my PDF on natural ways to fight H pylori, plus a treasure trove of recipes, lifestyle tips and webinars for a healthy gut.

The information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only and should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of a health care provider. Esta bacteria, causante de la gastritis, la ulcera peptica y el cancer de estomago, afecta a la mitad de la poblacion mundial. Un grupo multidisciplinar de expertos en la infeccion por Helicobacter pylori ha presentado la actualizacion de las recomendaciones para su tratamiento como conclusion de la IV Conferencia de Consenso Espanola sobre el Manejo de la Infeccion por esta bacteria. Extragastric manifestations of Helicobacter pylori infection: Possible role of bacterium in liver and pancreas diseases.
Se hace una revision de los resultados de investigaciones que han tratado el tema de la patogenicidad del Helicobacter pylori en otros organos digestivos y la posibilidad de que provoquen enfermedades como la pancreatitis y ciertas afecciones hepaticas. Colloidal bismuth subcitrate impedes proton entry into Helicobacter pylori and increases the efficacy of growth-dependent antibiotics. Debido a la resistencia a los antibioticos, el tratamiento de la infeccion por el Helicobacter pylori sigue siendo dificil. La reunion de consenso de Kyoto centro su atencion en la gastritis en toda su expresion clinica y de la misma derivo la propuesta de una nueva clasificacion, basada en la etiologia.
La infeccion por el Helicobacter pylori continua en el centro de las publicaciones que en la actualidad se presentan en las principales revistas de la especialidad.
Comparative effectiveness and tolerance of treatments for Helicobacter pylori: systematic review and network meta-analysis. Identification of Viable Helicobacter pylori in Drinking Water Supplies by Cultural and Molecular Techniques. The Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori Remains High in African American and Hispanic Veterans. Seven-Day Bismuth-based Quadruple Therapy as an Initial Treatment for Helicobacter pylori Infection in a High Metronidazole Resistant Area. La enfermedad esta causada por una bacteria que se trata actualmente con combinaciones de antibioticos. El descubrimiento de que la ulcera de estomago y muchas gastritis las causaba una bacteria Helicobacter pylori, no solo les consiguio un Nobel (y una infeccion) a sus autores, Barry J. El tratamiento convencional de la infeccion por Helicobacter pylori -un inhibidor de la bomba de protones y los antibioticos amoxicilina y claritromicina- ve mermada su eficacia por la resistencia a claritromicina, que aumenta en todo el mundo. Optimal initiation of Helicobacter pylori eradication in patients with peptic ulcer bleeding.
Los autores recomiendan iniciar lo mas pronto posible un esquema de erradicacion del Helicobacter pylori en todo paciente que sangra por ulcera peptica.
El Helicobacter pylori tiene una relacion causal con una serie de patologias gastricas que incluyen gastritis cronica, cancer gastrico, ulcera peptica y linfoma MALT. It appears as though the H pylori bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics and treatment effectiveness is very ‘hit and miss’.
Whilst I certainly believe that chemicals in these foods can have an antibiotic effect, I am not completely convinced that, on their own, they are powerful enough to eradicate the infection. Results from the trial involving 177 patients with H pylori infection, published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, suggested that drinking cranberry juice during and after a weeklong antibiotic course enhanced the eradication of the bacteria by about 10 per cent. Broccoli sprouts are known to contain the highest amount of sulforaphane, which has been studied and shown to inhibit H pylori growth in both mice and humans.
Consumption of these foods may assist in inhibiting H pylori growth, but I am do not think eating these foods is likely to result in complete H pylori eradication.
If you do want to add it to sauces, add it at the end of your meal preparation once the food has started to cool down. Juicing one half of a fresh clove of garlic with vegetable or fruit juice consumed with a meal, or even eaten raw on its own, may help to kill unwanted organisms in your digestive tract.
Some studies have failed to reveal beneficial effects on H pylori in people who have taken garlic in an attempt to clear the infection.
The green tea also helped to reduce the development of inflammation in the stomach of mice. He found that stomach ulcers and damaged stomach tissue responded very well to the administration of cabbage juice. In vitro means “outside the body” and studies conducted in this manner usually involve growing H pylori in cultures and then exposing them to a certain food or herb to see if that substance has any effect on the bacteria.

The Growth Inhibitory Effects of Cranberry Extract on Helicobacter pylori – In Vitro analysis.
Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori and associated urease by oregano and cranberry phytochemical synergies. Originally my problem started with heartburn and chest pain, Doctors are not very sure if H Pylori would cause that, Will Eradicating H pylori help and heart burn and chest pain? This can make heartburn worse because low stomach acid relaxes your lower esophageal sphincter and allows food to reflux into your oesophagus.
Please see the full dietary programme in The H Pylori Diet, which is the book I wrote to provide a full eating and lifestyle plan for people with H pylori.
None of the products offered herein are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Este nuevo consenso ha aumentado el nivel de exigencia sobre los tratamientos de erradicacion de Helicobacter pylori estableciendo un nuevo umbral minimo de curacion cercano al 90%.
Se considero que la gastritis por helicobacter pylori, por su causa infecciosa, requiere ser tratada, este o no el paciente sintomatico, ya que la misma puede evolucionar hacia condiciones mas serias como la ulcera peptica o el cancer gastrico. Ante esa situacion, se han propuesto otros esquemas terapeuticos, que mejoran las tasas de erradicacion del microorganismo resistente, y que se han abordado en el XXVIII Curso de Avances en Antibioterapia, coordinado por Laura Cardenoso, jefa del Servicio de Microbiologia del Hospital Universitario de La Princesa (Madrid).
De acuerdo al metodo empleado, la confirmacion de la infeccion muchas veces no se hace durante la hospitalizacion, por lo que los pacientes pierden la oportunidad de recibir la terapeutica.
Dentro de los metodos diagnosticos, la histologia tiene un papel importante ya que, ademas de confirmar la presencia del germen aporta informacion sobre el grado de inflamacion y la existencia o no de atrofia, metaplasia intestinal o cancer.
Sin embargo, el porcentaje de infectados que desarrolla enfermedad clinicamente significativa es bajo (20%) y requiere la convivencia con la bacteria durante decadas, asi como tambien susceptibilidad genetica del individuo y factores de virulencia de la bacteria.
Olive oil is a health promoting oil so, irrespective of whether it does kill H pylori in vivo, it is still good to consume it on a regular basis. Be careful with garlic because too much can certainly cause unwanted bad breath and body odour as well as having the potential to irritate your digestive lining.
Even if the food or herb inhibits or kills the bacteria in vitro, there is no guarantee that the same effect will occur inside the stomach or intestine. Sulforaphane inhibits extracellular, intracellular, and anti-biotic resistant strains of Helicobacter pylori and prevents benzo[a]pyrene-induced stomach tumours. I am concerned that due to time taken for natural treatment, meanwhile H Pylori shouldn’t create any other issue. Consider stool testing and organic acids testing to see of you have other issues that need to be dealt with.
If you are pregnant nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any of the products offered herein. El Helicobacter pylori, causante de la gastritis, la ulcera peptica y el cancer de estomago, es la infeccion mas prevalente del planeta, afectando a la mitad de la poblacion mundial, por lo que supone una carga significativa para el sistema sanitario.
En este articulo se aporta una interesante informacion sobre los mecanismos de accion del bismuto, para explicar la eficacia de este medicamento en la erradicacion de la bacteria. El valor de este procedimiento se realza en este articulo de revision donde podra encontrarse informacion relevante acerca del sitio optimo para la toma de muestras, los colorantes utilizados con mayor frecuencia y el valor de la densidad de las bacterias. Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori in vitro by various berry extracts, with enhanced susceptibility to Clarithromycin. Tambien cambio por completo la forma de tratar la enfermedad: de la cirugia y los calmantes a las combinaciones de antibioticos. Otras patologias recientemente vinculadas a esta infeccion son los polipos y el adenocarcinoma del colon, aunque los datos publicados son contradictorios. Y en ello esta el equipo chino que ha publicado sus resultados en The Lancet, con una prometedora eficacia, de momento, del 72%. En este trabajo se reune y discute la evidencia disponible hasta el momento sobre la relacion entre H.

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