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H Pylori Treatment is technically known as H Pylori Eradication, and there is actually quite a bit of controversy about whether people should get H pylori treatment at all unless they have severe Symptoms of H Pylori such as bleeding ulcers. While your doctor will not necessarily agree with this, if you have an ongoing health problem of ANY kind and you have H pylori- then it's a good idea to get rid of it.
H pylori i had the treatment for the H pylori and still having stomach pain in rib area how long do I need to take the antacid? Herbs to kill H-Pylori I just need to know which herbs kill H - Pylori and the amount needed and for how long ? If you are reading this, ita€™s likely that you either HAVE or think that you might have the H pylori bacteria and are wondering what the treatment is.

This a€?standard medical treatmenta€™ relies on taking a combination of antibiotics and a prescription antacid.
With failure rates of up to 35% , the chances are about 1 in 3 that you might need to get H pylori triple therapy a second or even a third time in order to completely eliminate the bacteria. While there are thousands of people out there with H pylori that is not bothering them, if you are looking for answers about H pylori here, ita€™s likely because you are having some health problems. While H pylori is not necessarily the CAUSE of your health problems, an H pylori infection in your stomach IS an infection- and all infections cause some degree of inflammation and immune reactions in the body. This combination is usually comprised of 3 or more different pharmaceutical drugs and is knows as H pylori triple therapy.

Infection and inflammation are NEVER good processes to have going on and you can understand how any infection can just simply make you feel bad all the time.Very healthy people may not even notice the excess stress, but in someone who already has a health problem, that excess stress may be causing some serious problems.
Wea€™ll assume that youa€™ve been Tested for H pylori and that you are positive for it and that you want to know what to do now.

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