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Our feet have to bear the consequences of all the physical activity that we do during the day and ironically they are also the most neglected part of our bodies.
Bleaching agents are known for the drying effect they have on fungi causing the infection and the ultimate aim of treating any infection is to get rid of the infectious agent completely. Always mix the bleaching agent with water before using it to treat fungal infection of the foot.
Baking soda is a well known agent for treating various skin infections at home including those of the feet caused by fungi. Leave the foot in the solution for 15 minutes and keep massaging the infected area with the baking soda solution.
To treat foot fungus with Vicks VapoRub apply generous amount of the rub on the infected part of the foot and rub it for 2-3 minutes. Boric acid is an amazing chemical agent for treating various skin infections including bacterial and fungal.
Mix liquid boric acid and water in equal parts and use this as a foot soak for treating the infection. The comparison of vaginal cream of mixing yogurt, honey and Clotrimazole on symptoms of Vaginal Candidiasis. The Comparison of vaginal cream of mixing yogurt, honey and clotrimazole on symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. Adjunctive Treatment with Rhodiola Crenulata in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease–A Randomized Placebo Controlled Double Blind Clinical Trial. Comparison of the Effect of Vaginal Zataria multiflora Cream and Oral Metronidazole Pill on Results of Treatments for Vaginal Infections including Trichomoniasis and Bacterial Vaginosis in Women of Reproductive Age. Blueberries improve endothelial function, but not blood pressure, in adults with metabolic syndrome: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. An Overview of Phytoconstituents, Biotechnological Applications, and Nutritive Aspects of Coconut (Cocos nucifera). Medicinal Herbals with Antiplatelet Properties Benefit in Coronary Atherothrombotic Diseases. Effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs for tonifying Qi and kidney, and replenishing spleen on intermittent asthma in children aged 2 to 5 years old. Around 80% of people have a common fungal pathogen living in their body without even being aware of it.
Assistant professor of biology at Kansas State University, Mr Govindsamy Vediyappan, noted that developing nations regularly used Gymnema Slyvestre (a medical herb) to control sugar levels in diabetics.
The main point of the studies conducted by the research team was to test if the Gymnema Slyvestre herb could be used to block the hyphal growth stage of Candida albicans. Gymnema Slyvestre is found in Australia, China and India and is a plant which grows as a tropical vine.

The research team, led by Vediyappan, purified compounds of gymnemic acid and discovered that these compounds could prevent the stage where the yeast transitioned into the hyphal stage. The researchers also discovered that the gymnemic acid was capable of blocking the virulence properties contained in the fungus. During the research period it was discovered that the compounds were quick to work on the fungal infection, making the discoveries very important. Govindsamy Vediyappan intends to further research potentials for the development of new drugs, further application in the treatment of diabetes and several other treatments for Candida albicans.
Though this research team was not the first to realize the benefits of gymnemic acid compounds, they were definitely the first to discover the important ability to block the fungal transition properties of Candida albicans. 10 AWESOME Benefits of Coffee (some might surprise you!) Statins Are The Greatest Medical Fraud Of All Time: Study Reports 12 Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent Depression Yoga on the Beach Leon Eisenberg Inventor of ADHD: ADHD is a fictitious disease said on a deathbed confession government warn us corona virus is upon us!
Most of us spend a fortune looking after our face and hands but spend very little time pampering our feet. And liquids known for bleaching clothes are known to help eliminate the micro-organisms responsible for the fungus. However, bleaching liquids, powders and solvents contain very strong chemicals that may harm your skin if used undiluted.
To treat the infection mix one part bleaching agent with three parts water and soak your infected foot in this liquid mixture for 20 minutes. The chemicals in vinegar help fight the foot fungus infections as well but one has to be very regular in the treatment while using vinegar. Dry your foot without washing it with water and repeat the treatment every four hours for 15 days at least.
However, as with other home remedies one has to be very regular with the treatment using baking soda.
After 15 minutes wash your foot with warm water and dry it completely using a soft towel or a hair dryer. It is eucalyptus oil and camphor based rub that effectively gets rid of the virus responsible for causing common cold.
Leave the rub on the skin for 30 minutes and wash off using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. The chemical properties of the acid work brilliantly on the agents responsible for the infection and eliminate them completely.
Keep the infected foot in the solution for 20-30 minutes and then wash the foot using warm water and strong soap.
While the chemical bleaches well it doesn’t harm the skin at all and this is one reason it can be safely used for treating fungal foot infections. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with one part water and pour the resulting liquid in a basin. The treatment should be done once a day for 15-20 days to eliminate the infection causing fungus. Infections of the foot caused by fungus should be treated at the earliest to ensure the infection doesn’t spread or worsen. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

When the feet are not cared for properly it often results in foot infections of various kinds including bacterial and fungal. Vinegar does not contain strong chemicals as does bleaching liquid and therefore can be used undiluted. Your infected skin may sting a bit when exposed to pure vinegar but this only proves that the vinegar is working on the infection causing fungi. In half a liter of water add half cup baking soda and immediately soak your infected foot in this solution. Perform the treatment two times a day for 10 days to eliminate the infection causing fungi.
However, many people also use the rub for treating infections of the feet like athlete’s foot. Application of the rub may sting a bit but this is because of the strong nature of camphor. The acid is available in both liquid as well as powder form and should be used with water for treating fungal infections of the feet. Place the infected foot in the basin for 20 minutes while gently massaging the infected area. Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus are the two most common foot infections caused by fungi.It is important to treat all infections as soon as possible and this holds true for foot fungus infections as well because of the pain and discomfort associated with them. Repeat the treatment thrice a day for 10 days or until you are completely free from the infection.
Once you are infection free perform the treatment twice a week to ensure the infection doesn’t return.
The combination of oil and camphor works together to get rid of the fungus causing the infection.
Professional swimmers and people who expose their naked feet to floors of common washrooms should apply VapoRub to their feet thrice a week to keep fungal infections of the feet at bay. However, before you rush to a doctor to get treatment for fungal infection of the feet there are many effective home remedies that you can try.
In this section we will give you the best home remedies for treating fungal infections of the feet easily.

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