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TF-Defense is a 100% natural, safe effective herbal and homeopathic remedy that assists in the effective treatment of Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses in pets. Lyme Disease in dogs can be a nasty, quite debilitating condition.  For this reason, it is important to recognize Lyme Disease symptoms so you can act quickly if your dog shows symptoms of Lyme Disease. Canine Lyme Disease is prevalent in the Northeastern states from Maine to Maryland, as well as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon and Northern California.  It is also found in most parts of Australia, particularly bush and country areas, as well as in parts of Europe, China and Japan. If you fail to seek treatment for Lyme Disease very promptly, your dog may suffer paralysis  Even if treated at this stage, your dog may well suffer recurrent, or chronic Lyme Disease.  This may also include permanent joint or nerve damage and damage to the heart muscle. Preventing tick bites is therefore the obvious key to preventing Lyme Disease.  Removing ticks should be seen as a secondary line of defence only.
Preventing ticks on dogs is similar to, and can be achieved in conjunction with, preventing fleas. A tick is a parasite.  It is a blood-sucking invertebrate, more closely related to spiders, scorpions and mites, than to insects.

Dog owners are often surprised that their dog has developed Lyme Disease, as they are careful with tick removal from their dog.  Many dog owners are not aware that nymph ticks are in fact very small and making tick identification very difficult as a result.
It will also help to strengthen immune system functioning to help your pet fight against the infection. This is because in these areas, ticks more commonly carry the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. It will also help to strengthen immune system functioning to help your pet fight against the infection in the first place. The information in this web site is presented for the educational and free exchange of ideas and speech in relation to health and wellness only.
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