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The company EcoVerde, by Mexican Humberto Uribe Luis Lobo, designed a new filtration system that removes odor and other pollutants from wastewater through a biological process based on bacteria that feed on hydrogen sulfide, a substance characterized for a rotten egg-like stench. Uribe Lobo created the company EcoVerde in the USA, which has become one of the expert companies in odor removal. Air is extracted from sewage or industrial wastewater and sent to system called bioscrubber EG, there a mechanism evaporates it and directs contaminants (ammonia, mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide) that cause odor to the filter were bacteria eliminates them. Some autotrophic bacteria are used by EcoVerde (including Theobacilus) to remove hydrogen sulfide and methane; heterotrophic bacteria remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds). As a part of the bioscrubber installation, the filter is inoculated with a mixture of bacteria during the first three days. EcoVerde originally started in the USA, where it managed to position itself as a provider of odor removal services in sewage according to the regulations of that country. Luis Uribe said that the purpose of taking this technology to Mexico was to benefit the communities surrounding sewage plants and meet the "Official Mexican Standard NOM-010-STPS-1999" which states that health and safety conditions in workplaces where chemical pollutants are processed.
The open-access journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution reports the first known case where four species, all at different levels in the food chain, use a single odor to communicate with and ruthlessly exploit each other. The methods traditionally used to remove heavy metals from wastewater have limitations because they only withdraw a certain percentage and the remaining amount is very difficult to remove.

The nation's sewer system is a topic most people would prefer to avoid, but its aging infrastructure is wearing out, and broken pipes leaking raw sewage into streets and living rooms are forcing the issue.
Tannins from the quebracho tree can control the production of compounds that cause manure odors, according to studies by U.S. Humans have changed the world's oceans in ways that have been devastating to many marine species. A relationship that has lasted for 100 million years is at serious risk of ending, due to the effects of environmental and climate change. The simple act of water droplets landing on a leaf causes an elaborate response inside of plants, scientists at The University of Western Australia have found.
In the animal kingdom, sperm usually are considerably smaller than eggs, which means that males can produce far more of them. MBBR Biocell filter media, MBBR floating Bio media for wastewater treatment, View MBBR Biocell filter media, KAITE Product Details from Beihai Kaite Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. MBBR Biocell filter media, MBBR floating Bio media for wastewater treatment In Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system, microorganisms attach themselves to submerged moving Bio filter media, forming a biofilm, Air is transferred into the water, mixing the media and water and providing oxygen to the bacteria. This technology is more environmentally friendly than the ones already on the market, because it uses no chemicals or consumables such as activated carbon.

When contaminated air passes through the extractor, it reaches the filter where the odor removing bacteria are, said the president of the Network of Mexican Talents Abroad, Chapter Arizona.
But did you know that the leftover grounds could eliminate one of the worst smells around – sewer gas?
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The improvement of process behaviour prediction will thus lead to a more efficient wastewater treatment.
Odors are consumed by microorganisms, so that the more polluted the air, there will be more food for the bacteria without incurring any cost," said Uribe Lobo. It not only provides the room for heterotrophic bacteria growing but also creates the condition for autotrophic bacteria growing. The suitable specific weight makes the filler in suspended fluidization state, reducing the energy consumption and increasing the shock and cutting of bubbles.4.

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