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Mite avenge flush & kill shampoo - happy dog naturals, Accelerate campaign exterminate mites. Cleaning dog ears: dog ear care products ear cleaners, Cleaning dog ears easy dog ear care products ear cleaners drs. Ear infections are a little harder to treat, usually requiring daily ear drops for a week or so, weekly drops for some time after that.
To clean out an ear that's simply dirty (some buildup of dirt and wax is normal, but excessive ear wax may indicate that something else is wrong), take a cotton ball, dip in hydrogen peroxide if you like (squeeze excess out) and wipe the dog's ear out. If your dog resists having its nails trimmed, try trimming them while you sit on a couch with the dog on its back in your lap. The nail grinder avoids the potential problems of cutting the quick, nails cracking, and sharp edges afterwards. If your dog is destined to have ‘goopy’ eyes, get in the habit of wiping gently with a warm wash cloth. The canal is rather deep, so you will not injure your dog so long as you only use your finger to probe the canal. While the vet will often clip them for you, many dogs need their nails trimmed more often than that to prevent injuries and other problems associated with overgrown nails.

Look for the guillotine type (don't use the human variety, this will crush and injure your dog's nail) and get blade replacements as the sharper the blade is the easier this procedure is. If the nails are are white, the difference between the nail and the pink quick is easy to see (use good lighting). By putting the dog on its back, you make the nails accessible and put the dog in a submissive position where they are less apt to fight.
The nails can also be thinned, allowing the quick to recede, resulting in shorter nails and a tighter paw. Also, if you clip them, using a plain file afterwards helps smooth the edges down and keep them neat.
In any case, any of the above symptoms are grounds for having the vet check your dog's ears out. Some people have gotten rid of light infestations by cleaning the ear out and then coating lightly with baby oil or mineral oil. Drop-eared dogs are a bit more prone to ear infections, as prick ears normally allow more air circulation. There is another kind that looks like scissors with hooked tips that are also good, and may be easier to handle (however, the blades cannot be replaced on this type).

If the nails are dark, it will be much harder to tell where the quick is, in which case you must take care. It works by raising the pH level slightly inside the ear, making it less hospitable to bacteria. The best prevention is providing soft bedding or padding for the dog's resting place, provided the dog is not inclined to chew and swallow bedding material. Rawhide chews are also good cleaning tools, as are a number of knobby plastic toys on the market. None of these are hard enough to cause tooth damage, but you need to watch your pet to be sure small pieces of the toys aren't torn off and swallowed.

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