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The eyes, nose, and throat are closely linked and so hay fever symptoms are not limited to the respiratory system alone. Your bodyA’s immune system works to protect you and fight off infections under normal circumstances.
Pollen is also produced by a variety of trees, with the pollen production and dispersal again varying depending on the type of tree, but birch tree pollen allergy is fairly common and surfaces around early spring. The extract of stinging nettle when consumed, can increase the bodyA’s defense against allergens. Capsaicin is a compound that is found in chili peppers and is used in nasal sprays for allergic reactions. Aromatherapy oils like menthol, eucalyptus, and lavender, used in a vaporizer can clear nasal passages and ease the symptoms of hay fever. An unusual remedy, but a most effective one is not to blow your nose when the hay fever makes it itch. People who suffer from hay fever should follow a healthy balanced diet to ensure that they do not contract secondary infections. Allergic reactions can be treated by natural remedies, the best being a healthy diet that includes plenty of warm soups and broths. There are several other factors that can cause skin irritation and inflammation, we can sum up dermatitis in 5 types. This is also known as eczema, it causes itchy skin, scales, swelling, and sometimes blisters. Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by something harsh repeatedly aggravating your skin in the same place.
This is often called cradle cap in infants, it consists of greasy red or yellow scaling of the scalp, genitals, or face. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion can temporarily relieve your itching. Sprinkle baking soda or colloidal oatmeal (finely ground oatmeal that’s made for the bathtub) to your bath of tepid to warm water. Cover your skin with a bandage or dressing to help you to avoid scratching of the affected area.
Try unscented laundry products, you can use baking soda to make fabrics softer or choose types made for sensitive skin because your sheets, clothes, and towels regularly touch your skin. Previous article5 Ways in which Smoking Adversely Affects Oral Health Next articleIs It An Allergy? Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Several studies have demonstrated the anti-cancer effect of curcumin, the main active constituent of turmeric.
Among the different ginseng species, researchers have extensively studied the anti-leukemia property of Panax ginseng or Korean red ginseng. The extracts of the peels of citrus fruits, especially the immature fruit, can be used as a herbal treatment for leukemia.
Hedyotis diffusa, an herb native to China, is recommended in traditional Chinese medicine for treating different types of cancer. Solanum lyratum is another anti-leukemia herb that strengthens the natural immune response of the body, which helps to destroy the abnormal cells in the bone marrow and blood. Ganoderma lucidum, a medicinal mushroom widely used in the traditional medicines of East Asia, can inhibit growth of the leukemia cells. The first thing to consider when someone is stung by a bee is to check for intense allergic reactions. Difficulty breathing: Swelling of the face can mean that other body parts are also swollen. Drop in blood pressure: It can be difficult for a person without a medical background to check the blood pressure of a person stung by a bee. For those who are only mildly allergic to bee stings, they will experience the following on the sting site: redness, itching, slight swelling, warmth, and pain. Wash sting site with mild soap and water: Like any type of open wound, the injured area must be kept clean to avoid infection. Give the right dose of medicine: Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are often given to relieve pain. Sign up with our once a week news letter and receive home therapy plus natural health condition pdfs similar to this one delivered to your inbox every week free of charge!.

Inflammation and irritation of these tissues can leave them vulnerable to secondary infection. Hay fever may not pose much of a threat, but it could leave a child vulnerable to more threatening secondary infections. Your immune system responds to viral and bacterial threats with the production of anti-bodies that attack and defend against the threat.
While these medicines are very effective at first, the body starts to build up a certain resistance to them and so the dosage may need to be increased in order for the medications to be effective.
It is not advisable to try and use chili peppers to make a nasal spray as it can cause intense burning and discomfort. Raw honey contains various types of pollen and when it is consumed on a regular basis, it helps to de-sensitize the immune system to pollen. Blowing your nose disturbs the pollen settled on the inner surfaces, and will makes things worse. In addition to this, it is also advisable to include fish like salmon, herring, and tuna in a hay fever diet plan as these fish have anti-inflammatory effects. A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel Trial Comparing Capsaicin Nasal Spray with Placebo in Subjects with a Significant Component of Nonallergic Rhinitis. I was prescribed Nasaleze powder spray used it for 3 days only and it amazingly worked.Im breathing freely and have a good night sleep. They are a potential killer as, not only do they cause a similar allergic reaction in those allergic to bees and wasps, but they swarm over a victim delivering thousands of stings and bites. SugarExfoliating dead cells off your chapped lips will help restore their natural softness faster.Mix two teaspoons of sugar with one teaspoon of honey. Then gently wash your lips with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water.Do this daily to help your lips heal faster.
This type of dermatitis often occurs in families and is linked to allergies, asthma, and stress. The veins of our lower legs fail to return blood which results in blood pooling, fluid accumulation, and swelling. If you want to use oatmeal from home place about a cup in an old sock and tie it closed, run bath water directly through the oatmeal sock, then throw it away. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Researchers have reported the effectiveness of certain herbs in reducing the complications of the illness and arresting the progression of the disease.
Curcumin can induce apoptosis or self-destruction of nearly all types of leukemia cells, including the ones that rarely respond to conventional therapies. Moreover, curcumin also increases the sensitivity of the leukemia cells to chemotherapeutic agents, thereby improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment.
Catechin, the main component of green tea prevents proliferation of leukemia cells and induces apoptosis of the leukemia cells.
Researches suggest that they can destroy the leukemia cells, thereby preventing progression of the cancer. Currently there is hardly any treatment for liver toxicity induced by chemotherapy in leukemia patients.
These individuals can suffer from anaphylactic shock, which may lead to death, if they are not given emergency treatments.
It is dangerous when the mouth and the respiratory tract become too swollen or distended to let air in as this compromises a person’s ability to breathe.
It is easy to mistake a childA’s hay fever symptoms and confuse them with those of a common cold, but a visit to the pediatrician will help to obtain a definite diagnosis. In the case of individuals who suffer from hay fever however this immune response may be exaggerated, with the immune system releasing antibodies upon contact with harmless substances like pollen or spores that are present in the environment.
The only alternative to increasing the dosage is to have stronger medicines but your body will adjust to these in time too.
Instead, add chopped chili peppers and capsicum to a cup of hot soup as this will act as a powerful decongestant.
Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet but avoid tomatoes and oranges as they could aggravate hay fever. The warmth from these foods also helps to reduce irritation and inflammation if you have a sore throat. When they attack, each ant will take a bite with their large mandibles, this leaves them free to swing their bodies and deliver venomous stings with their hind-ends.
Not a good choice if you’re vegetarian, vegan or see an issue with using animal-based products for beauty when there are other natural options.

Allergic contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction to something that touches the skin, even briefly, like poison ivy. Taking frequent hot showers or residing in a dry environment can cause nummular dermatitis. Many people find relief using coconut oil topically, it decreases redness and itching while gently moisturizing the skin.
Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. It also acts as a radio sensitizer, increasing the sensitivity of the leukemia tumors to radiation therapy. While enhancing the sensitivity of the leukemia cells to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, at the same time, curcumin protects the healthy cells and the vital organs of the body such as the heart, kidneys, liver and the oral mucosa from the toxicity of these cancer therapies.
Panaxynol and panaxydol, the main phytochemicals present in Panax ginseng, can prevent proliferation of leukemia cells. The polyacetylene compounds present in the herb also helps to destroy the existing leukemia cells. Few studies suggest that milk thistle, a widely used liver detoxifying agent, may protect the liver from the toxicity of chemotherapy treatment.
Their stingers have venom, which is why it’s best to remove the stinger as soon as possible. These symptoms last longer than a common cold as your body regards allergens as hostile and as a target for attack. People who suffer from hay fever are also prone to asthma, and their asthmatic attacks often come on during hay fever season.
Pregnant and breast feeding women can also face a problem as many hay fever medications are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Add carrot, sweet potato, green peppers and pumpkin to your soups as these vegetables are rich in Vitamin C which helps to prevent secondary infections.
Common locations of rashes include elbow creases, behind the knees, on the cheeks, and on the buttocks.
Several things can cause allergic contact dermatitis including fragrances, hair dyes, metals, rubber, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and skin care products. Researches have also demonstrated the cytotoxic effect of different types of sapopins present in the leaf, flower bud and root of ginseng. For instance, ibuprofen is not recommended for babies younger than 6 months as this is a pretty strong medicine which can mask other symptoms.
Hay fever may also have hereditary influences and hay fever attacks often tend to surface in children with asthma or eczema, which are both manifestations of the same allergy. Consul your obstetrician for detailed instructions regarding the treatment of hay fever during pregnancy. Rose PetalsThe rose plant in your garden can also come to your rescue when suffering from chapped lips. Natural remedies for hay fever may not offer a viable solution to the problem, but they could help to relive the symptoms.
This remedy will help your lips stay moisturized while also enhancing their beautiful color.Wash a handful of rose petals thoroughly in water. If the stinger breaks or if you can’t successfully pull it out, then the best thing to do is to gently scrape it off.
Furthermore, parents should always remember that dosage is not based on a child’s age, but rather on his weight. Keep in mind that not all natural methods of treatment are scientifically investigated and some may be completely ineffective. Use something firm and flat, like the tip of your fingernail, a dull knife or anything with a smooth and even edge.
Natural methods that involve changes to diet and lifestyle can be of tremendous help however. Coconut OilCoconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help heal chapped lips caused by cold or dry weather. If you are allergic to coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil and even sweet almond oil is great!

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