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Fortunately there are a few very useful home remedies that can be tried to help your baby in getting rid of the diaper rashes. If you have to make the baby wear a diaper, make sure that she does not stay wet or soiled. In all likelihood the rashes appeared because of the humid environs created by the wet and soiled diaper. The baby can be made to lie on a rubber sheet which is covered with a folded sheet.  This will save you from the mess that your little one can make as the rashes heal.
If your baby’s diaper rash appears without new external factors, try the following home remedies.
Home remedy experts suggest washing the area with marigold ointment, reducing inflammation. Egg whites can aid in the healing process, but be sure to let them dry on the affected area before putting on another diaper. Aromatherapy probably sounds like a great idea when talking about diapers in general, and some essential oils contain healing remedies! These oils work in a similar fashion to tea tree oil, but organic lavender and rose oils can be placed directly on the affected area.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Home Remedies swears by this folk remedy, because live yogurt contains healthy bacteria which can fight off infection.
Avocado item can be found in many households, and can be applied directly to the inflamed area in order to soothe the skin. Although these home remedies are extremely effective, there are still instances when you may wish to seek medical attention for your child.

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Bring about some changes in the way you have been looking after the baby and see the rashes disappearing. Put this in the tub, after a while the white  healing liquid can be squeezed out and your tub of oatmeal water is ready.
More so when she is sleeping and at other times whenever it is possible let her be without the diaper. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Most parents believe that it only occurs when a diaper isn’t changed promptly, and wetness from urine or loose stools can indeed by the culprit.
For example, if you decide to switch to cloth diapers when your baby has diaper rash, try putting drops of tea tree oil into the rinse cycle to disinfect the diapers. Some people combine these oils with a peach kernel carrier oil to prevent future diaper rash. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Home Remedies states that “sulfur can be used to soothe hot, red, itchy skin associated with problems such as eczema and diaper rash, digestive complaints […] and hunger pangs.” Many of these natural healing remedies have multiple uses.
For example, cases of diaper rash may require a mild steroid cream or anti-fungal ointment. Anti-inflammatory natural home remedies may help with the rash, but steroids are actually hormones.

This is likely to make the situation go out of your hands, while you see the baby suffer no ends. It is in our best interest to save the bottoms of our child from this ordeal by just being careful to counter the effect of alkali by using some acid which in this case is vinegar. We are not talking of the oats that you get for breakfast, check with your health store for the oatmeal. These items may not be available in your local grocery store, but essential oils are always available online or through local business websites.
Homeopathic remedies should always be made by the experts, so don’t try to pick up poison ivy in your backyard. Therefore, when it comes to the health of your baby, it may be better to resist experimenting at home if the condition becomes more serious. For example, you should be wary of fragrances in diapers, as some babies are sensitive not only to chaffing but also to certain chemicals. Over 1,000 Natural Remedies for the Prevention, Treatment, and Cure of Common Ailments and Conditions.
Different foods introduced into the diet can also cause the rash by altering the acidity level and breakdown of food.

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