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6 Conditions which when accompanied by a bloated stomach may lead to some serious health issues..
Most of the symptoms are caused by overeating or taking in excess air or by drinking too many aerated drinks. People tend to lose weight and gain weight regularly due to eating habits or hereditary conditions.
Any severe and sudden weight loss, during times when you regularly have bloated stomach may indicate and point towards cancer.

The condition of bloated stomach can be defined as feeling of excessive fullness and this can include tenderness, feeling of gaseous buildup, visible swelling and can be accompanied by pain also.
But when you experience any weight loss that is more than just a couple of pounds, it becomes a cause for concern. If you lose more than 10 pounds of weight during a bloated stomach episode, you should immediately consult your doctor. But when you happen to have a bloated stomach along with these 6 conditions, you should never ignore them and get yourself checked as soon as possible.

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