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As soon as your dog begins to lift his or her leg to feverishly scratch behind their ears and about the rest of their body, you can only hope dog fleas are not the reason. In the world of pesky household pests, the dog and cat flea are so alike in appearance and biology that they are often described as the same entity, but are still different in many ways. Overall, when fleas strike your pooch, they often respond by chewing, licking, or scratching. When it comes to dog fleas, there are a handful of risk factors and negative effects associated with an unfortunate infestation. Dogs born with or who develop an allergy to fleas will undergo harsher reactions to flea bites.
Puppies and dogs with compromised immune systems may not have the ability to fight off negative reactions caused by a loss in blood caused by high flea infestation.
Smaller dog breeds, such as the Toy Poodle and the Miniature Yorkshire Terrier are often susceptible to the loss of blood that comes with an untreated flea infestation. The natural chewing, scratching, and licking a dog exhibits when trying to deal with flea bites may lead to hair loss over long periods of time.
When a dog constantly chews or scratches at flea bites, an open sore may develop, which only worsens as a dog licks the wound. A secondary bacterial infection develops when open sores are left untreated and a dog continuously chews, scratches, and licks infected areas.
When a heavy flea infestation develops, an entire household faces the wrath of spreading fleas that attach themselves to carpets, rugs, and other objects in a house. Locations about the world where the climate is wet, warm, and humid tend to accommodate higher flea populations. Fleas are known to carry awful diseases and infect their victims with various bacteria, plagues, and tapeworms [4]. The number one objective of a dog owner with a flea-infested pet is to remove the pests out of their companion’s life, as well as out of their home. Fill a pan with water and place a little bit of dish detergent and leave the pan in the middle of a flea-infested room with a lamp shining brightly on the setup throughout the night.
To minimize the number of fleas able to enter your household, you can follow a few basic yard cleanup techniques. Some homeowners refrain from the use of insecticides because they reduce the population of ants and spiders, which naturally control the number of flea eggs and mature adult fleas in your yard [5].
University of Florida research has revealed promising results for effective flea care when flea-ridden pooches received a sponge application utilizing a solution consisting of 1.5 ounces of Skin-So-Soft to one gallon of water.
Mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water makes an effective dog flea spray bottle treatment, which is satisfyingly cost-efficient. At the pet supply store, cedar-filled pillows are sold as a flea deterrent, but you can also make your own at home.
I have had to sit and pull all the flea faeces off the poor pups … what better solution with the teeny grains than it going nowhere other than on the sticky lint roller!
Im hoping these tips work… my poor dog has been sufffering and my parents just say they cant do anything that hes gonna die. I also try to feed him the best dog food I can afford which is Iams puppy til he’s a year at least cuz it has Omega 3 and some Brewers yeast in it. I have a 9 yr old sheppard lab mix that was itching every 3 steps and smelled bad and was going bald from i went and bought a bottle of the oil and put it on him until his whole body (except for the head was covered. Well, after spending about 2 hours last week reading these tips and making notes about flea control on animals, our homes and even ourselves, I felt I was definately ready to go to war on these nasty little buggers.
Anyway, I took him to his vets as soon as she could squeeze him in and after xrays of his hips and back and some careful coming with a flea comb his vet decided he was suffering from fleas and the bites.
Jan how much did the vet pay you for these comments.No vet is ever gonna say yes these home remedies work dont bother coming here again. I have tried many home remedies for fleas and have found to my regret that only the commercial chemical treatments have worked. Several years ago when our house became infested with tiny fleas not much bigger than grains of pepper, a friend told me to place plates of blue non-ultra Dawn on the floor with a lamp nearby, if possible.
I just found this site and so far is okay but I to am having so much trouble with what I think is fleas. I have tried everything on her for what I think is fleas but she does not seem to have that many when bathed so figure more than likely skin irration and maybe do not need to use anything harsh. Seems that the one main problem that I am having is finding something that I can put in the kennels and not have to remove the dogs till it dries or try to get water hose to cover that large an area.
Are there any remedies on the market or household wise that can be used in the outside pen to treat the fleas without removingt the dogs? When my dog is getting fleas bad, I stand him in the bath tub and pour a gallon of white vinegar over him. Cut in half four lemons and boil them for about ten minutes, and leave them in the pan for a couple of hours or longer, and get you a empty spray bottle and pour the liquid in the bottle. Below I list down some of the home remedies that can be tried in case your pet is suffering from fleas. To keep fleas away from your home wash the floor with lemon solution. Mix two litres of water with lemon juice and wash the floor. Ok back from vet and about 300$or so I have 2cats and 2 dogs a big big flea problem toxic to our pets is garlic and lemon grass take you pet to vet get RX pill get borax do your hole home sofas carpet bath your pets in white vinger not apple cedar it attracts. If fleas and ticks weren’t enough for your pet to avoid, they also have to contend with the threat of the very irritating presence of ear mites. Ear mites belong to the class Arachnida, which includes ticks and other species of mites (such as the dust mite and the mold mite). The most common species of ear mite is the Otodectes cynotis, which possesses the capacity to spread at a rapid pace – transmitted with the briefest of physical contact with other animals. After mating, another round of molting takes place and the mite is established as either an adult male or female.
Pets infected with ear mites often scratch about their ears or characteristically shake their heads. The presence of ear mites is quite common, but an infection is too serious of a condition to ignore. Overall, the main symptoms in both cats and dogs to look out for include intense irritation, scratching, thick and crusty ear discharge (black in color), an increase in earwax production, persistent ear scratching and shaking of the head. The accurate diagnosis and speedy treatment of ear mites is very important for pets, as a severe infection has the power to weaken or permanently rob animals of their sense of hearing.
As for the pet, the ear mites cause a range of inflammatory symptoms, which bring about the same kind of symptoms as bacterial and yeast infections. Oftentimes, remedies for some of your pet’s most pressing medical problems and issues can be found within the comfort of your household.
After adding drops as a treatment for ear mites, massaging your cat’s ear can help evenly distribute the remedy.
Before treating a rabbit with ear mites, it is important to clean out their cage and surrounding areas to prevent re-infestation.
It is not uncommon to see ear mites travel to other parts of your pet’s body, including the head, outside of the ears, and the tip of the tail (as mites often reach the end of tails when they curl close to the head).
Some veterinarians suggest the use of white vinegar for treating ear mites because the acidity helps remove dirt and debris, which also aims to revitalize a healthy equilibrium within the ears. It is important to note that this remedy is not good to use on pets that have sores or intense irritation located inside the ears. You may temporarily combat ear mites by soaking a cotton ball with mineral oil and swabbing the inside of your pet’s ears [6]. Use hydrogen peroxide as an ear mite remedy only if you have a cooperative pet, as it can cause harm if it comes in contact with your cat’s eyes. Another way to remedy dog ear mites is to combine the healing power of rubbing alcohol and peroxide.
Add a pinch of food-grade diatomaceous earth to your pet’s ears on a daily basis for one month as a way to kill current or newly hatched mites. An ear mite remedy for dogs that also provides safe, effective, soothing relief to the ears is to use the gel of an aloe vera plant leaf.
To treat ear mites in cats or dogs, many swear by using flea treatments, such as Frontline and Revolution, to kill ear mites. Who would have thought that the same product used to remove germs from your hands can eliminate an ear mite problem in cats?
Use a cotton ball to swab the ears of your dog with Vicks Vapor Rub once a day as a way to suffocate ear mites. If you have a cat that can’t stand liquids coming in contact with his or her ears, some people use Vaseline as a home remedy for ear mites. A convenient ear mite remedy to make at home may include Yellow Dock root extract, where nine drops of the extract are diluted with one tablespoon of water. A natural home remedy for ear mites in rabbits is honey – an effective healing substance that is both antiseptic and antibacterial.
Treat ear mites in a rabbit by mixing a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in olive oil.
Create an ear mite treatment for cats by soaking crushed garlic in warm olive oil overnight. If you want any home remedy for ear mites to be effective, you must also routinely clean your pet’s bedding during treatments. For my two severely infected (all over the body Bichons)- I shaved them down completely as there is no way to get at all the mites through the fur.
For the head and ears I did not shave- I trimmed them very short and saturated them with olive oil with essential oils of eucalyptus, citronella, tea tree, peppermint and cinnamon. Overnight- the next day 98% of mites on the body had been completely dehydrated and were dead – I removed the live ones and squished them. I had to give both dogs Pet L-Tryptophan (from Jo Mar labs) repeatedly throughout all procedures which calmed them down tremedously- I could not have done without the L-tryptophan.
Btw my dogs sleep on the bed with me and I had been getting many bites as well-I rubbed DE all over my sheets and duvet cover and all floor rugs- all bites have finally stopped now.
So I have decided to use olive oil to treat them and have been doing so every other day for the past four days and things seem to be getting better in one but not the other cat. Best of luck with all your mite issues and make sure you all get some Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) and have it on hand at home for things like Flea infestations to ant issues.

So I did, $75 later I found out it wasn’t ear mites at all, but a yeast infection in his ears. I read that baby oil suffocates the ear mites, I have tried a few drops in each ear, however, my cocker is still scratching but not as much. Obviously, he will be going to a vet today, but wondered if his recent uprooting and traveling in a cat carrier has caused depression, and in turn, make him sick? One of my cats has signs of ear mites.He has been to the vet three times the vet saidd he had ear mites. Many people will highly disagree with this tip, but I took in a ferral kitten who was SEVERLY infected with ear mites. There is normally a difference between species of fleas when it comes to their individual favorite host animals.
Understanding the difference between cat and dog fleas will help you administer the correct control measures by knowing which home pet either dog or cat require more attention. While cat fleas are more prevalent across the world, dog fleas are quite restricted in some places.
Although both species of fleas are troublesome and dangerous, dog flea is more malignant, nuisance and troublesome. Most people are surprised to learn that a single flea can bite into a host hundreds of times per day. If your dog is suffering from fleas, try to get into the habit of bathing them at least once a week. If Fido is suffering from fleas, try spraying them with a solution of half apple cider vinegar and half water.
Not only does the common canine pest terrorize pooches of all shapes and sizes, but also causes irritating consequences for the rest of the household.
The dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) along with the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) is a common species of flea found both inside and outside of the home.
When an infestation takes place, the fleas feed on microscopic organic substances, dry blood, and excrement that accumulate in the nooks and crannies of an affected site. Normally, only minor skin irritation takes place even when the presence of dozens of fleas bite in one region. When household infestations become persistent, a homeowner may call upon the help of a professional in pest control. Since spiders and ants prey upon the larvae and eggs of fleas, the use of insecticides destroys the population of advantageous, flea-fighting insects who threaten the number of fleas inside and outside of the home. This should be the only light source in the room, as fleas are attracted to the brightness. This includes properly mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and tall plants, as well as removing sand and gravel accumulations. I tried everything, called in the flea guy, bathed her, dipped her, everything… she still had fleas. Most commercialized dog food is junk and full of fillers and preservatives so I have to start supplementing it for now. And it was surprising to me that the pill is actually cheaper than the Advantix and those types of products. I felt like a fool… So, like they said, everything on TV and radio is not always true.
Fleas seem to get resistant to some of the treatments over time too and whatever remedies you try will have to be varied. The only reason I posted what I did is so others could atleast decide for themselves, after knowing what a licensed vet had to say. Because our 4 small dog had flees and we tried alot of home remedies but at super walmart we found adams flee spray and sprayed our dogs all over [not in face ] the best med. She has scratched so durn much that she has hardly no hair on her back legs or espically her back.
In case your pet is suffering from flea infection, add few drops of white vinegar in the bathing solution of your dog. In case your pet spends time outdoors, sprinkle some cedar chips at the places, the dog frequents. You will need to keep the mixture overnight and spray the same in the living area of your pet.
Mix a drop of essential oil with aloe vera juice and spray the same in the living area of your pet.
Mites are often considered one of the most diverse and prosperous of all invertebrates [1]. When it comes to the animals you share your home with, ear mites typically affect cats and ferrets the most, but also attack dogs as well. The Psoroptes cuniculi species is larger in size than the Otodectes cynotis and is seen in rabbits. Larva emerges and feeds on the ear wax or skin oils of its host, which continues for about a week. The females are already ready to lay eggs, while the males go off to find deutonymphs to mate with.
The intensity of scratching and head shaking will depend on how badly they are infected with ear mites. To make sure you are accurately treating your pet for ear mites, it is highly recommended to bring your companion to the veterinarian for a definite diagnosis. Rapid detection and remedies will also stop this highly contagious infection from spreading to other animals in a household (when applicable).
The itching and redness of the ears is quite irritating to pets, but when left untreated, more pressing infections may develop. First, massage the oil about the inside of the ear, using a cotton ball to clean the infected region. A mixture comprised of ? ounce of almond (or olive) oil combined with 400 IU of vitamin E should be placed in a dropper bottle. A tea infusion using Yellow Dock is known to make an effective final rinse after shampooing.
Using a small amount of diluted vinegar is suggested, which is made when combining one part vinegar and two parts of water together.
First, irrigate your pet’s ears with vinegar, which will change the pH and kill mite eggs.
To avoid any mishaps, dab a clean Q-tip into a bottle of peroxide (making sure that it is not soaking wet), and then wipe only the parts of your cat’s ear that you can see. Some people will also add a bit of warm water to the diatomaceous earth, and use a dropper to administer. Using a dropper, administer 6-7 drops of the mixture into each ear – holding the ear flap closed for a few minutes after each treatment. Warm up the remaining olive oil in the morning, and add five drops of the remedy in each ear – repeating the process for a period of 21 days. Just wanted to say that after trying lots of essential oil shampoos and ointments (neem, tea tree, lemon grass, etc.), I found that my dish detergent (Biokleen which actually says on the label is good as a pet shampoo), followed by a diluted apple cidar vinegar rinse and lots of warm water (see my other post for bathing directions), worked best. I will be continuing treatment for 6 wks to make sure all eggs are gone- but just wanted to let you know in case anyone else was in the total crisis mode I was in and desperate for something right away to kill them- that would not harm my pets. DE has a very dry feeling and it is uncomfortable to the touch (for me)as well as being quite messy- but the fact that it is completely non-toxic (food grade only of course- do NOT use the pool stuff) makes it well worth the trouble for your beloved pets. I have no idea how they got ear mites as neither goes outside nor do we have any new or strange animals other than them in the apartment nor I have I come in contact with any cats that have been infested. Shaking his head and scratching frequently was a common, that I thought that it was normal for any cat to do so.
However, he also shows possible fever, unbelievable sensitivity to ears, in fact screams when they are touched. After to bottles of drops he still has them he does not shake is head or scratch his ears I just read some of your home treatments.I will let you know what happens. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun, suggested on sites just like this one, and NOTHING worked. But despite them having identifying with a host for example cat, dog or human, all fleas are generally bloodthirsty insects that can attack any mammal.
Cat fleas live more readily on cats and dogs but dog fleas will detest the idea of invading cats unless there are no dogs around at all. It has more skin piercing ability, draw more blood and will therefore transmit diseases more readily to cats and humans. And considering the fact that dogs living in a flea-infested home may have dozens of these blood-sucking parasites on their body at any given time, the problem is clear to see. A warm bath using nothing more than standard canine shampoo wash away a significant portion of the fleas. Homeowners who fail to properly maintain their lawn are more likely to experience a flea infestation because of this reason.
With an average length of just 1-3 mm, fleas are too small for traditional combs and brushes.
A full-grown flea is light to deep brown in color and measures about two to eight millimeters long [1]. However, if a dog is allergic to fleas, then the outcome is much more serious, including severe spells of itching.
This includes the rapid spread of dog fleas that eventually affect the rest of the household. The unsuspecting pests will leap into the water and drown, as the dish soap prevents their escape. The woody fragrance of the Avon product is believed to offend the fleas’ sharp sense of smell. The little suckers cant jump anywhere or go anywhere – because they are stuck to the lint roller!! I vowed that afternoon that he would have everything he needs to make his life so much better and different than it had been.
They both said that spreading salt and borax all over the house not only sounds ridiculous but some animals are allergic to things like borax.
I realize a lot of home remedies work just as well, if not better than conventional medications.

However, a range of home remedies are available that can help your pet get relief from fleas. Your dog will love it and the flea infection will diminish with regular use of this method. As a highly contagious pet condition, it is important to supply your companion with an immediate remedy for the constant scratching and irritation that takes place with an infection.
Since they possess a small body structure, they are able to conduct their regular routine without being detected by others. Afterwards, the larva will molt into what is called a protonymph, which then molts again, becoming a deutonymph.
In the worst cases, the ear canals begin to bleed, where fresh or dried blood becomes quite visible inside of the ear canal. In a few rare cases, some humans have experienced skin rashes as a result of coming in contact with their infected pet, but this is extremely rare. The ear mites may cause skin diseases in animals, which have the capacity to affect the tail and neck of a cat or dog. The contents should be warmed to room temperature, where a ? -full dropper is placed into the ear. The ears should rest for three days, where the treatment steps are then repeated for six weeks to make sure all ear mite eggs are dealt with.
When rabbits shake or scratch at their ears, falling flakes of skin and crusts (which often contain live mites and eggs) come in contain with a rabbit’s environment. Follow up by placing five drops of the oil into each ear, and gently massage the base of the ear before allowing your pet to shake it out again. Wiping in an upwards direction is highly recommended, so that you can avoid the falling of debris into the ear canal. It is extremely important that you DO NOT use the kind of diatomaceous earth used for pool filtration.
After two days, you should see no more head shaking or scratching on the part of your pet [8]. It is important to continue this treatment for many weeks (every other day) because ear mite eggs are rather resistant to home treatments, but once they hatch – a continuous treatment will prevent new hatchlings from reproducing until no more eggs exist. This remedy will not only smother the ear mites, but also deliver the healing powers of garlic as well. Olive oil drops in the ears, and alternately swabbing debris out with witch hazel also works well).
Shampoo – use flea comb and fingernails to scrape out dead mites especially around the rim of ear flaps. Anyway, these little diatoms are made of small skeletal type structures that are made up of Silica, the same stuff that glass and beach sand are made of. Then I came up with white vinegar solution ( pure vinegar ), no water diluted, for 3 to 4 days. Changed cats to low carb, high protein, wet canned food(FRISKIES AND 9-LIVES!)and never had a problem since. Over all weakness, fur appears oily and he has licked most of the fur off of his paw, just one.
This is for the simple reason that dog fleas tend to survive on dogs blood and fur better than on cats. However, cat fleas are harder to eradicate with common killer concoctions and may require heightened control measures including lengthened treatment time.
Thankfully, there are some natural ways to fight these parasites, keeping them away from your dog. When you’re bathing your dog, you should also try to pick out any fleas you come across, dropping them inside a cup of soapy water to drown.
When your dog goes to lie down, they’ll be attacked by a swarm of blood-thirst fleas. Today, many individuals have found satisfying results by following treatment options usually found on the home front. When a flea bites a dog, saliva makes contact with the skin, causing the source of allergic reactions. Humans who are bitten by fleas usually suffer a rash characterized by small bumps that itch and sometimes bleed [2]. Buddy was relaxing in my recliner and all of a sudden he began barking and whining very loudly.
This will keep your pet hale and hearty and will prevent fleas from infecting its living space. Daily bath with a mixture of essential oils will bring much needed relief to your dog and it will rarely suffer from flea infection. Before relying on chemical means to destroy the presence of ear mites, you should consider using treatments made at home. Most mites are microscopic, living in the soil and water, as well as on humans and animals. The deutonymph mates with adult males, even though it surprisingly hasn’t even established a gender at the time. The light attached to the otoscope brings mites to the forefront of their earwax surroundings, creating movement the veterinarian is able to detect.
The oil serves three different purposes, as it soothes skin, smothers the ear mites, and speeds the healing process. This oil treatment not only smothers the majority of ear mites, but also facilitates the healing process. This treatment is then followed by a gentle wipe of the inside of the ear using cotton ball.
If you use the sanitizer that comes with a hand pump, you can easily administer the remedy with a few squirts. With the help of a bulb syringe, squeeze the solution into the rabbit’s ear – making sure the liquid covers the entire inside of the ear.
Repeat DE and saturating ears with oil- next morning more dead mites on ears flaps- turned to gummy type consistency and dead.
They both pierce the skin of the host animal to suck blood and in the process of sucking, they either can transfer disease causing microorganism like bacteria and virus. It’s hard to pluck cat fleas from your skin and it can therefore stay there for longer to cause more harm on you including lengthened scratching and more itching than dog fleas that you can notice faster and pick out. After you are finished bathing your dog, give them a treat as a reward (this will make future baths easier for both you and your dog).
Shorter grass will naturally deter a variety of pests, including fleas, ticks, centipedes and ants.
Using an array of close, fine teeth, flea combs will catch these pests as you run it through your dog’s coat. Severe itching may follow, which heavily affects people with sensitive skin; and children, who often suffer allergic reactions [3]. I try to control them with ACV and I wash her with Dawn (the blue one)but she still gets them. I know them fleas can really make our pets miserable, but I’m sticking with natural remedies to be on the safe side. If mites are not readily visible using the otoscope, an examination of the earwax will take place under a microscope.
Massaging the ear helps free impacted wax, as well as makes the coffee-colored debris more visible so that you can remove more easily using a cotton ball. Repeat the application every day for a week to make sure all mites and eggs have been taken care of.
You will have to hold the ear in the upright position to make sure the inner ear is coated.
I think that soapy water on obvious bad spots (when bathing the whole animal is not possible) is better then heavy ointments that don’t seem to penetrate. Earth will seperate out a bit and might not remix well but no worries, there seems to be enough suspended in the mixture to be effective. Earth is so effective is because the super fine ground up diatoms are essentially microscopic shards of glass that actually cut into the waxy coatings and external skeleton of invertebrate animals – this is what dessicates them (dehydrates them) and ultimately kills them.
With that said, it’s recommended that you transfer the fleas to a cup or bowl of soapy water to kill them.
I waited for a flash flood warning and squirted a whole bottle of dish detergent everywhere in the area.I use whatever I got on hand. Do not use this remedy on ears that have already been scratched raw, or your pet will experience a burning sensation from the alcohol content of the hand sanitizer. After lots of expensive, sad and frustrating trial and error, I just want to share that the simple stuff worked best for me and my rabbits. Take the initiative to help your pet YOURSELF!, before you let a vet GUESS and your expense. Earth is going to help by dehydrating the mites and eggs that manage to escape the oil treatments… time will tell and I will keep you posted with my results. Flaxseed meal and a egg for my baby before he eats his Iams.I add a lil bit garlic powder to his food too. Earth along the seam where the wall meets your countertop and also along seam where the floor meets the cabinetry.
I didn’t bother to rinse his ears out, because the residue left behind acted as a defense barrier for any external mites looking to make their way back into a clean ear canal. My thought was that if MALATHION could be used on my fruits and vegetables, with one application lasting through to the next rain, what did I have to lose by trying a few drops on this poor kitten? Again, many will disagree with my decision, but I would do it again, in a heartbeat, versus spending two weeks of pain inducing treatments that yield no results. In closing, I must add that not ONLY did I treat his ears for two weeks, but also bathed him after each and every other suggested treatment that didn’t work.

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