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Seizures raise a dog’s temperature, it is helpful to gently sponge the dog -if safe to do so- with some lukewarm water on the tummy, armpit area and head to help bring the temperature down. You want to keep an eye on the time as the longer the seizure, the more damage it may cause. Not many owners are aware of the fact that just as in humans, dogs respond to the application of pressure. If your dog is prone to seizures, consult with your vet, your dog may need prescription Phenobarbital or Potassium Bromide or a combination of both.
Oatmeal baths are great because they are soothing and a natural way to give relief to irritated skin. As much as you want to give relief, keep in mind though that too many baths may strip away the dog’s natural oils in the skin making problems worse. Adding some oil to the dog’s food may be helpful but it is important not to over do it as too much may cause diarrhea.
As seen there are many ways, you may be able to help out your itchy pooch, however, it is always best to rule out skin allergies, fungal and yeast infections by your veterinarian as these are common culprits for itchy skin. Dog Ticks: ticks are not only annoying blood sucking bugs but they are also vectors of a variety of diseases. Ticks may not be easily detected when they are small as poppy seeds but once they are engorged with blood they may resemble the size of a corn kernel. When inspecting a dog for ticks, make sure you look well inside ears, between toes, underbelly and armpit areas. Should you find a tick, you must be very careful how you remove them, there are particular guidelines you must follow to avoid the tick’s head to remain embedded and further contamination. Of utmost importance is removing the tick as soon as possible, it usually takes between 24-48 hours for Lyme disease to be transmitted. Should the tick come off and the head still be embedded, treat the area just like if the dog has a splinter. At this point you may decide to have your vet attempt to remove or watch the area for a few days for signs of infection. Dog Hyperactivity: so that cute bundle of joy that gazed at you with languishing eyes, pleading you to be adopted has turned out being an out of control rascal once in your home.
Dogs are just as people, there are those that are the canine equivalent of passive couch potatoes, and there are those that simply can’t stay a day without a workout. Generally speaking, breeds like Dalmatians, Jack Russells, Border Collies, Huskies and Retrievers are defined as high energy dogs. All dogs really need exercise, however, it is the level of exercise needed that makes the big difference. Historically, dogs in the wild used to move along with their pack for hours and days simply tracking down smells and darting at high speed after prey. Owners of energetic dogs must be able to come across solutions to accommodate these high energy dogs into their lifestyle. Allowing your dog to play with other dogs may be another great and fun way for your dog to burn out that residue energy.
If running with your dog gets you tired or you simply are not that great of an athlete, consider buying a bike and letting your dog follow you. An energetic dog may mean two things to an owner: either a wonderful opportunity for a healthy lifestyle or an every day hassle to halt the exuberance. In any case, the outcome of an energetic dog relies entirely on the owner being able to handle such a dog, rather than the dog itself. Dog Porcupine Quills: dogs are inquisitive creatures, if there is something that triggers their curiosity, very likely they will inspect it and give it a nice investigative sniff.
When porcupine quills embed in a dog’s skin it is a very painful situation to deal with.
Your dog may trust you and love you to death, but when painful situations arise you really never know what to expect.
If your dog has any quills in its mouth, you want to provide your dog with immediate professional care. You must grab the quill as close to the skin as you can, pulling until the quill successfully exits. It is not abnormal for your dog to cry out in pain, the quills have backward scales that make them difficult and painful to remove. After removing the most visible quills, ensure that there are no remaining quills by carefully feeling your dog’s skin. If your dog is sneezing, you may be looking for home remedies for dog sneezing to help your dog get more comfortable. Sneezing is the sudden outflow of air that travels from your dog’s lungs all the way out through his nose and mouth. Normally, dog infectious diseases do not cause a sudden onset of sneezing fits out of the blue, but taking your dog’s rectal temperature is a good place to start so you can determine if your dog is running a fever. If your dog is allergic to something and is sneezing, you may calm down those fits by giving some Benadryl.

Along with calming down sneezing fits, Benadryl can also help your dog sleep as he awaits for his vet appointment.
Another thing you can do to help your canine companion other than trying Benadryl is to flush her nasal passages out by using plain saline drops sold in the nasal spray aisle, suggests veterinarian Dr.
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Generally, you should consult with your vet or an emergency center if the pet’s seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.
In a seizing dog, the acupressure point is GV26, located right at the base of the nose where it meets the upper lip. Seizures may cause abrupt low glucose levels and low glucose levels may trigger further seizures. Once the dog is acting normally, you can feed half amount of his normal food or offer some plain cooked pasta or rice with a bit of butter.
Check the dog’s gums, they should be a nice bubble gum pink, if they are pale consult with the vet. Adding some colloidal oatmeal such as Aveeno to the water in the bath tub may really make a difference.
You can try by giving some olive oil by adding a small amount to the dog’s food once a day or you can dip a small piece of bread in olive oil. A physical exam by your veterinarian should be done first to rule out these conditions before trying home treatments. For this very reason, if you live in the country or take your dog on a hike, you want to inspect your dog carefully to rule out ticks.
Ticks are commonly found in wooded areas, but they have been found as well near lakes, ponds, in parks and even city backyards. You want to stay away from these methods, not only have they caused severe burns and skin irritations, but they also cause the tick to struggle and regurgitate more infectious fluids causing more irritation. With the tweezer grasp the tick as close to the skin as you can and pull firmly straight up. Do not flush the tick down the toilet, it will survive the trip and look for another meal soon. It will safeguard yourself and your beloved dog from these annoying bugs and provide priceless peace of mind. While this rescue dog surely exhibits quite some fresh zest for life, this situation has left you quite baffled as you wonder how to cope with this very much unforeseen situation.
Many have a history of having been working breeds that had an every day task to keep their bodies conditioned and their minds animated.. For a Chihuahua for instance, prancing around your living room all evening may meet its physical needs, while a Labrador may need much, much more.
Movement was the key for their survival so this basic need is innate, deep down in their genes. While this may take time and effort, many owners ultimately enjoy and benefit the new lifestyle changes these dogs have bought into their lives.
Of course, ensure your dog is compatible with the other dogs to avoid unnecessary, risky fights. Swimming is a great opportunity for your dog to release energy while enduring in vigourous physical exercise. Energetic dogs have no fault for what they are, rather, ultimately they are great specimens of what we humans have bred them for: to be excellent working dogs that perform their job well. However, a porcupine is the last encounter expected, and very likely the dog will yelp in pain and be basically left to deal with quite a prickly situation. With 30,000 quills or more its the last place a dog would think to put their nose if they knew the consequences. As a matter of fact, when there are many quills embedded, veterinarians may give sedatives and even anesthetics. A bite from pain is a quite natural response in a dog suffering from acute pain so caution is recommended. The best are strong leather gloves, latex surgical gloves are not enough to protect yourself. Scissors should never be used as they cause the quill to likely shatter creating much more problems.
Do not attempt to remove quills from the mouth at home and if there are lots of quills embedded in the skin a veterinarian is the best choice. Repeated sneezing fits are sure annoying and can look worrisome too if your dog can’t get to settle. Sneezing is your dog’s ways to respond to something irritating his upper airway, especially the lining of his nasal passages. Simply lubricate a thermometer with vaseline and gently insert the tip as somebody distracts your dog with a treat.
Benadryl can be given at a dose of 1 to 2 mg per pound so a dog weighing 15 pounds would get anywhere between 15 to 30 mg, explains veterinarian Dr.

For this reason, you should see your vet, Sneezing can also be caused by growths in the nose, kennel cough, sinus infections and, even though rare, presence of nasal mites. There are no home remedies for preventing seizures nor are there home remedies for treating them.
Countless humans have been injured by trying to avoid their dog from swallowing their tongue, often resulting in a severe bite. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist. Being hardy, they may be found in just about every State and climate.They usually linger around grasses patiently awaiting their next meal. So any time you foster, rescue or adopt a new dog, make sure you do your research and investigate on the dog’s breed requisites and overall temperament. In order to keep energetic dogs calm and well behaved, you will need to dedicate time and energy to meet this dog’s physical and mental demands. Owners often dismiss the fact that each dog breed was developed for a purpose: serving humans in their work. Later on through history, these same dogs were therefore used by humans for hunting game or herding sheep. Some develop behavior problems because their life lacks that necessary incitement to keep them entertained. For instance, a thirty minute walk with a back pack may be the equivalent of a 45 minute walk without one. While in the wild the focus of their attention was prey, nowadays, you can release their energy by letting them chase balls or a frisbee to allow them to release the excess pent up energy. A halter in this case is preferred since a collar may cause injury should your dog suddenly stop. Hopefully, though they may have learned a valuable lesson, so next time they will mind their own business. However, if the quills are just a few, owners may attempt to remove them at home but being very careful not to get bit.
While sneezing in humans is often associated with the common cold, in dogs it could have several different meanings. Sneezing is often quite a normal response as the body’s way to clear the airway from dust, pollen or carpet sprinkles and clear discharge often helps dilute these offenders, but repeated sneezing may need attention.
If your dog has long whiskers, they may sometimes get stuck by the nose and tickle it causing bouts of relentless sneezing.
The choice of Haagen Dasz is because it is free of preservatives and thus, safer for dogs prone to seizures.
Consult with a vet as well should another seizure appear or if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes. Also, try to stay away from cheap over the counter products that have been known to cause toxicity in some cases. These dogs spent the entire day working and then spent the remaining evening in their homes with their master.
Restrain these high powered dogs from exercise, and they will bring to light their own creative ways to keep themselves entertained, this may transpire by gnawing through your drywall or by lacerating your whole drapery apart. Start out by putting up to 5% of your dog’s weight in the first weeks, increasing the workload up to 15% once the dog is accustomed. Other particles that can trigger sneezing are bits of food, seeds, blades of grass or foxtails stuck in the nasal passage. Make sure to use plain Benadryl only as the one combined with decongestants is harmful to dogs.
Expect to see improvement (more sleepy, less sneezing) within 30 minutes, adds veterinarian Dr. A dog’s teeth has very long roots that can reach close to the nasal sinuses and trigger sneezing and nose bleeds. As with other ailments, if your dog seems uncomfortable, lethargic and not eating, see your vet. Itching may further aggravate the skin often causing more irritation, the development of hot spots and even skin infections. Finding the underlying cause (if other than winter skin dryness) is key to finding appropriate treatment. Your vet may need to use a scope to visualize your dog’s nasal tissues and remove any foreign objects. See your vet immediately though if you notice any facial swelling affecting the nose, cheek areas, under the jaw or around the eyes, as this may signal a serious allergy reaction, cautions veterinarian B. Also see your vet if your dog has nasal discharge that is yellow or green or is bleeding from his nose.

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