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Dog Skunk Odor: all dogs love the outdoors, from simply playing in the grass, sniffing new smells to exploring new places and making new encounters. Because of the dog’s inquisitive nature, every skunk encounter very likely ends up with a dog getting sprayed.
Tomato juice has been thought to work for some years but in reality it does not help much, the dog ultimately will end up smelling like a skunk sprayed tomato. Other than the terrible smell, if the dog is sprayed in the face, which is the most likely scenario, the dog may experience nausea and eye irritation.
Skunk smell can be really horrible, nauseous and offensive, but skunks have been able to save lives as well.
Eat at least 2 cups of plain yoghurt every day as it helps in keeping the vagina free from feminine odor.
Garlic is an excellent natural antibiotic, which helps to remove any type of bacteria, thereby reducing feminine odor.
Mix some apple cider vinegar in a bathtub, and soak your lower body into it for at least 30 minutes. If the feminine odor is caused due to leucorrhoea, a condition of excessive discharge from the vagina, then amla is the cure.
Wash your vagina and urinate immediately after a sexual intercourse to flush out the bacteria. These representatives of the Mustelidae family may be reluctant to release the offensive smell they are famous for (after all, it will take another 10 days to produce another dose of eau de toilet!) but when feeling threatened enough they will do what instinct has taught them to do. The sulfur contained in this mist is what gives it the particular rotten egg smell that seems to linger forever on clothes or pet’s fur.

Fortunately, there are some more effective home remedies that can help remove most of the offensive smell. As a matter of fact, Mercaptan, a chemical present in the skunk’s spray is added to odorless cooking gas so that people can smell it and detect leaks before they become fatal. Vaginal odor is mainly caused due to a bacterial infection, poor hygiene and may be due to a sexually transmitted disease. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day as this aids in eliminating out the toxins and other harmful bacteria from the body.
Yoghurt contains lactobacillus, which are helpful in maintaining the normal pH level of the vagina. Insert a garlic clove into the vagina and keep it for a few hours to chuck out feminine odor. It is beneficial for women in a lot ways as it naturally balances the hormones and regulates the menstrual cycles. Baking soda helps to fight against bacterial or yeast infections, which can be a cause of feminine odor. Owners can tell from quite a distance if their dog has encountered a black and white stinker. The good thing is that most ingredients can be found in most homes without the need to a trip to the supermarket.
You can help by flushing the dog’s eyes with water but if the dog rubs continuously and the eyes appear irritated let your veterinarian know.
If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist.

Water also helps to remove the excess sugar content from the body, which is one of the main reasons behind feminine odor. White vinegar helps the pH level of the vagina to regain its normal level while eliminating feminine odor. You need to soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water for a night, and then, drink it up the next morning on an empty stomach. Apple cider vinegar has properties to inhibit bacterial growth and will therefore, stop feminine odor. Tea tree oil is a superb anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, which helps in the removal of feminine odor from the vagina.
It contains baking soda that naturally cleanses and conditions the vagina while eliminating the foul odor from it.
Well, you can treat this problem at home with natural remedies, that too without any hesitation.
The only problem with this mixture is that due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide it may slightly bleach the pet’s fur. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.

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