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Epsom Salt or Ocean Water: If your dog is itching too much, wash the affected area with Epsom salt mixed with warm water. Other Home Remedies: Calendula oil is great for the remedy of dry patches on dog’s skin, again you can use tea tree oil for healing the dry spots. Reduce Fleas from Home: Vacuum the carpets and furniture regularly to suck up all the fleas and their eggs in the house. Bathing your Dog for Healthy Skin: As you have read earlier that using harsh shampoos in a large amount is not good at all. Fleas are the small microscopic organisms that survive on the blood of humans as well as animals.
Fleas can lead to anemia, allergies and rashes (due to excessive scratching) in the animals.
Lemon is slightly acidic in nature, which could be the reason for its efficacy in getting rid of the fleas. In such situations, we people think that fleas are the only cause of this type of dog itching.
After it cools down, pour it into a spray bottle and spray in the affected area and the dry patches.
You can add a drop of cooking oil in a few drops of inexpensive dog shampoo and about five cups water will clean away all the mites and fleas from their body. It is important to arrest the growth of the fleas in the initial stage of the infestation otherwise it can be life threatening for your pet.While treating fleas it should be taken care that they are eliminated completely from the body of your pet, your house and from the garden. You will have to be very regular with the use of these treatments to get rid of the fleas completely. Bathe your pet in white vinegar solution; add 6 cups of vinegar to two liter water and soak your pet in this solution for 20 minutes.

Wash the floor of your house, the walls as well as the furniture using strong solution of white vinegar and water. If bathing your pet with crystal salt isn’t possible every day then spray crystal salt solution over your pet’s body twice a day.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
If the itching still persists, then without any late, urgently you should contact to your nearest veterinaty doctor. Also, treat your other pets and family members for fleas so that the problem does not recur. A word of caution; do not use white vinegar for treating fleas if your pet has fresh rashes on its body due to scratching (fleas result in intense itching). However, diatomaceous earth is also known for helping in pest control.To treat fleas use only the unrefined version of the earth. The fleas react negatively to the bitter taste of crystal salt and cannot exist in such harsh environment. Sprinkle crystal salt on the floor of your house, on the furniture as well as on the carpet. Take remedial steps to control fleas and you can also use an e-collar temporarily to stop them from itching. They rapidly multiply in number and become the cause of various bacterial and viral infections in your pets.
In the meantime, prepare pouches of raw (and peeled) garlic and place them in all the corners of the house.
You can also mix lemon juice with your pet’s shampoo to treat the fleas.Give bath to your pet every day using lemon water.

Sprinkle the earth in your garden as well as in your backyard to prevent infestation of the fleas.
Food allergies are sometimes a cause of dog itching, so be careful about the foods you are giving them. Pour the treated water in a bathtub and add some warm water to it.Bathe your pet with this water.
You can also spray lemon water over your pet three times a day to prevent the infestation of fleas. Pour the earth in between the cracks in the walls and the floors to avoid the fleas from entering your home. Garlic has antifungal and antibacterial properties that effectively eliminate the micro-organisms responsible for various infections. Here we will be giving some very useful tips which are also home remedies by which you can give some relief to your dog from itching. You should always start from neck so that all the fleas and mites don’t climb up to the head of the dog. The crystal salt treatment should be done every day for a couple of weeks to avoid re-attack of fleas. Scrub the dog’s body nicely and in a systematic way so that not a single place get’s hidden.
Wash your clothes, draperies, bed sheets and even yourselves in neem water for getting rid of the fleas completely.

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