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Dengue virus is disease that can infect many people especially on this season where winter is coming and fever is so common.
Usually this virus it’s gone after few days of affecting your body but in some extreme causes it can turn into something more dangerous which is known as hemorrhagic fever of dengue, it’s an advanced virus from the basic virus, can cause blood draining, vomiting and a lot of pain. The virus of dengue is not that risky but going through those days of fever and all that, it’s not that easy. As we know drinking plenty of juice and eating fruits is the magic trick of a healthy life, so even in this case drinking juice as orange or any other juice you like it’s the best treatment, just be careful the juice must be fresh and not with gas or bought in the market, take some fresh fruits and make the juice by yourself.

Take fresh air, don’t just stay in the bed doing nothing because it will affect negatively in your body, sit in the balcony or next to the window even if is for 30 min or so, you need fresh air. In case fever is getting worse and you see no positive result, go and visit a doctor before it gets worse. Dengue virus or dengue fever it can affect any part of the body but the most common symptoms are headaches, pain in the body and many more. It usually last for about 7- 10 days if it’s lasting longer I would recommend you visit a doctor.

If an infected mosquito that have bite someone that has dengue fever and then it bites you, automatically you get the disease, so be careful in the summer season or if you visit tropical or any country that it’s common this disease. We all want to get better soon so we can continue with our normal life, so here some home remedies to get better fast and not dealing with this virus for a week or so.

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