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Caution – Make absolutely sure that the water you are using in this home remedy is clean and sterilized. Nasal congestion relief is a major objective for many people who suffer from chronic congestion. Causes of chronic nasal congestion are sinusitis, long standing cold and anatomical causes like a deviated septum or enlarged adenoids. Chronic nasal congestion is usually a sign of some respiratory disorder or an inflammatory condition. Congestion takes place when the mucous membranes lining in the nasal passages becomes swollen due to inflamed blood vessels. It can range from a mild suffering to a more serious condition which can turn life threatening at times.
Congestion is normally caused by viral and bacterial infections and it usually follows the common cold, influenza and sinus infection. Orange : The patient suffering from coryza and  cough should take orange juice with cold water in summer and hot water in winter. Saline nasal sprays, which consist mostly of a salt-water solution, can help break up congestion. Table salt can be dissolved in distilled water to make a saline solution that can be used to clean the nasal passages and relieve congestion.
Nobody enjoys the prospect of nasal congestion caused by a cold, flu or allergy, but it occurs frequently. Other home remedies for nasal congestions involve the consumption of spicy or pungent foods. A few home remedies for nasal congestions use physical manipulation of the nasal area to achieve relief. Some home remedies for nasal congestions, however, are intended to address the root cause of the congestion, not just the stuffiness and blockage.
My husband has the same problem with nasal congestion, or running nose, sometimes continuously and sometimes sneezing continuously. One of my favorite natural remedies for nasal congestion is hanging my head over a pot of boiling water. One of the best home remedies for sinus congestion I have ever tried is a salve containing eucalyptus and menthol. I used to have horrible chronic sinus congestion, and after going to several naturopathic doctors, I learned that this problem is often an indicator of gut problems. Home Remedies for Sinus Problem-Sinus problems can occur in any age group but is more common in children. If contaminated water is used, then it can carry infection to the sinuses, which is jeopardizing your health.

Nasal congestion probably occurs because of low oxygen content air inside.  In fact, cold actually helps to constrict blood vessels, allowing the severe nasal congestion to subside. When the body is in larger need of blood, it drains away excess blood pooling in the nostrils.
Nasal congestion can interfere with the ears, hinder speech and hearing and at times also sleep.
Sometimes it is also caused by nasal polyps, hay fever, allergies, and extensive use of nasal sprays or drops. The moist steam will soothe the inflamed tissues and the blood vessels and will reduce the swelling considerably. The congestion will clear almost immediately and will bring great relief in the throat and the chest. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce the swelling and calm the irritated tissues and blood vessels. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The medicines prescribed by a doctor simply give you a feeling of relief but they do not shorten the of the disease. An air conditioner can help remove allergens and other airborne irritants, so be sure to recuperate in a room with a filtered air supply. A build up of mucus in the sinus passages behind the nose, eyes and cheeks often leads to severe congestion.
Nasal congestion is caused by swelling in the mucus lined walls of the nose, or swollen blood vessels and many other conditions. Because of the congestion, person often develops heaviness in the head, headache and irritation in the nose.
For nasal congestion, apply a small amount just beneath the nose and at the base of nostrils.
It is counter intuitive though, that excessively cold and dry air on the other hand can worsen it.  So, just give it a shot. Then add juice of 2 lemons, 4 garlic cloves crushed  and 1 teaspoon chili pepper (yep, its going to be spicy ). This triggers strong, involuntary sneezing which relieved nasal congestion for some time.  In some people, this remedy may backfire as it actually irritates the nostrils. It is a common assumption that the nose gets congested due to too much thick mucous but it is actually caused by inflamed blood vessels which in turn inflame the tissues lining the nose.
Decongestants and nasal sprays should not be used as they only succeed in aggravating the condition.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments.

If an elimination of milk improves the condition, then it means that the person is not able to tolerate milk properly. People with chronic nasal congestion can understand the irritation it gives you when you have been trying to sleep without being able to take in air through the nose. However, much long lasting relief can be obtained by using these more powerful home remedies for severe nasal congestion.Nasal congestion in a toddler can be relieved by giving him or her a steam bath.
The ant-inflammatory and healing properties of ginger will bring quick relief and will clear the air passages thoroughly. Even having company is a problem, because if you don't personally have the problem, I believe my friends and family humor me and try to do their best to avoid perfumes and chemicals, but it you're a person who loves smelling good (rather than natural) I don't feel right asking them not to wear what they enjoy, even though I know I will suffer because of it, sometimes for weeks.
Another cause of nasal congestion is inflammation of internal wall of nose which swells up and prevents flow of air through the nostril.
Mint soothes the lining of the nose which might have been irritated by dust, pollen or any such material.
The smell stays strong for hours, so you don’t have to put peppermint essential oil for like 4 hours. Its an appliance which regulates humidity in home environment.  Set the humidifier at a humidity level at which you are comfortable. It can lead to exercise induced asthma, which can worsen nasal and sinus congestion instead.
If it works, then you have got a home remedy for nasal congestion that literally takes seconds to perform. This treatment can be done during the time of cold to get lot of relief from nasal congestion.  It induces sleep as well, so you kill two birds with a pack of lavender oil. Finally, people give up and start breathing through the mouth, which puts the respiratory tract vulnerable to infections. Believe it or not, drixoral with mental is a miracle drug and if it treats my problem, it'll treat yours too.
A chronic nasal congestion often leads to lack of oxygen in body, fatigue and even heart problems. So, if you have nasal congestion due to cow’s milk, you can still drink goat or buffalo milk, if you like. Make sure that the baby gets quality natural air with the right humidity, not too high and not too low. As space is created inside the nostrils, air begins to seep in and person experiences considerable relief.

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