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It happens at a time of the day or night when getting an appointment is almost an impossibility.
If the crack leads to insurmountable pain, a dosage of aspirin or an over the counter pain killer can be of help. Instead of something warm that could increase the discomfort you may want to put a small bag of ice or a cold can of soda near the cheek to help numb the pain. If the crack is causing pain, and you do not have medications handy, a couple of cloves from your kitchen pantry can prove to be helpful.
Tooth damage may cause from trauma occurred long years back or due to sudden and sharp blow or due to a fall. People suffering from abscessed tooth feels a throbbing pain and excessive pain on chewing, biting and even touching. However the good news is that you do not have to worry as there are plenty of home remedies to treat tooth abscess very effectively right from the comfort of your home and with simple and natural ingredients. Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash to sanitize the affected and inflamed area. Since tooth abscess is one of the serious oral infections, a general immunity boost is vital. Take three tablespoons of activated charcoal powder, one third teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, half teaspoon of clove oil, half teaspoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of yellow root tincture or powder (golden seal).
At times, the root of the infected tooth dies due to the infection and the toothache subsides on its own. In fact, the infection could still the active underneath and may spread to other surrounding tissues. So, timely treatment of Abscess Tooth can help avoid many other complications related to toothache.
However, apart from these treatments, a number of natural home remedies for Abscess Tooth have also been found beneficial in the natural treatment of Abscess Tooth.
Tooth trauma, on the other hand, refers to a broken or chipped tooth that causes openings in the tooth enamel where bacterial infection takes place. Presence of tooth abnormalities and improper oral hygiene also contribute in causing Abscess Tooth. The presence of a sharp, throbbing tooth pain in the affected tooth is one of the most common and equally troublesome symptoms of Abscess Tooth. Other symptoms include swollen neck glands, swollen upper or lower jaw area, tenderness in the affected tooth and the surrounding area, gum inflammation, pus drainage, sensitivity of the tooth in terms of hot or cold food items, presence of foul and bitter taste in the mouth, fever and a general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness.
The diet for dealing with Abscess Tooth should focus on the inclusion of healthy and nutritious food and exclusion of sugary foods and drinks.
Besides, cigarette smoking and tobacco abuse should be avoided as far as possible because they tend to increase the risk of developing gum diseases.
Moreover, maintain adequate oral hygiene by properly brushing and flossing the teeth on a regular basis. If it is not treated, it can become worse and may require surgical intervention to drain the pus. One of the first things that can be done is to alleviate the pain arising from a dental abscess. In some very severe cases of tooth abscess, cutting open the abscess may be the only option.
Root canal therapy may be used in conjunction with antibiotics especially if the infection emanated from the gums or the teeth. If you do not have immediate access to a dentist, applying warm compresses to the side of the cheek can help you deal with the pain. If there is a lot of inflammation and your jaw has swollen up, it will be a good idea to apply an ice pack as this will help to bring down the swelling considerably.
Overhaul your diet especially if you are eating too much of sugary, starchy and refined food which plays havoc with your teeth and leads to dental caries and cavities. You can use a clove oil mouthwash, which acts like an antimicrobial solution and also helps to relieve pain.
Alternately, you can crush some garlic with a pestle and apply the crushed garlic directly on the area of the infection.
Dry socket is also referred to as alveolar osteitis and is actually a painful dental condition which occurs when the adult wisdom tooth is extracted as a result of which the socket of the tooth loses the clotting blood and the socket bone gets exposed, thus, causing excruciating pain. Apart from taking medical assistance to deal with the situation you can also opt for trying out some safe natural remedies for curing dry socket. One of the most traditional remedies for curing all kinds of dental problems is the magical clove oil that works wonders for the tooth and gums. If you are suffering from intense dental pain owing to a dry socket then you can make use of a cold tea bag. Yoghurt is a natural antibiotic and so has a great healing effect on wounds and all kinds of dental problems.

This is an ancient Indian remedy for curing all kinds of dental troubles including a dry socket. The third and the last set of molars that appear in the late teens or early twenties are known as wisdom tooth.
Difficulty in brushing and flossing the hard-to-reach misaligned wisdom teeth encourages bacterial growth in the gum, leading to gum infections, swelling and stiffness of the jaw.While extraction of a wisdom tooth is often the only option to get rid of the pain caused by a misaligned tooth, the pain that one experiences during the eruption of wisdom tooth can be reduced with simple home remedies. An over-the-counter pain relief medication is usually the first line of treatment for wisdom tooth pain. Clove oil contains eugenol that temporarily numbs the painful area in the mouth, providing fast relief from the toothache. The swelling of the gum and the jaw that occurs when a wisdom tooth is emerging can be alleviated with ice packs.
While the wisdom tooth is emerging, food particles might deposit on the partially emerged tooth, creating a suitable environment for bacteria to grow and invade the gum.
Rinsing the affected tooth with wheat grass juice is recommended in folk medicines for reducing wisdom tooth pain. With that said, it helps to know of some home remedies that would help provide some comfort until you can reach your dentist. Contrary to belief, avoid placing a warm wet tea bag on your teeth as that would not help eliminate the pain, rather can be an irritant. If these simple measures help you get through until you can get to a dentist, it might be worthwhile to try them. An abscessed tooth is quite painful and can also cause the loosening of the affected tooth. People who fail to take appropriate dental care or do not often visit dentist suffer from tooth abscess. Face may also become swollen if the infection spread to the surrounding tissues and fever may arise. These remedies can aid to burst out the tooth abscess, clean and even disinfect the surrounding areas. You may support your immunity system by taking a 1000 mg of Vitamin C two times a day and continuously for three days.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Therefore, Tooth Abscess should not be ignored merely on the basis of temporary absence of symptoms. In fact, the natural remedies for Tooth Abscess have been in use since time immemorial and hence are completely safe to follow. As mentioned above, tooth decay characterized by infection and accumulation of pus is one of the main causes leading to Abscess Tooth. Weak immune system and certain autoimmune disorders may also encourage bacterial infection leading to Abscess Tooth. For this, take about three or four cloves and a piece of ginger and boil these ingredients in a cup of water until the quantity of water reduces to half and becomes light brown in color. This solution serves as an excellent natural cure for Abscess Tooth by dealing with the underlying bacterial infection. Various studies have found that the consumption of cashew nuts is highly beneficial in the natural treatment of Tooth Abscess.
In addition, consume plenty of water throughout the day in order to avoid dry mouth that contributes in causing several periodontal issues. Bacteria from the gums can enter the jaw, the cheek, beneath the tongue and other parts of the oral cavity to cause infection.
In this, the surgeon will administer some local anaesthetic and put a cut into the abscess to drain all the pus. If the infection is in its initial stages, a round of antibiotics taken over a few days will help to arrest the infection and actually reverse the abscess. In this, the dentist will do a proper root canal procedure to numb and destroy the roots of the tooth so that the patient can feel no pain.
If caught early, the prognosis after a root canal is very good and the patient recovers very quickly.
Most people are slack and careless with their oral hygiene, which is why they come down with cavities, and tooth abscesses. This will prevent future build up of bacteria and germs especially while the wound is still healing.
Put just 2-3 drops of clove oil into the warm water and make sure you rinse your mouth effectively. The clove oil will also help to numb the pain and bring relief. Prevention by following scrupulous oral hygiene will save you a lot of unnecessary pain and costly dental visits.
You will be surprised to know that there are a lot of natural remedies available around you.

All that you need to do is take a ball of cotton and dip it in water and then dip it in clove oil. This will help in removing the sting of the clove oil. Moreover, this remedy will also aid in removing food particles or debris that get stuck in the socket of the tooth.
The most appropriate method to use salt water is to pull in lukewarm salt water into a syringe that has a curved squirt. Now place the syringe on the affected area and squirt out the liquid so that the entire region is covered with it. All that you need to do is take a cold tea bag and place it on the dry socket region where you have pain and press it gently with the help your teeth. If a dry socket is giving you a nightmarish experience then include yogurt in your daily diet as it will promote quick and effective healing of the condition.
Many dentists also suggest this remedy owing to its effectiveness and it has zero side effects as well. A pain relief drug with anti-inflammatory property reduces the tooth pain as well as the swelling of the affected gum and jaw. Some folk healers recommend adding specific natural disinfect agents such as salt and crushed garlic to the clove oil.Pepper is another popular natural numbing agent, which when combined with clove oil can alleviate the wisdom tooth pain speedily. Carefully flossing the area between the wisdom tooth and the adjoining tooth will remove all food fragments from the area, which could eventually reduce the pain naturally. The antimicrobial components slow down bacterial growth in the mouth, reducing the infection responsible for the wisdom tooth pain. Needless to say it is a serious emergency; a trip to the emergency room at the hospital is inevitable. In case the crack has resulted in a chipped tooth and is not all that painful, take a soft emery board and file the sharp edges slowly. Poor oral hygiene leads to the growth of cavities in teeth and if these cavities are not attended in time, it leads to severe complications called tooth abscess. Tooth abscess can cause serious problems in other body parts such as inflammation in the joints and also in the heart. You may also take 1 to 3 garlic capsules of 300 mg (Allium sativum) continuously for five days.
The bacterial infection leading to Abscess Tooth is usually present at the root of a tooth or between the gums. Most of the time dental abscesses occur due to poor oral hygiene and severely decayed teeth. The pain can be very intense starting from the tooth and gum and radiating all the way to the jaw. If you are planning to take some aspirin orally, make sure that you first speak to the doctor. Taking garlic in the form of pills along with your regular course of antibiotics helps in dealing with the infection. In fact, you can follow this routine on a daily basis, to protect your mouth and gums from tooth abscesses.
This will alleviate all sorts of tooth irritation and will bring quick results if done on a daily basis. For, this, you need to make a dry paste of mustard oil, salt and turmeric and apply it on to the affected area twice daily.
When you experience pain in the wisdom tooth, add a pinch of pepper powder to a small amount of clove oil and apply it to the affected tooth and the painful gum. While the water flashes out food debris and other foreign substances present on the tooth or the gum, salt as a natural disinfectant kills the infection causing bacteria present in the mouth. You can even consider placing a slice of onion on the painful tooth or apply a little onion juice to the wisdom tooth. There is a feeling of bitter taste all over the mouth and often there is release of pus in the mouth. The patient will have to keep coming for regular doctor visits until the wound completely heals. To make a saline mouthwash, mix three tablespoons of table salt to a glass of tepid warm water.
Old fillings or leaking sometimes allow the bacteria to damage the nerve fibers and delicate pulp of a living tooth. You can also place a teabag in the similar way against your sore tooth for similar results.

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